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Hey!look listen welcome to my profile everyone calls me Zavi or Vira I'm AN energetic happy-go
Female Submissive, 20,  Staten Island , New York

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 Submissive Female

 Staten Island  

 New York

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 5' 3"





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Hey!look listen welcome to my profile everyone calls me Zavi or Vira I'm AN energetic happy-go-lucky childish 20 year old Honduran female who loves to drink smoke & party Also learning how to speak Janpanese I hope to meet A Sugar Daddy and amazing females/males to have A blast & hang out with I am very weird(BUT the good funny loud weird ohmyglob You gotta bring her Around more often weird NOT the wtf ew creepy why is she trying to lick her elbow who brought her here weird)I have A sweet tooth and I LOVE FOOD TOO You can literally drag me outta the house if You buy me food(sad I know)I am A HotCheetoPuff addict I AM A PROUD Otaku/WeeABooTrash I love to watch Anime like my love for Anime is unexplainable(Vegeta is my baby daddy very unhealthy obession with Vegeta)You can Also catch me watching YouTube videos I love to play Video Games team PlayStation I LOVE piercings,tattoos,&body modifications I love horror movies I love listening to music my favorite genres are J-Pop,K-Pop,Vocaloids,Dembow,Bachata,DanceHall and EDM I am 20 years old and I don't know what I am doing with my life so I am looking for someone who wants me to be their house slave/little/baby girl mold me into Your into Your ideal person I guess 

99% baby girl  

96% Pet

96% Submissive

91% Primal (Prey)

83% Brat

72% Ageplayer

65% Vanilla

45% Rope Bunny

39% Slave

19% Masochist

17% Non-monogamist

15% Degradee

15% Experimentalist

15% Voyeur

9% Exhibitionist

5% Daddy/Mommy

2% Master/Mistress

2% Sadist

2% Primal (Hunter)

1% Owner

1% Switch

1% Brat Tamer

0% Degrader

0% Rigger

0% Dominant

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