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Bisexual Female Slave, 36,  Texas
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 Serving as a Maid/Butler



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 Orgasm Control

 1950s Household

Hi! I am a sweetly and intensely submissive girl who desperately needs a strong and intelligent man, couple, or extraordinary woman, who knows what to do with a girl whose greatest desire is to serves at her owners beck and call. Im attractive, hard working, smart and well-educated and need the same traits (and more!) in my dominant. However, i also know in my heart that my natural place is one of comprehensive submission, obeying, following and serving the one who is my natural leader and master, inside and outside the home. Im cute and fit and, yes, I have a brain that i seek to use in the service of my owner!

I feel most at peace and a sense of being where I belong using my brain and all my other gifts serving my master (or mistress) in every way that I can as their house girl, sexual tool and general plaything. That person MUST be a natural dominant and leader, highly confident, enjoy being obeyed, served and slavishly fawned over, and know deep in their heart that they deserve to have a fawning slave girl jumping at the snap of their fingers! ive also come to realize that i have a deep desire to be exhibited and displayed whenever appropriate as when i hope to be -- the reduced slave, fully available pleasure toy, and serving girl described above. If the right owner, Im applying for that position! Please message me if youre interested in having me step up onto the block. Thanks!

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Journal Entries:
3/31/2018 3:18:20 PM
She promptly rose and walked to the table in the corner of the room. Having grown up with dogs, i recognized the electric shock collar the woman held in her hand as she returned to where i lay, silent and helplessly restrained for her. Quickly unhooking the collar's buckle, she expertly lifted my neck from my chair, just enough to fasten the collar tightly around me and fitting it just above the leash that secured me to the wall.

i felt the two metal prongs pressing into the side of my neck, ominous and threatening but not yet painful to my bare flesh. The woman then turned from me, stepping to her side table and picking up the collar's remote control. Returning to her seat an the end of my chair, i heard the collar painlessly beep as she tested the tormenting instrument i now wore around my neck like an ill-behaved dog in need of training. She casually crossed her legs as she placed the remote on the tray beside her before addressing me.

"Alright, Bitch Number 7, that's better, now, isn't it? I'm first going to ask you questions about your physical health and sexual history. I expect complete and prompt honesty, even if the answers are embarrassing and intrusive. If you are slow to respond or I sense any lack of candor from you at all, I will shock you like a dog. The first will be an intermediate level shock, Level 4, which I assure you will hurt like hell. I will then raise your corrections another level for each time I have to do it again. I'd prefer not to have to do so, because it will take you time to get your shit together after each shock, but that's really up to you now, isn't it?

"Your answers will be 'Yes, Miss,' 'No, Miss,' or 'i don't know, Miss.' If I need more from you, I will tell you to explain, which you will do every time you are told like a good bitch. Just so we understand each other, the first will feel precisely like this."

With that, she pressed the remote to deliver the "intermediate" shock that quickly burned into my neck and through my body. The pain caused me to rock helplessly against my confining bonds and bolt up stiffly in my chair, my arms and legs shaking to the extent that they could. When the pain finally stopped, my tormentor spoke to me in an almost bored tone as i slowly came to relax in my chair. i instantly felt tears forming in my eyes that i reflexively tried to raise my hand to wipe away, denied the ability to do so by the manacles that held me tightly in place.

"Do we understand each other now, Bitch 7?" she continued.

"Yes, Miss," i quickly stammered, tears now rolling down my face as i rapidly nodded my head.

"You'll be a good little bitch then and won't disappoint me or waste my time?"

"Yes, Miss! Yes, Miss!," i repeated to her, fighting against the urge to beg for mercy, remembering that i was not allowed to say anything more than my simple responses.

"Good girl, Bitch 7. I knew you looked like a smart little bitch! Now let's get started."

Taking up her clipboard as she crossed her legs, the woman began questioning me with the dispassion of almost any other gynecologist i'd seen over the years. The fundamental difference today, or course, was that i lay naked and chained to my examination chair and risked being shocked like a disobedient dog if i displeased my examiner in any way.

"Have you had children, bitch?"

"No, Miss," i quickly answered.

"Any miscarriages, bitch," she continued.

"No, Miss."

"Does the bitch have any history of sexually transmitted diseases of any kind?"

"No, Miss," i answered again.

"Good, bitch. What about cancer or polyps of any kind, even if benign?"

"No, Miss," i continued.

"Obviously the bitch is not a virgin?"

"No, Miss."

"Have you had anal, Bitch 7?"

"Yes, Miss," i confessed, increasingly embarrassed.

