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i always in my life believe , Never make someone a priority when they only make you an option.
Male Submissive, 44,  Nyc, New York

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 Submissive Male


 New York

 5' 6"

 150 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

i always in my life believe , Never make someone a priority when they only make you an option.

I am very much a man to the outside world strong, but everyone will pretty much know who the real boss in private.

i am a loyal slave.....I want to be a better man, and am well aware of my needs to the Dominant Female. Female Superiority, and submission has been a part of my life since childhood. To be committed to one woman in vanilla and D/s relationship.

I want a Female Led Relationship when decisions are to be made. Her word is my law . She will always have the Final say and judgment .

my goal will be always is my Mistress happiness and I realize , that is truly the only way this male slave will ever be free. Not fantasy.

Mistress,. as far as this site is concerned ...I am sure ..we all know why we are all here. ...Some of us are curious ..and want to try this out.. some of are just looking to have some fun... then there are some of us ..who are here to play around with people, some here for money, we call these certain people.. fakes

And then you get to the people like me.. I know better than anyone that have to trust the person ,build friendship and a bond, ..and that is why I want to connect with someone on ...who is willing to own me for real.

i am not here for play....i want something real .real time...long term..and permnant!!!!

Mistress,..i am well aware of my needs to the Dominant Female. Female Superiority, and submission has been a part of my life since childhood.

I am loyal, passionate, strong, honest, open-minded, loving, giving, considerate, devoted, caring, and many more things once you have me. ,my submissiveness is who I am at my core.

I discovered who I truly was and what type of person I belong with, crave for, and need. I long for direction and guidance from a Mistress.

i am looking for someone who makes me the best I can be (while also fulfilling her needs since that is what is most important).

I have always been attracted to more dominant women
I need a Mistress that is not afraid to tell me what She wants, how, and when. i will be there for her for the sole purpose to please her and make her life as easy and most enjoyable as possible. Most vanilla women do not understand this.

I need a woman that is intelligent in which I feel that she is superior to me without making me uncomfortable
I need a woman who will not judge me and accept me for who I am. I need a woman who will let me be what I am. Who will let me submit to her fully and think about her always first and fore most.

I am the type of male that will do my best to please my Domme even if I do not like it. I will make myself like it for her. In return I will learn to love it and cherish it and eventually beg her for it....because pleasing her is what pleases me the most.

I believe strongly in the power exchange between a woman and a man. I think a long lasting relationship can only be successful when each gender knows their place and role in every aspect of the relationship.

I really enjoy a woman that takes control and is demanding. and her dominance is something that I need to work for and earn. 

I need a woman who is strong, intelligent, and honest. Without honesty, there is no chance for a successful D/s relationship.
i am looking for a woman who thinks logically, will never judge me, and will always know what is best for me.

I will live for pleasing the woman I am with and nothing makes me happier to know that I have made hher happy.
I take pride in anticipating a woman's needs and love to surprise and do things that are unexpected.

I love feeling like I am taking care of my Mistress in every aspect possible. I know what I could be for the right person.

witm my Mistress,..i believe I have strong potential and with her by my side i will constantly grow and learn
I would be nothing less than perfect for my Domme because that is what I strive for being with the Mistress I am with.

Realistically nothing is ever perfect, but my owner will know that I am at least trying to be and it is all for her.

I do believe through trust , I will earn my Domme dominance over me.
This relationship is much more than sex for me.
my dream is to have a Mistress in my life and I will wait patiently for her.

I take pride in who I am and who I am with.
Once my Mistress gains my mind and heart , I will be her forever.

Mistress,...i am eager to please and recognize that this life style is not about me but about the one i serve.

I learned that not only was D/s apart of me, but that it was the best part of me.

Mistress,i will do my best to please Mistress, I want to be sure that my effort creates a strong bond between us ,but will make happy more than anything that my Mistress is content, that her day seems easier and that she is satisfied with me.

I need it bad.....; 

When you slap my face, sometimes repeatedly,

When you grab my hair softly or pull my hair aggressively

When you call me any name that is thought as overly offensive, like bitch, slut, whore or cunt

When you spit at me

When you order me to kneel in front of you or at your feet

When you just give me a demanding look and I know what you mean

When you objectify me, whether it be as a sexual toy, or a piece of furniture

When you tie me up and down, blindfold me,

When you belt me or strike me with a crop, or just the look of it

When you put a collar and leash on me, and pull it

When you make me beg for anything, to acknowledge that this is what I want

When you control my orgasms, when and if I have them and when you edge me

When you forbid me from looking at you directly in the eyes

When you give me chores to do

When you urinate on me, and sometimes in me.

for the right Mistress,
i hope is YOU ,
i will all be gold.
Mistress,i hope you own me,
i know,your words are firm,
and your hand is strong.

i will worship your being,
i will fulfill your need,
i like being your slut.,
i like doing dirty deeds,
i will love your paddle,
and i will crave your crop,
i really  need your whip.
my head  always low.
i will alwyas bow to you.

