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Mistress ..I am not givening up... i know genuine and good people are out there, i hope you ar
Male Slave, 40,  New york, New York

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Mistress ..I am not givening up... i know genuine and good people are out there, i hope you are one of them. ... I've just been burned a lot online.. ..... I have been a victim of scam on line , I spent a lot of money all because i am honest...... ... I have the desire and ability to send you money within 2 months of our agreeing there is a mutual match. But not before. For so long i searched for my Mistress, i knew she controlled my own fate Some thought it was all foolish talk But i searched for a Mistress that would not balk,
i knew she is was out there searching, Many thought my dreams were fading ,i didn't believe in a fairy tale ,i was true to my convictions and would not fail.
I am submissive but never weak.My strength is the trust I place in You,And my pride in serving You,And my commitment to pleasing You.
To You I reveal my inner secrets,To You I release myself,To You I surrender,And to You I submit. i know that I am a slave who takes prides in knowing my place my Mistress's property,.. and will be a slave for my Mistress in this life.../for me, D/s is a life truth, ..not a game,.. or something I think about once in a blue moon. ....It's about the power exchange,.. not a power struggle. ...It is my is my life.This slave creature understands it's beneath a perfect Goddess and it would be a great honor to submit and serve divine Mistress. my Mistress would be the center of my universe, always.,she could freely mold me to a thing of her liking.
Mistres.....i come to you to be your slave,... to seek freedom. Not a freedom of life, but a freedom of making a choice ...and then living it to its fullest.
Mistress, my dream life will be subjected to your complete control and you will govern my every waking moment. You will monitor m, will Own me and i will submit to your control completely .
Mistress, life will make sense to me as i realize that i wake up each day with the purpose to serve you and make you happy. ,my life will revolve around you. ,you will be in control of me and my needs .
Mistress,...i promise, i will do everything you command of me because you Own me. Simple as that. You are a superior being to me. ,i will be nothing but your slave and servant and toy. ,i will remain loyal and obedient to you at all times. i hope you will keep me on track with your daily control and custom routine and schedule that you arrange for me .
Mistress,...I hope you will make me feel so dominated and humiliated and enjoy myself submitting to You. , i promse i will labor each day to make myself useful in your life and make myself worth owned by you. Mistress,..this is all about You, and my service to you and nothing more.  Mistress,..the only happiness i will know, is that which i find in my efforts of keeping Youalways happy.
I yearn,
I yearn to feel your Slap, Showing me that You do care.......................................I yearn to feel your,Whip, Making me desire you more......................................I Yearn for your touch Gentle, Showing me Your tenderness.......................................I yearn for the words of Domination, Knowing that you mean them....................................I yearn for You to Use me,Letting me know i am special to You.......................................I yearn,the day You accept me, is the day i was waiting for..................................... My soul tells me this was the life, I was meant to live.......................................My heart tells me you were the Mistress, I was meant to serve. Mistress,...I am loyal, honest, open-minded, giving, devoted, and many more things once you have me. ... ...
I recently discovered who I truly was.. and what type of person I belong with, crave for, and need. ...I long for direction and guidance from a woman/Mistress. ..Someone who makes me the best I can be (while also fulfilling her needs since that is what is most important).... While I have always been attracted to more dominant women.
I need a Mistress that is not afraid to tell me what She wants,... how, and when. ...I am there for her for the sole purpose to please her and make her life as easy and most enjoyable as possible.... Most vanilla women do not understand this.
I am looking for a woman that is intelligent which I feel that she is superior to me... without making me uncomfortable.
I am the type of male that will do my best to please my Domme ...because pleasing her is what pleases me the most.
I believe strongly in the power exchange between a woman and a man. I think a long lasting relationship can only be successful when each one knows their place ..and role in every aspect of the relationship.
I really enjoy a woman that takes control ..and is demanding... I don't want a Domme that is easy to please. Mistress's dominance is something that I need to work for and earn.... I need a woman who is strong,. intelligent,. and honest......because without honesty, there is no chance for a successful relationship.I live for pleasing the woman I am with ..and nothing makes me happier to know that I have made her happy. I would be nothing less than perfect for my Domme... because that is what I strive for ..being with the woman I am with. ..Realistically nothing is ever perfect, but she will know that I am at least trying . I do believe it is earned through trust just as I will earn my Domme dominance over me. . I only need a Mistress in my life and I will wait patiently for her.


i beleive,...we are Equal in our humanity but uneven in our role with each other..
i am a loyal slave.....I want to be a better man, and am well aware of my needs to the Dominant Female. Female Superiority, and submission has been a part of my life since childhood. To be committed to one woman in vanilla and D/s relationship.

my dream is a Female Led Relationship when decisions are to be made. Her word is my law . She will always have the Final say and judgment .

my goal will be always is my Mistress happiness and I realize , that is truly the only way this male slave will ever be free. Not fantasy.