Smiling at my obvious shame, she looked up at me and prodded, "Explain your answer, Bitch 7."

i felt the blood rush to my face as i admitted, "My old boyfriend liked it and he used to do that with me sometimes, Miss. He liked me on all fours and he'd put lube on butt before he entered me there, Miss."

She looked up from her board with a sneer to mock me, "He did that with you? That's funny. Don't you mean he did it TO you, Bitch 7?"

Mindful that the last thing i should do is contradict my interrogator, my only answer was obvious. "Yes, Miss," i quietly muttered as my face warmed and flushed.

She then reached up to press her hand between my naked and exposed pussy. "And I bet the little bitch liked it, didn't she, No. 7," now smiling and openly mocking me.

"Yes, Miss," i honestly confessed to her.

"I like that you were on all-fours for him like a good little bitch, Bitch 7." she continued, now clearly enjoying herself.

"Yes, Miss," my humiliation continued.

She laughed again. "Well, you may have been made for your new life after all! And tell me, bitch -- did you ever cum when he fucked you in your ass like the bitch you now are, No. 7?"

"Yes, Miss," i admitted to my growing shame.

"Lovely, bitch. We'll be sure to put that on your card for the auction tomorrow night! It's sure to increase bids for you."

She then put her board down as she rose to stand beside me. Pulling her latex gloves on, the woman began again, "Alright, Bitch Number 7, relax your pussy now so I can check you out. I'm running behind."

3/15/2018 5:16:27 PM
"So, by now you know that you're about to be sold into slavery," she began in an oddly casual tone. "We already know you bitches talk back there in the holding cell, even though we've told you not to, so you and I both know your situation. It's my job to make sure that you're clean enough to sell and that your body is ready for purchase. 
"That means examining you, which I'll do in a moment, giving you a piercing in your hood, which kind of serves as our trademark for the bitches we sell, and inserting a birth control device into you so you can be used without fear of getting pregnant. Just so you're prepared as much as possible, you're about to be probed like you've never been before by your female doctors, the IUD insertion will be unpleasant for you, and the genital piercing will obviously hurt like hell. We don't use any sort of pain killers on our bitches due to the rising cost, so I'll need and expect you to suck it up and endure it as quietly as possible."
She paused as she put her clipboard down to survey my naked body before her. The guards had leashed me in such a way that i could raise my head just enough to allow me to look at her as she spoke. My wrists and ankles were tightly but comfortably bound to the chair, preventing me from moving my body at all or resisting anything that had just been described to me. i then heard the doctor's heels click on the tile floor as she rose and walked to stand beside me. Instinctively, i maintained my gaze where the doctor had been seated, suddenly afraid of her as she approached me. 
Without a word, she reached up and began caressing my breasts, gently circling and rubbing my left breast before moving to the other. In the cold room and exposed as i was, my already hard nipples rose even more under the doctor's soft touch as she fondled me. i felt my body involuntarily trying to rise to respond to her probing hands, frustrated only by the manacles that secured me beneath. Smiling as she watched me writhe under her hand, i felt her touch slowly move down to my stomach before reaching my pussy. She began softly running her fingers over my lips before finding my clit and rubbing it for what seemed like an eternity. i pathetically tried to raise my ass and hips up and down for her, at least as much as my bonds would allow, as i felt myself getting more and more wet from my tormentor's touch. She continued to fondle me as i increasingly tried to grind my sex against her hand. Oblivious to the spectacle that i was surely making of myself, i knew only that i wanted to be touched and, somewhere deep inside me, to be humiliated by that touch. 
"You're a responsive little bitch, Number 7," she said almost sweetly to me as she quickly removed her hand from my hungry pussy. "I like that in a bitch, and I'm sure a lot of our buyers will, too." She then placed her hand in front of my face, still wet with my juices.
"But just look at the mess you made on me, Bitch Number 7. That obviously won't do, so I'll need you to lick it clean for me. Start licking, bitch."
With that, i felt her other hand firmly grip my nipple again. Fearful of enduring that pain a second time, i quickly raised my head on my leash to her extended hand and began lapping at the woman's fingers with the desperation of the chained dog that i surely resembled. Smiling down at me, she lowered her hand to me enough for me to take each of her fingers into my mouth, sucking on each of them as i tasted my pungent juices going down my throat. Finally satisfied with my service, the doctor wiped her fingers on the sides of my face and returned to her seat. 
"You show some promise, Bitch 7. I am impressed. Now, let's get to work on you."