 __  __***____***____***__   ____
 _***________proud_________*   __
 _ ***_____submissive______***___

S - submissive
U - unique
B - busty
M - minds
I - interesting
S - smart
S - satisfying
I - insatable
V - vivacious
E - entertaining

To Me;....Submission not about doing something ..when it's convenient,..... it's not even about looking for compliments. .....It's about pushing your own pleasure the side and focusing on your Mistress .....until you get pleasure from doing so.  

Mistress,....for as long as i can ever remember ..i crave being of service, owned.. and enslaved to a strong Lady... who desires a true servant ..and sub at heart.

Mistress,..i am so eager to learn, to grow,.. to put my life at my Owner's hand...not only to serve ..but to be there for Her.. at every moment: night and day; to be her pet in private... or her guard in public...

i am vey dedicated ..and for me this is a life quest to be owned.. by a Lady ..who in Her smile or snap of a finger is life for me...

Mistress,.....i strongly believe in worshipping the ground ..on which my Owner walks...i would put my heart and all my passion in worshipping my owner night and day..


I imagine, first you made myself strip naked. you were fully dressed so . ,you then made me get down on my knees and suck your toes ,one by one. ,you then told me to kiss up your legs until i got to your knees ,......

you started smacking my face,and told me,you were a bad boi ..

After a while you came up and smacked me across my face and said you were realy a slut. you then lead and made me walk back to the bedroom

Back in my bedroom, I was told to start kissing your feet again and slowly kiss up your leg ,and when you had had enough, ...

you took me into the bathroom. ,you told me to lie on the floor face down and kiss your feet, as  i did . , then walked behind me.

Soon i felt some water on my back , i looked up and saw you were pissing on me....and then I started drinking some of your pee.,you saw me drink every drop of your golden nectar with a big smile on my face...

i am submissive and proud of my submission....i feel my job is to serve and please Mistress.
Mistress to me is everything and above me everything centered around Mistress, and Her needs and my wants and desires do not amount to anything other than help Mistress takes me to Her world of mystery. 

i am a true beleiver in the fact that men are the real weaker sex. i hope You are the Mistress i need,...if you are.....i will always will put You in a great mood ..and will get Your heart rate up from excitment.

to me Mistress is the one who will make me see things Her way..and who will guide me through the dark part of my fantasies and safely return me, leaving me want it more.
i know Mistress is the one who takes my wants , desiresand my needs into my consideration, Mistress i know for sure
Mistress role is to help  me discover my dark and inner desires.
to me Mistress has what is forbidden...., who will release me from the limitations from my life.
Mistress, is the one who will make me experience some of this world excitments.Mistress
to me represents everything good in life..and God created me to submitte to her power.
i am always the Mistress instrument of pleasure.

i feel Mistress is who will take me deeper into mysyelf, leade me to my secret hidden desires and take me to complete submission.


Misress,..i promise,,your will is the ONLY will, PERIOD. i will learn to anticipate my routine and not having to be told more than once to do something, ..
i promise..i wil at the very least meet your expectations .. i hope i  will be strongly encouraged to improve.
Mistress,..What is important for me to understand is that i no longer HAVE any will,.. i HAVE no freedom and NO choice but to OBEY, serve and love with all that i am..
Mistress, opinions, advice, etc. are wholly unimportant and do not need to be heard , unless you decide otherwise. 

Mistress, be quite honest, being your total slave should be more than enough reward. ..
Mistress,..i will be as an object or piece of furniture, and in any other way you decide. i will e your property,.. a personal possession for you to use and abuse as you see fit. 

Mistress,...this is for me not a game, it is a lifestyle,.. it is REALITY. It's what  will  drink, sleep, breathe and live. 
Mistress,..i  will accept anything and everything you give me and make me endure, and i will learn to appreciate it.

Mistress to me,

My soul tells me this was the life I was meant to live.

My heart tells me you were the Mistress I was meant to serve.

Our sprits know that we have met before.

Please help me to be a stronger slave so I may serve you better.

Please guide me in the ways to better meet your needs.

I beg you to please discipline me as you see fit, and to keep me in control.

Please Mistress allow me to serve you yet another day for my greatest

Joy in life is to be your slave.


Mistress,.  I hope you are looking for a male slave/sub open to most everything. A slave who has a decent , established life, and has his life together. i am the One who wants to devote himself to his Mistress while keeping up the vanilla side of life, work, etc.

