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Dom/Switch Couple, 66/61,  Central, Florida
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Last Online:


 Dom/Switch Couple





Primary Partner:

Gender Identity:










 5' 11"

 190 lbs



Secondary Partner:

Gender Identity:










 5' 8"

 170 lbs


 African Descent

Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples


 Construction Expert

Seeking Domestic House Servant


Mistress and Master seeking a domestic house servant whose duties will include responsibility for cleaning and maintaining our personal home, cooking, cleaning, as well as being available as our sexual plaything. Slave will be serving a biracial couple.


We would prefer to find a healthy, younger woman who would like to give completely of herself, in return she will be fed, watered, and looked after as any other pet might be.


Slave will become familiar with maids outfits, collars, chains, and remain always under the direction of Master, Mistress or of any other that slave might be directed to assist. Skills that slave might possess will become the property of the our house, labors of slave will also belong to our house.


Males may only be accepted if they are part of a couple where she is just as much a participant as he is, males will be treated according to their status. Females do carry a greater interest to us but if you two can give us a good argument as to your devotion and desire we will consider it seriously.


Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions, we are a very active and healthy couple and expect to maintain that in our slave.







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Journal Entries:
5/30/2010 11:02:15 PM
Memorial Day Weekend 2010
In Honor of all our hero's both living and dead who fought to keep this nation FREE!

Hello all, its not the weekend we enjoyed last year its raining with spots of sunshine. Last night my girl turns to me at about 10 pm and says well are we going to play? Oh yes we did, you see Thursday night we were at the local Munch and she brought up the fact that she has not had a bruise or mark on her bottom as yet. This brought a loud round of volunteers to show my girl they could do better embarrassing her Master.  So I brought this up to my girl as I had her standing arms behind her neck. I began by pulling her pants down just enough to start using my cane on that sexy booty. She screamed, hollered, and wiggled her ass all over the place but being a good girl did not pull her arms down. I moved her pants down slowly beating my way down her thighs till her pants lay on the floor. She did very well as I switch from cane to various crops till she was screaming and dancing to my tune raising a few welts.

After that I chased her upstairs screaming and hollering just as my girl does. Striped naked on the bed, ass in the air, face to the pillow with her on top of our sex blanket I continued with the tools in my hand, caning her till she was screaming into the pillow. Finally after about 50 strokes I went off to find the Hitachi and the dildo cap that fits it. I worked her over with the dildo cap and the vibrator as she exploded in orgasm soaking the blanket with her juices. Not done yet I cropped her some more raising a welt or two and just like a proud Master I enjoyed the feel of those welts. Afterwords she honored Master with one of her magnificent blow jobs. 

Of course this morning she totally embarrassed Master again by not having a mark on her, oh well I guess we just need to keep trying harder and HARDER.

3/24/2010 7:05:22 PM
Well what a great weekend, Pleasure and I visited Kinkfest in Portland for two days of kinky fun and frolic. With 15,000 sq ft of dungeon space, workshops, vendors, demos all of it presented by the Portland Leather Alliance who did a very fine job. The event had use of an entire hotel and convention space. Some of the big names that were present were the House of Gord, Jay Wiseman, Lee Harrington, Lou Rubens, Lydia McLane and Tony Buff with Derek da Silva.

The dungeon play party was tremendous one frame was big enough that there were 8 girls hanging at the same time one was even being worked over by an 8' whip. In the whip area one gal had balloons tied to her body while they were being popped with a whip, 6 tables in the blood area, with numerous other frames, rack, crosses, nets, horses, benches and mats with every piece in use. The fashions of those wandering around the place reached all aspects of the fetish world rubber, leather, vinyl,  satin, lace, silk, in all its many form doctors, nurses, sissy's, so many options so much candy.  

2/8/2010 9:04:04 PM
Superbowl Sunday was both good and bad the game was good and the commercials great. Unfortunately my girl was greatly disappointed, she was in contact with a subbie male who was going to drive down from Aberdeen to provide her "Ms Cormack" with several hours of devoted service. He said he would be here about 4:30 but he never showed up, never called and when we finally did hear from him he lied.  What is it with these guys why can't they do as they promise. She also has had the same problem with supposed  Dom's many of  whom claim to be such only to want a woman to beat on them. Maybe that is why she say's she is still "gaga" over me all the time. I am just who I claim to be the Dom/Master who knows just what his slave needs then provides it.

We will not stop looking for the others who wish to join us but please if you do wish to, please be honest and follow through with your plans, I just know you will enjoy yourself.

1/10/2010 1:39:55 PM
Many of you have been following the journal of my slave Pleasure, aka rockybaynurse, so now I have decided to start one of my own.

I will start back when Pleasure and I first found each other here on collar at the time I was recently single again, disillusioned with yet another vanilla relationship that failed to measure up. You see I just get bored with out the element of bondage, it just adds so much to the pleasure of the moment. Being highly creative in sex is no longer limited by just having sex, now the long list of toys, locations, devices, costumes,  mixed with pleasure and pain expands the time together into hours and days at a time. I love to enjoy my lady she is the first woman in my life to keep all of our encounters fresh.  

Pleasure is also very perceptive when it comes to who I am, she is "gaga" over me as she calls it, but she recognizes that I can become easily bored, she also knows she is not so much the pain slut that I crave so together we seek another someone whom we both can enjoy.

If you come to know us through these posts and find you would like to get to know us better please feel free to do so.

Master Allan

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