Mistress,. as far as this site is concerned ...I am sure ..we all know why we are all here. ...Some of us are curious ..and want to try this out.. some of are just looking to have some fun... then there are some of us ..who are here to play around with people, some here for money, we call these certain people.. fakes

And then you get to the people like me.. I know better than anyone that have to trust the person ,build friendship and a bond, ..and that is why I want to connect with someone on ...who is willing to own me for real.

i am not here for play....i want something real .real time...long term..and permnant!!!!

Mistress,..i am well aware of my needs to the Dominant Female. Female Superiority, and submission has been a part of my life since childhood.

I am loyal, passionate, strong, honest, open-minded, loving, giving, considerate, devoted, caring, and many more things once you have me. ,my submissiveness is who I am at my core.

I discovered who I truly was and what type of person I belong with, crave for, and need. I long for direction and guidance from a Mistress.

i am looking for someone who makes me the best I can be (while also fulfilling her needs since that is what is most important).

I have always been attracted to more dominant women
I need a Mistress that is not afraid to tell me what She wants, how, and when. i will be there for her for the sole purpose to please her and make her life as easy and most enjoyable as possible. Most vanilla women do not understand this.

I need a woman that is intelligent in which I feel that she is superior to me without making me uncomfortable
I need a woman who will not judge me and accept me for who I am. I need a woman who will let me be what I am. Who will let me submit to her fully and think about her always first and fore most.

I am the type of male that will do my best to please my Domme even if I do not like it. I will make myself like it for her. In return I will learn to love it and cherish it and eventually beg her for it....because pleasing her is what pleases me the most.

I believe strongly in the power exchange between a woman and a man. I think a long lasting relationship can only be successful when each gender knows their place and role in every aspect of the relationship.

I really enjoy a woman that takes control and is demanding. and her dominance is something that I need to work for and earn.

Mistress,..i am truly stable mentally, emotionally�and� financially.
Mistress,...this is for me not a game, it is a lifestyle,.. it is REALITY. It's what� will� drink, sleep, breathe and live..

Misress,.if you decide to have me...i promise,,your will is the ONLY will, PERIOD. i will learn to anticipate my routine and not having to be told more than once to do something.

i promise..i wil at the very least meet your expectations .. i hope i will be strongly encouraged to improve.

Mistress,..What is important for me to understand is that i no longer HAVE any will,.. i HAVE no freedom and NO choice but to OBEY, serve and love with all that i am..

Mistress, opinions, advice, etc. are wholly unimportant and do not need to be heard , unless you decide otherwise.
Mistress, be quite honest, being your total slave should be more than enough reward.

Mistress,..i will be as an object or piece of furniture, and in any other way you decide. i will be your property,.. a personal possession for you to use and abuse as you see fit.
Mistress,..i will accept anything and everything you give me and make me endure, and i will learn to appreciate it.

Mistress,...I am a slave with a passion for kink, a love of the taboo, and a desire to explore new things.

I am the one who is not afraid to live by my Mistress rules rather than society's rules.

Mistress,...What is sexier than a man who loves serving, pampering, truly enjoys pleasing and finds that he derives much of his own fulfillment from pleasing a lady? What is sexier than a man who genuinely enjoys putting her needs above his own?

I am a man of humour, intellect, strength and ambition. Lass was perhaps not the best word to have put in my username but it was too late to change it when I realized this. Interactions with me will reflect and reveal that I am a good man, light hearted, warm and affectionate.

Conversation and intellectual connection are important to me. Most find me highly entertaining, engaging and a stimulating conversationalist who can offer and find humour in almost any subject.

Mistress,..i am a very assertive kind of man. I know what I want and I am very persistent.  I am ambitious, strive to know more and have more therefore I get along well with those who appreciate and nurture my ambitious and hardworking nature.