3/14/2018 6:18:48 AM
The woman casually wheeled her stool to where i lay for her, restrained in my chair and uncovered for whatever indignities were in store for me. With my legs legs slightly elevated and bound, my bare and open pussy and the upper portion of my ass lay before her, unprotected and vulnerable. As i'd rendered my pussy, ass and legs completely hairless a few years before, i silently worried whether she could see my wetness and still-swollen lips from what the guard had done to me outside the door moments before and, if so, the humiliation that i'd endure from that. 
i'd always hated these chairs, like all girls, ironically finding them at least somewhat demeaning and obviously too clinical for my taste. As i was, however, i would have given anything to have been covered by a simple smock, clinical as it might have been, and to have voluntarily placed my feet in the chair's stirrups rather than as i now found myself -- chained to the wall, held tightly in place by by my tight bonds, and completely naked. 
As she approached me, i couldn't help but notice how attractive the woman was. She wore a conservative but attractive black dress under her hospital pullover. Her black wedged heels were tastefully high in a way that i very much would have admired in my past life, before my present abduction, confinement, and what the girls' whispers in our holding cell had convinced me was my upcoming sale into slavery. 
From beneath her glasses, the woman surveyed my exposed body before rising to stand over me. After pulling latex gloves over her hands, she reached down to test my bonds, first checking the claps on my ankles before moving to each of my wrists, tugging on both to assure herself that i was secure. i, of course, remained silent, having learned by now that it was best to hold my tongue. i then felt her hands, frigid even to my cold skin, feeling all over my legs and moving up to probe the area surrounding my pussy and ass.
"Bitch, your'e lasered, correct? This doesn't feel like waxing."
i paused to answer her for only a moment when i felt her hand grab my nipple and squeeze mercilessly as i cried out in pain. Unable to move, i endured her abuse until she decided to stop, a slight smile on her face. The woman then took my face in her hands as she addressed me again, almost crying beneath her, and addressed me with staccato and condescending precision.
" Answer now, bitch."
"Yes, Ma'am," i immediately answered, humiliated but thankful my pain was easing.
"Call me Miss, Bitch 7," was her only response.
"Yes, Miss," i instinctively replied, slightly embarrassed and surprised at my easy compliance. 
Writing something in her notebook, she continued, "Legs and pussy, or ass, too, Bitch 7?"
"My...ass, too, Miss."
"Good, that bodes well for us," she said matter-of-factly. "Now lift your arms as well as you can, Bitch 7."
"Yes, Miss," i replied, as i struggled to raise my arms as much as possible, managing to move then only a couple of inches for her.
"No, bitch, your upper arms. Good lord," she hissed at me as she rose and grabbed me roughly by my shoulder to inspect me under my arms.
"Pits lasered, too, I see" she noted as she continued to write in her book.
Sitting down beside my chair, she then looked up to address me. 
"Alright, Bitch Number 7. I have a little speech I give you bitches at the start. It's especially important for new bitches like you, who are educated and have lived lives of relative ease and comfort up until now, as I know you have. You need to keep your little mouth shut and your mind open, because what I have to tell you can be very helpful to you and significantly improve the future that waits for you. If you pay attention and take what I tell you to heart, it may have a positive impact on who purchases you tomorrow night and what becomes of you. And yes, I said 'purchase,' so now's the time to start crying if you must. If not, I know you'll sit there and listen. Do you understand me, Bitch 7, because I don't want to waste my time if not."

"Yes, Miss," i quietly answered.
With that, she sat back on her stool to begin my indoctrination.