Mistress,i am the One who honestly feels that women are superior ..and that men are lower. One that will serve his Domme/ in any way she pleases and derive pleasure from serving her.

Mistress,i believe, things have to take a natural course for her, getting to know one another while knowing me,training me to serve her, developing closeness and a bond, ..i beleive honesty and trust are important aspects of that.  As I beleive always, things have to take its natural course of building a lasting and strong relationship.

Mistress,i am divorced,no kids, and unattached, capable of satisfying my owner, i am submissive and open to being owned fully real time .i will serve her whatever she desire. She will be the one who will make all decisions for me. ..that includes asking her permission: if and when i can speak, to eat, when and where to go somewhere, what to wear, etc. she will punish me as she sees fit and i will be obedient. she will make the the decision that is best for both of us. 

Aas her slave, i will take care of all her needs . However, I might  if in an environment deemed appropriate, i will kneel while communicating with her if that pleases her. ,i am looking to live as a slave and want something long term and meet my dream Mistress...

Mistress,i am willing to relocate near my owner first ...if we decie to get to know one another..

I am enjoying life and looking for that  Domme that might enjoy doing the same.

I have been living the D/s way of being for many years and am hoping to find someone who understands this is all about communication, honesty and integrity.

The sexual part is the icing on the the whole cake.Its the true dynamics of a D/s based relationship i seek.I understand submission and what makes it work.

I also am very much into the intensity that this way of living provides.I have a real preference for those who appreciate the stamina and virility that go along with the needs  and sensual passions that come with experience .,

i understand what i want and need and look foward to making it happen.I find patience to be its own reward
Its the mental connection and attraction that is  needed to make this relationship work well. Your never to old to learn and i find that its something the helps grow a relationship.As i said communication to open new doors.



Mistress,...i label myself submissive because I was not given very many choices here! ..I am   sweet, caring, nurturing, and always happy!

I do not like labels and lists, I hate stereotypes as well! I want a happy, strong relationship with a woman that will go to any height or depth to bring a smile to her face and pleasure !!

I believe we don't have to follow rules and stereotypes, in fact, i won't!! I am  a real person, just a little special to the lucky womanl!

How to sum it up..When I say I am a man I do mean a man!!! A respectable, strong, well  loving man..I am submissive, honest,loyal and caring.  . The person who I will will have me will be lucky to have me. ,because  she will be a a valuable to me. 



Mistress,...i am looking for a Sensual, Seductive Mistress who can be Sadistic. ..who do not march around shouting, and don't need to raise her voice to have you under her control. ..who have a calm, powerful & strong presence which will make you crave to please her. .... who will read you and push your limits...

I strongly believe a Domme/sub relationship is about mutual trust and respect,... 

I am looking for a Mistress who will always respect your interests, and operate along safe, sane and consensual lines, although trust ...

I do not need a cold hearted scowling Domme, I need her form of Domination is refreshing and unique...I need the  One who a look into her hypnotic eyes and you will be under her spell,..


Mistress,...I am a slave with a passion for kink, a love of the taboo, and a desire to explore new things.  


I am the one who is not afraid to live by my Mistress rules rather than society's rules.

I believe ..There is little else that pleases me more than seeing a fully grown man at the end of a Mistress leash grovel at her high heels begging her to use him like the slut ... both know he was born to be! .
I need a Mistress,.. who is real not something she pretend to be for a few hours a day.

I am sincerely seeking a new reality where my true desires will be consensually explored, enjoyed and exploited, .
I need a Mistress who will be delighted to take full advantage of my submissive tendencies and needs and use them to fuel her pure pleasure .


Mistress,....i believe,...we are Equal in our humanity ...but uneven in our role ...with each other..

I am serious about an LTR... and would like to be yours...  I am interested in meeting you ..and actually   live together. 
I am the one who will do ..whatever you will tell him-- when you tell him.   One who will fill your  need/desire for passion-- ....One who will help around the house-- do the 'manly' chores, etc...Basically-- one  ADORES you-- and tells you so often.
I am the one who understands that you HAVE to be the leader-- that you HAVE to own and control me and i joyfully submit to you and becomes your slave-- I am the one who's very meaning in life is to make you happy-- no matter what that entails.
I will wear my collar in the house-if you want- and under proper clothing--I am the one who isn't afraid of public displays of affection-- but has the good taste and manners to know when they are appropriate...
All of this-- wrapped up in a me who will lay his very will before you-- and know you will take care of me as i will take care of you-- in different ways-- I will be serving you and being totally devoted to you-..




