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please see my journal entries    Lesbian slave looking for hard use and abuse. I a
Female Slave, 19,  Florida











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 Female Slave


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please see my journal entries 


Lesbian slave looking for hard use and abuse. I am looking for brutal Doms who aren't afraid to make their slaves suffer. I have been lesbian so far, and have never been with a male before, so I am looking to be used by men and made to take cock, especially oral, and pain 

Journal Entries:
5/6/2017 4:47:26 PM
i am no longer a lesbian cunt. i am now a slave to cock. My new name is cocksucker and my main purpose is to suck cum out of any cock presented in front of my mouth, my secondary purpose use as a pain slave. i have spent the last few months in the hands of a sadistic Dom who kept me in chains, who tortured me daily and made me suck as many cocks as he could find. i have been tortured to passing out many times and have even been made to suck and swallow dogs. i have no other reason to exist. i know that now

i am not owned, i have only been trained by this Dom. i am still seeking a permanent owner

1/5/2017 10:34:59 PM
I just left a hotel room where 5 men used all of my holes while arching the football game. at one point all of my holes were filled with cock, and I had one in each hand.

12/28/2016 11:36:13 AM
was fed four times today. was told my lips form a perfect O for cocks.

12/19/2016 7:41:15 AM
I spent the last 4 days with a Dom from out of state. I was kept as a cocksucker and pain slave. I was tortured with electricity, burns, needles, pliers and other ways. I was made to beg to suck cock. I sucked and swallowed 74 cocks in the four days. with the last day being spent dropping to my knees and sucking strangers on command in public.

12/19/2016 4:51:55 AM

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