3/12/2018 8:22:24 PM
i tried to keep up with the men who led me rapidly down the brightly lit corridor. In my bare feet, the only sounds in the air were the occasional rattle of my leash and the reports of my handlers' boots on the cold and hard floor beneath us. Exposed as i was, i quickly noticed the coldness of the air was in the hallway. Feeling the chilled air on my involuntarily rising nipples and stripped body, my shackled hands were useless to protect me from the cold or even attempt to cover my naked flesh. Of course, it was not lost on me that my present captors wore long pants and light jackets as they ushered me forward in my chains.
We passed several rooms before the man who led me abruptly stopped, almost causing me to run into him. The man pressed his hand roughly into my chest and, raising his voice, bellowed, "Stop, bitch! Pay the hell attention if you don't want your first beating!" Surprised by the severity of the words of this complete stranger, i could only stammer, "i'm so sorry, Sir," as i immediately froze in place and looked down at the floor beneath me. 
His partner seemed to take joy in the fear that immediately washed over me. The man slowly walked to stand behind me, frozen in place and not daring to look up. i quickly felt his hand grab the chains securing my wrists as he lifted my hands away from my body, exposing my naked ass in full.His other hand began roaming up and down my naked ass and was soon between my legs, roughly kicking them open for even fuller access to me. As i stood motionless, the man began probing the outside of my exposed pussy as he forced my legs open more and more. To my horror, i felt myself getting wet as his finger pressed against my hairless lips. His fingers soon entered into me, the small of his hand still cupping my ass. i began rubbing myself against his hand involuntarily as he ran his finger over and into my wet pussy, even bending over to feel more of the man's hand against my wet lips. i felt my legs weaken as, without thinking, i opened them to allow him to feel more and more of me. A slow moan of pleasure escaped my mouth when, just as abruptly, the man removed his hand from my pussy and slapped me hard on the ass, grunting, "That's enough fun for now, bitch. The doctor has work to do on you." 
With that, his partner opened the heavy metal door that stood before us. As i felt my leash pulling me forward again, a small, barren room opened before me. i saw what i instantly recognized as a gynecological chair in one corner, differing from others that i'd used only in its cheap, thin padding and the four restraints that were clearly for each of my limbs. In another corner, a slight, middle-aged female in what appeared to be a blue lab coat sat on a small stool, apparently writing something in a file and taking no notice of me or my captors. As i took in this unexpected sight, the man who held my leash pressed his hand onto my shoulder to halt me as he continued to the nearest wall. Once there, he fastened my leash to a bolt that stood at eye level, effectively chaining me to the wall. He then turned around as his partner took out a key and quickly unchained my wrists. Once done, he slapped my ass and, seemingly annoyed with me, barked, "Well, bitch, there won't be an invitation -- get your ass up in the chair!" 
i obediently climbed into the examination chair, my naked flesh feeling the cold of the cheap plastic that lined its surface. i could see my chain hanging loosely beside me as i settled into my predicament. Although i'd been in many female examination chairs before, i'd never sat in one fully nude, uncovered, and certainly never been restrained in one! That of course instantly changed, as the men quickly forced my open legs into the chair's leather manacles before moving to likewise secure my wrists. Once i was fully restrained, the men left the room without a word, leaving me with the seated woman who had not yet looked up to even notice me. i tried not to think of the bizarre vision that i must have made, i leashed and naked girl strapped down to my chair, my legs forced open and my body exposed to whatever further indignities that awaited me.

The woman finally turned on her stool to face me. She glanced at me only briefly in my bonds before looking back down at her folder. "So, you must be, let me see, Bitch Number 7." 

3/11/2018 8:15:18 PM
Someone asked me to add more, which i found the time to do tonight. It's surprisingly enjoyable!

i'd been chained in what seemed a holding room for several hours with a number of other girls as we each waited for our turn to be sold. Now down to five of us, we wore matching simple metal collars that had been fixed to each of our chains, which in turn were bolted to a large concrete column in the center of the room.

Leashed like so many dogs in a kennel, we took turns walking as far as our tethers would allow us, sitting on the cold floor, or just staring blankly at the barren walls that enclosed us. i noticed that i was one of three blondes, both of whom had long, beautiful hair that flowed down to their shoulders, very similar to mine. Since they wore hospital-like gowns identical to the one i wore, i could not make out their bodies or their shapes, seeing only their bare feet and calves as they waited silently next to me. Since we'd been instructed by our "jailer" not to speak to one another, i was left to wonder what these other soon-to-be slave girls looked like and, based on their appearances, whether they'd fetch higher prices than i when it came our times to be auctioned and sold. 

My daydreaming was halted when i heard our cell door unlock and two large men enter the room. One black and one white, they were the same men i'd seen retrieve several other girls before. To my surprise, however, this time they'd come for me. Standing before me in an instant, the white barked the order that i'd heard many times before. 

"Bitch, turn around," as he took me roughly by the shoulder and spun me to face the column that i was chained to with the other girls. i instantly complied -- what else could i do! -- and waited submissively for the events that i'd seen several times before. He unsnapped the single button that help my gown in place, grabbing it as it fell and throwing it into the corner with several others. Now completely nude, the black jailer quickly unchained me from the column and threaded another leash into the ring of my collar. Once leashed, i felt him pull my hands behind my back and fasten shackles around them. i felt myself blush instantly in my nudity and at the spectacle i'd become -- a naked girl held firmly in chains and at the complete mercy of these harsh, unforgiving strangers. i didn't have long to think of my embarrassment, as i quickly felt the pull of my leash as the men began pulling me away. 

"Move, bitch, we're running late," as a felt a sharp pull on my neck and i struggled to follow after the men. i labored to keep my balance, surprised at how difficult it was with my hands chained behind me, as i almost ran to follow them out the door.

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