Mistress,.....please forgive this slave. it had emailed You confessing its need to finally throw all caution to the wind to live it’s life the way it was born to. .


Mistress,....I had begged You to strip my entire life away, to fly me there, to finally live D/s life as completely owned property with no choices whatsoever and no turning back. Mistress,..this  slave so far beneath You , and to literally put myself in a beyond vulnerable situation with my entire life in Your hands to do with as You wish, begging to become your live in slave, without even having a choice.


Mistress,.. i have the soul of a subservient man, who respects and adores female supremacy. i have a lot of life experience, and i will always want more.

my life experience has made me a critical thinker, able to analyze and discuss. But i also love to have fun, and let go. But i really do think that what makes me distinct is that not only am i able to engage interesting discussion and open my mind, but i am truly the soul of submission. It is who i am, and i embrace it, and i always, always want to deepen it.

i believe that this is a journey, and my submission to my owner will always deepen. i can always give more, i can always learn more, i can always love my Dominant more. Everyday, i will want to give that much more.

i need the right Woman to submit to, to put me in my place. i want to be the person to inspire her, to help make her life easier, and to help give her pleasure,and spoil her in whatever way i can.




Mistress,i am actively seeking a chance to become a sub to a true Dominant Woman.i am only actively searching to reach my potential as a sub.for at least 12 years i have known i have sub tendencies, it always interested me.

my limits = anything illegal, blood and needles..Extreme pains...scat...

i am very patient and punctual, caring and generous to those i love.,i am a relaxed type of person.Sadness comes rarely.i am relaxed and laid back person, i don't tend to stress much about anything, though i am a hard worker.

submission means to me = it means submitting to a person who deserves my attention, who i am happy to sacrifice my time, life and attention for, someone i enjoy making happy .

i love my Mistress only to allow me to serve her to the best of my abilities, and help mold me into the sub she wants me to be.

fulfilling any needs Mistress may have, will make me very happy.i would then entertain Her in any way She may wish, what ever makes her happy.


I am open minded, looking for ready Mistress,who is ready to explore her true destination in life as a real Domme to a slave.


I am looking for naturally Mistress because that is she truly desire to be.


I would love to see her willing and Natural side. i hope she matchs both my Willingness and Sincerity.


.I am open minded and generally able to express myself clearly. I have no problem communicating openly and honestly, while not stepping on toes. I have a work hard to extend myself, but I love living with passion. I have a lot to give, but also hope to receive a lot in return.
I am not looking for someone perfect, but I am looking for someone perfect for me., this life is not about how many breaths you take, it is the number of moments that take your breath away.

I am a deeply passionate man. I love life. I am not afraid to reach out and try and grab what makes me happy if i can, ..
I have learned a lot of life’s hard lessons, but none more brutal than that of the passage of time and missed opportunities. .


For my dream Mistress, she will be my queen. She will be the most precious thing in my life and consume my heart and my desire endlessly. My beloved will possess me, and in turn, I hope to be cherished by her. This is about feeling that deep connection when half way around the world... about dreaming about tasting her controll, devouring her lust, tasting her passion and comforting her pain.


Both of us know that there is something deep inside of us that is awaiting to be released. It is our truest nature and expression of our passion and desires.


She will be to me an incredibly special woman I will spend the rest of my life pleasing her. I am looking for fun-loving woman, who leads in this lifestyle, . Her ability to communicate is paramount. .
To her I am dedicated to working stride and stride to create and maintain a powerful bond.


Likewise, the greatest aspect I enjoy in the scene, and the most gratifying, is touching a person deeply and taking them to that special place where they can really let go. While I enjoy chains, floggers, and toys, the mental aspects appeal to me most. This has made me attentive as a lover and in the scene in understanding what really moves a person.


I believe and live Safe Sane and Consensual and i love to interact with people who can express themselves openly and provide feedback to continue improvement and growth.



Mistress,....i - as an inferior submissive male - is indeed honoured! i am a lifestyle male submissive who so desperately seeks to be owned by a superior Goddess - not only in physical terms but also in a deeper sense. i truly believe that i was born to devote my life, energy and time to sincere service to a Goddess. i am inferior to your Supremacy and can never ever be your equal -...

Mistress,...i am born to sweat, and work for a true Goddess - worship her and devote all my energy to serve her interests. Although although the ultimate dream remains to be in her service as nothing more than her servant -..

Mistress,...i do believe in a long term relationship and to be fully trained by Her as she wants me - her slave and servant - to be.

Mistress,...i truly believe the time is ripe for me to live, breath and conduct my true life ... which is to serve as a servant, worker and worshipper of a true lifestyle dominant Goddess


Mistress,....if i was choosen to be your slave , its what ill breath every day. serving you would be like oxygen to servive. I will respect, obey and honor you as my Godess! Ill pray to you and beg for more duties, and chores to make you happy.

