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I like to learn things, I like think about things, I like to create things, and I like to teac
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I like to learn things, I like think about things, I like to create things, and I like to teach.

I tend to prefer a small number of close friends, who I actually know, and to try and do my best by them. As such, my idea of being sociable is to go do something with one or two friends, where we can hear each other and talk - or do something that's conversation worthy - watch a movie, do something new, etc.

I'm much more of a macro-manager. I like macro-economics better than micro, I find strategy more interesting than tactics, and I prefer to think grandiose thoughts over functional. So, if you're evaluating me for masterdom, expect to have your life changed rather than your posture. I'm also a benevolent master, though, so you shouldn't fear the implications of that statement.

Though, I'm not necessarily looking for a submissive.

I've let a lot of my life slip by in dedication to work and general tiredness - my body wants to be nocturnal, but the world operates by day. I'm having to figure out how to catch up at a late age, now that I finally have a job that has a reasonable workload and I've found a way to get good rest periodically, despite my body's reluctance. I still can be a bit sleepy on average, and that can make me bit absent-minded, still. And it's awkward approaching the world as a man on the prowl a decade too late, but hopefully it can be made up by finding someone who was worth the wait.

I can be dominant, I can be vanilla, and I'm happy to figure out alternatives for someone asexual, but I haven't it in me to be a submissive. I'm open to being someone's master or someone's equal. I just hope to find someone whose company I enjoy, whose ideas fascinate me, and who keeps me wanting more. What their dynamic necessitates, to allow for that, I'm not fussed.

Is that you? I'm sure I'd enjoy getting to know you and finding out.

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