I know there will be punishment when i have disappointed you. I except that honorably.

I know if i will be your slave i have no say in anything, you dont need to hear from me only a smile , a curtsey, and immediate action to do as im required no matter what the task is.

Mistress, i promise my reward is the smile on your face, the happyness in your glow. I know my body and my mind will not be of a person , but as your slave.

I will be devoted and honored to become your property to do as you wish with.


I am a good slave for the following reasons.;
1 love to serve my Mistress and or/Goddess, as she is indeed my Goddess.
I am an Alpha slave., I choose to be a total slave to my Mistress and whomever else she indicates I need to submit. No one else,others I respect and submit as ordered by my Mistress.
To the outside world, I appear as I always have in the vanilla world, outgoing,assertive.
I know how to be vanilla,I am a slave in my heart and soul..
I am a problem solver for my Mistress in all regards
I am her protector against all else.
I am her guard her slave ,her angel slave against everyone.
I am higly intelligent, but humble.I use all what I have, only for the benefit of my Mistress.
I have a great sense of humor,make people laugh when allowed, and can be outrageous, and stage worthy when allowed..
I make sure all else is done to my Mistreses satisfaction,whether I have completed it, or someone else.
I believe in Female Supremacy, and know that the world would be much better off with women in charge.
As a slave, I know my position is at my Mistresses feet, and when permitted my face in the crack of her bottom.
I am always for my Mistress, and in my soul, desire to be taken to the depths of slavery, submission and servitude.
I believe in discipline, and hope that My Mistress believes in dominating me with regularity to show to whom I belong. 
I wish to please her, and satisy her to the highest degree and to  maximum amount of pleasure.
I desire to be an extension of her thoughts carried out, because when I achieve this, I am truly ONE, and in my selflessness, am I whole and complete.
I have tasted the fruits of sucsess and power in my outside life, but my soul knows that I am slave, ready to serve.

i need a Mistress because i want my life.. to have meaning. ,a Mistress who wants to meet ..and serve her for life ..a women who will have 100% control ..of my life. , I am a slave who needs to be used.. to feel great about myself.

i am ready to enjoy the excited side of my life..... and have an interest in the unusual and alternative .....and would like to explore my wild side. 

as a  slave .....I will  keep learning ....from my mistakes and making use.... from punishments my Mistress gives me...  i will become a better slave and servant under her control..  I will be understand my commands before she even says them. i will read her mind...before I open her mouth.  
whenever she feels whipping me as a punishment.....just before she says anything .... she will find me..... holding the whip in my mouth..... and crawling..... like a good slave toward her .... ready to take my punishment...serve her in each ...and every breath..  

i will dedicate my life.... in pleasing her... i will take any kind of pain..... she like to apply on me.....  i will be her slut,... her play toy, ....her entertainment object or anything she like me to be.  .simply....i will surrender to her power.


To me,..the majority of men here ..want to get off. ...and the majority of women ..want money.....and Neither way ..can you build any type of real D/s relationship.


until we click & a bond/dynamic established. when that happens, well, I’m pretty openminded &  I am willing to open wallet.... and make your life get better.


if we connect ..and there is a strong attraction,..and move to real time.,i am ready to  spoiled you .and make you happier and your life easier and take care of you financially.


i am willing to dedicate every second of my life to my Mistress, relocate to her and offer her my absolute, .non-conditional,physical/emotional/financial surrender.


Mistress,...i am a great giver when i have the trust and the bond,..because I so much believes in the Multiplied returns.

Mistress, i came to you from far away, 

desired a Mistress I never know..

We never thought what soon would be,

Connections made between you and me.

my excitement barely held in check. 

Seeking both of us as we, 

I dream to live and breathe to be your own. 

To this you, a slave I will live,

we both know now what's meant to be,

You are the Mistress, I, am your slave, 

Knowing this is what I crave.

A perfect match in which we're bound. 

Strange how paths bring hearts together,

Mistress, slave now joined together. 

I will serve you with pride and no I do not mind, 

I only seek your pleasure, not so much mine.

to be your servant is such a dream,

For your beatings I will drew and crave,  

To you I will  always knee and bow. 

I am your slave and I am proud .

I am your servant,you are always my QUEEN,




Mistress,...I will always submit.....   
When you slap my face, ..sometimes repeatedly,...  

When you grab my hair softly ...or pull my hair aggressively...  
When you call me any name ..that is thought as overly offensive, like bitch,.. slut, whore.. or cunt..  
When you ..spit at me...  

When you order me.. to kneel in front of you.. or at your feet...  
When you just give me ..a demanding look ...and I know what you mean...  

When you use me, ..whether it be as a sexual toy, ...or a piece of furniture...  
When you tie me up ...and down, ...blindfold me,...  

When you belt me ...or strike me with a crop,.... or just the look of it...  
When you put a collar ...and leash on me, ..and pull it...  

When you make me beg... for anything,... to acknowledge that this is ...what I want...  
When you control my orgasms,... when and if I have them... and when you ..edge me...  

When you give me... chores to do..  
When you urinate on me, ...and sometimes in me.

 When you forbid me ...from looking at you ...directly in the eyes..


هلا/...انا انسان... احب الحياة...احب كسر الروتين اليومي... ابحث عن التجدد دائما.. ....احب المرح والترفيه....../. اقدر المرأة... واعرف كيفية التعامل معها.....احب اعيش الحياة.. بحب و استمتاع ....بعيدا عن نمطية الحيااة العربيه  التقليديه...../لا وجود عندي قيود ..اما العادات احترمها ..ولكن لااريد ان اجعلها.. تقديسا مقدسا....لانها بالنهاية... مجرد عادات..../انا احب انفذ خيالاتي.....واقفز فوق العادات والالغام .التي تضعها مجتمعاتنا.../ احب استمتع.. بماهو غريب.. ومختلف في الحياة ./.حلمي...اسلوب حياة تأخذ الامور الى مستوى آخر ...طريقة حياة دائما فيها جديد.. ممتعه ..وغير ممله.../...انا,حالم..سهل التكيف...واثق من نفسي،..شخصية أهل للثقة..,ابتعد عن التقليد/..اسعى للحياة بطريقتي الخاصة..,وتبعاً لأفكاري...حتى ولو تطلَّب ذلك... أن اسبح عكس التيار../..ابتعد عمن يرفضون المرح .../انا ابحث عن ...اللي تحبني حب جنوني.. وتحترمني...ولاتكذب عليا..../..وانا حااوفر لها ..احلى حياة.../تكون مميزه في كل شي .//...اجتماعيه.. رومنسيه ..متفائله .. وتحب المرح.. والصراحه.. والوضوح.. وتحب ان تجعل كل يوم.. حلو وجميل ../.ابحث على مرأه صادقه....وانا في المقابل... ساانفذ كل طلباتها..,


Mistress,.i am looking for a FLR ,, I am looking for forever .. This is real for me ..

i am the slave for you;

if you want to be the goddess and expect to be treated as such.... both in and out of the house..

if you are looking for someone who can afford to take care of your needs...

if you like to go shopping, dress nice, go out and have me following you around caring your bags ..paying the bills.  if you love hearing other saying " boy she has good man'  

if you want to go shopping for panties and ask the shop girl which ones she thinks you would look nice in.  if you want flowers sent to you. ,and buy you jewelry. 

if you want your feet kissed and rubbed.  if you want the house cleaned...

if you want your sister and mother and family to know i am your real man for you. 

if you arelooking for someone whose the boss at work but whose a  your bitch at home!!!!

if you do however want a vanilla man too..if you want to hold hands cuddle kiss go out..

if you do have a few friend who would not understand the way you are so around them our relationship would have to appear "normal"................


Mistress, urge and desire for a fair and firm has brought me to CM.
i am in my own little world, nobody understands me.. I do! I understand that i need to be reminded that i am submisssive! i understand myneed to give and give, in order to be happy. I also know that no matter how good my intentions is to myself, I lways need to be controled. 

Mistress,..I believe domination/submission relationships go deeper and more intensive than the normal idea of this games. I fully belive than a honest, friendly, confident and respetfull relationship is neccesary as base to have a complete dominantion/submission relationship.
I learned that not only was D/s apart of me,...... but that it was the best part of me. ........It allowed me to become open more so in My Real time about what I expected and needed ....... It helped me step out of the boring vanilla life...... and since then.... I'v never looked back.

i am sincere, clever, honest, fit male, who NEEDS fair and firm dominance and control, and NEEDS to labor for his Mistress’s comfort, amusement and pleasure, anticipating her needs AND you are seriously available (physically, emotionally, financially ) to join her and become her bonded slave.

Mistress,.I am honest, straight forward,..i don't lie and I don't like it either. I am looking for naturally strong woman ...because that is she truly desire to be. ....,i would love to see her willing ...and Natural side.... i hope she matchs both... her Willingness ...and Sincerity.
I believe D/s relationship can be successful only if it is build on TRUST, MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING AND RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER. I firmly believe in these 3 things and values them alot, I can give my owner all this.
I am a looking for a very real Mistress who knows what she likes . I admire who have visions and know how to work hard to accomplish them.

Mistress,..I feel i am the combination of a "loyal yet true slave" .,i promise ,My owner i will be her clay...soft and pliable...for her to mold me in whatever way she deems desirable for her.

I truly believe if there is communication between a Owner and their slave a bond of trust, respect and friendship can develop and flourish.

Mistress,..When i enter My owner world,.. i will leave my ego, ...pride and dignity.Forget all about my manhood, ...being in control, ...having any power.come to her in complete surrender ..... in total obedience.
I am very into the Mistress-slave lifestyle and would like to find a Mistress to share this life with... For me this is a way of role as a slave is to serve her in the manner that she desires and to make her life easier. This mutually-agreeable relationship will be about serving her needs as she requires.,
i will present myself to her as simply wanting to do just that, and not with any agenda of my own.

What am I looking for? Simple, control. I love to be owned slave and be controlled of as much of my live as possible. There's no better gift a person can give Mistress than ownership of themselves to use as I wish. 
I am a serious slave .. my owner slut . ..A slave that understands the words "slave ...
ownership and property.

What I am looking for is a Mistress ..who is seeking a real relationship versus a one night fling. ..i am a slave who enjoys learning ..and exploring deep inside myself. ..A slave who can handle the "vanilla" aspects of life as well.

Mistress,.For my part, obedience is VERY natural, because once the relationship is established,
I expect that as a slave won't see any other choice BUT to obey my Mistress. It will be the only reason for my existence. And i won't be able to even conceive of freedom or a life doing anything EXCEPT obeying her. It will be my total purpose.


Journal Entries:
4/12/2018 5:49:16 AM
I am looking for a Mistress who lives a basically normal life, and practices a female dominance discreetly.   ..... .... I can relocate , if our chemistry clicks... .... My ultimate goal is to settle down with one Mistress...... ... I want a long term live in relationship built on trust and an intense bond. ... I believe..Having connection you know is very important in any D/S relationship, this means that I will love to get to know you and you know me . .... .. And while we do that, we build trust and an unusual friendship with each other. ... My dream always is to have an Owner who view a BDSM lifestyle as a way of life, not something one does for a pastime .. .. I'm interested in a traditional Female-Led Relationship where we appear as a normal couple in public, while you have the last word in everything as the dominant Woman.  .... I'm educated and well-traveled, cultured,good person , well-to-do, with no bad habits (no drugs, no  drinking, gambling, or other immature bullshit.)  ... ... To my dream Mistress who owns me real time, ... i am willing to open my mind, body, soul, & my wallet to her willingly. ... i would put my needs below hers, her needs and wants would become mine., i would live for her. .. i believe,..,all of Mistress needs should be satisfied..... .... I am financially fine that actually enjoy taking care of my Mistress in every way as man should. .. I believe  a Mistress and slave should build connection a great friendship and a strong bond first...before a strong real time D/s.. relationship happens.. ...

3/27/2018 6:34:33 AM
I just don't want to be played. If you're not serious then don't bother... .. If you are serious we can start knowing each other. .... I've waited a long time to find the right person and have no problem waiting even more.

3/9/2018 3:00:39 AM
I don't believe geography should be a barrier but I am not interested in pursuing anything online/ long distance. .... ... I recognize that I am not fulfilled unless 've pleased my Mistress. I derive pleasure from satisfying her... ..... To me....Vanilla is fun but I find myself unable to really connect with someone unless we share D/s. I didn't think I had to state this but be wholly and unequivocally unattached! ...

3/1/2018 2:59:52 AM
I always believe... good things come to those who are PATIENT,KIND, LOYAL AND HONEST. .... ... I always feel that in order to reach that level, both people must have established a bond and a certain level of trust first.. .... I am looking for a Mistress who is honest and real.... ... I AM SEEKING REAL TIME SITUATION   ONLY .. NOT AN ONLINE THING .. ... My dream always is to have an Owner who view a BDSM lifestyle as a way of life, not something one does for a pastime .. ...... what I desire is a...D/s based relationship.. with a strong foundation of honesty, ..integrity and respect ..on which to build,.. where public and private interaction ..are a part of everyday life.. ... I am divorced, no kids,. financially i am fine...I tend to travel often for my business.. ...... i am a great giver... when i have the trust... and the bond,.. because I so much believe... in the Multiplied returns.... .... I enjoy every single day, love life and cherish every moment of it. Even simple things in life bring me joy. .... I am quite calm, laid back, fairly quiet and self-contained, self-sufficient, loving, caring, and quite comfortable with myself. ..... I have been told that i am a good person, my outlook on life and people right now is absolutely a positive one . ..... In life, i take my role very seriously involving my best effort ,passion , dedication and self improvement striving to better myself . . ..... I am open, sensual, kind, gentle, ... ,I am a tender person,...I want to give all of my tenderness and care to my special woman. ..... I enjoy nature, seeing the stars at night, listening to the sounds of nature, being near the water, swimming, as I love the ocean and sea. ..... I like traveling, dancing, i enjoy music so much, i love green color. ..... I am very understanding, open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humor, hard working with cheerful character. ..... After we build friendship. ... ..i am prepared ..,..i will happily travel to meet you as my future for me a potentially compatible Dominant.. .. My ultimate goal  is a lifetime commitment. .. ... I believe, Those who are serious, knowledgeable and honest ..will take the time to know you and develop you as a person.... ... I promise you... ... You will always find honesty from my side .. .. I am a straight forward person. I am direct. ... What I feel I say it. ... I have no reason to hide how I feel. .. I do not like to play with people feelings and emotions. ... Either you accept  me or not ... When I talk or express  myself.. ... I go to the point....not around it. ... I am a happy man at heart, , ... I am a person who loves to enjoy life..and have always a good time.. ... I believe. .. Life is too short.. ... I am stress free person... .... i don't want in my life............ people with drama. ... I want you to know that i have come across many fakers online... ... I do not know that this site is FULL of fakes.??? .... There are plenty of Email phishing scams and "people" who just want to take your money. .... But that not the end of life so i need to keep my head up. ... I am primarily searching for a dominate woman, I am looking to connect and engage with positive inspiring woman with whom I have shared interests with, vanilla and kinky.... .... I am a person who is a success in his business and life.   .....   Always I like to work but I always believe you don't have to work twice as hard to get ahead.   .... I am a firm believer in open, straight forward and completely honest communication. ... I am not looking for quantity, rather quality and long term D/s relationships... ... I am looking for my dream Mistress for Working & living together...who we can fulfill more of our desires, and have more time to to enjoy each other.   .... I'm flexible, established in life with savings & a monthly income..and willing to bring more to the table.

2/24/2018 3:53:17 AM
I am honest ,true to myself and others . I dont fake anything and i dont lie about anything . ... I am looking for my dream Mistress for Working & living together...who we can fulfill more of our desires, and have more time to to enjoy each other.   .... I'm flexible* Alph/ Slave- male, established in life with savings & a monthly income..and willing to bring more to the table.i will be happy to contribute always.   ... I am looking for a Domme for D/s life.   I will be her right hand, her alpha & the one with whom I will share D/s life.   ... My job will be to provide her physical & mental&financial security......   ... In the vanilla world, i will serve her ,stand-in as her "man"in a LTR.   ... I am a real slave ....i will be her playtoy, her entertainment, her whipping boy.   .... I am willing to support her. &she will be taken care of 100%.   --------------------------   I am 100% serious, I know what I want & I hope i will get it.   .... My lifestyle: I am a happy person who loves life & wants to live it to the fullest!   .... I am financially stable....i used to work 60+ hrs a week & I'm looking to relax for a change!   .... Now i am financially good.. i want to enjoy life more...   I want to sleep late on stormy days & snuggle, I want to lounge in a pool all day & , I want to cook over an open fire, laugh, dance & sing in the rain!   .... I am submissive, obedient slave who wants to serve his Mistress in every sense of the word.   Some days if my Mistress enjoy ..I am into the outdoors & everything that goes with it!... ... My only limits are scat, blood, kids, animals, permanent damage) .... I am ready to be.. COMMITTED.   THIS IS WILL BE OUR REAL LIFE - WE WORK TOGETHER, PLAY TOGETHER, SLEEP TOGETHER, EAT TOGETHER.....WE PROTECT & LOVE EACH OTHER!. .... I promise...this is will be a real life, full time. ... My Mistress, i hope will mold me & shape me into the best possible slave....while i will take care of her & obey her... stand by her... be her best friend, her slave. .... I will care for you above all else.. i will be your life. .... I am very caring & sweet & fun!. .... I support my Mistress financially .and i would ensure that we always have, whatever it is we needed ... ..... I will do things that are helpful that will improve my chances of being my Mistress loyal slave.   ..... About Money, I do the math..I do have money saved and a monthly income? That is the reality of my situation.   .... I am a flexible person. I'm totally ready for sharing this lifestyle with the right person.   ..... I hope you consider having me as your submissive as soon as i worth to you.   .... Having connection you know is very important in any D/S relationship, this means that I will love to get to know you and you know me .   .... And while we do that, we build trust and an unusual friendship with each other.

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