Mistress,..submission is at the core of my sexual identity. I genuinely enjoy and am comfortable being submissive, . I derive immense physical and psychological pleasure from it. The constant awareness of submission roles is not only erotic but emotional and intellectual.

Mistress,..i am unfulfilled by the vanilla dating life. I am looking for a genuine connection with the possibility of building and maintaining a healthy bond and functional friendship that may translate into a D/s connection and an exploration of personal boundaries and kinky openness in a safe and mutually reciprocal manner ..

I seek a woman who is respectful, honest fun, refined and intelligent. I am the one who is powerful enough in his daily existence yet willing to be subservient to a lady who deserves it. By day in public, he is strong, successful, in charge and command but by evening in private, he wishes for nothing more than to surrender and allow a dominant lady to control the relationship.

Submission to me is synonymous with pride and strength therefore I only seek a woman who understands that being submissive does not equate to being dumb, weak or insecure. ,I am proud of my submission, thrives in providing pleasure .

Mistress,..I am adventurous and open and would be more comfortable with a woman who is turned on and comfortable with this .

I am the man who can stimulate and impress my owner mind, at the same time make her laugh. A man who wishes to know and be open with her and allow himself to be known by her.

I want to bond over life, careers and hobbies. I am ready to give up vanilla interests for kink. I also seek someone I can share an interesting fun and evolving rich vanilla life . ,Basically,.. I seek someone to enjoy with all life has to offer, vanilla and kinky.

Mistress,...i am not here seeking quick thrills. I am very real, genuine and serious...

I am a submissive male who will, by my very presence, enhance you with my willing service!

I am not talking not only about physical appearance but by how i hold myself with confidence, pride and class. ..

I will submit because i know I am good enough to do so and takes pride in that fact!

i am a submissive who is willing to learn along with you new techniques and dynamics, I am the submissive who is ready to participate in the dynamics as you think fit.

I am ready to escort you to events, functions and dinners/movies/..etc.

I am also ready for service in terms of running errands, cleaning, fixing and maintaining the occasional job around the house.

I am interested in serving a classy lady who know EXACTLY what she wants, when she wants it and EXPECT a gentleman who is strong enough to be able to admit ...he NEEDS what you can offer him in terms of guidance. ....Ultimately, the goal is the satisfaction of knowing he is with someone who you will control, and lead him on the greatest journey of his life because THAT is your role as his Lady Domme.

Are you up for the challenge and adventure? I will be waiting.

I am seeking someone special with whom I can have a D/s relationship with that will cross the boundries between vanilla and kink.
I am someone would be capable of transitioning from being on my knees and calling you Mistress and/or Goddess to being your escort at vanilla events with no one the wiser as to the real relationship that we have.

I am not in any hurry to rush a D/s relationship. I feel that in order to effectively have a strong relationship, we need to get into each other head. I am going to accomplish getting into your head by becoming your friend.
I want to have someone fun to be with and share a friendship. If and when more than that happens, that will be dealt with at the time.

I am submissive to be educated, articulate, open minded and eager to explore.

I am looking for a Mistress...who is having an unusual combination of brains, passion, dominance and incredible strength. ...


Mistress,..i feel i am worthy,,,because,,,.

- i am comfortable with providing for the Mistress financially and supporting her in the pursuit of her dreams and success, furthermore are comfortable with the Mistress having final say and authority in all financial decisions.

- i am willing to relocate to her area and be able to buy a decent large enough house for us.

-i am considered socially charming and graceful.

-i am financially secure and stable.

-i am settled and focused on the idea of a Femdom/sub relationship, comfortable with the idea of being 100% subordinate in the right relationship.

- i am comfortable with the idea that the Mistress shall enjoy and engage in whatever kinds of erotic relationships outside the D/s you desire ....however this slave will never play with anyone else without express permission of the Mistress.

- i am acceptance of the fact that the Mistress with be 100% in control of my erotic live via enforced chastity.

-i have have a clear perspective on how the D/s contract and prenup will heighten the D/s between Mistress and slave and be excited by that concept.

-i understand what it means to be teachable/trainable and know how to take an active role in learning to please the Mistress

-i am a reasonable and grounded person willing and open but also understanding of the fact that devotion is proved both through grand gestures but also over time and through active reliability.

- i feel i am the submissive who feels i may be slave you are looking for, and what I've written about my desires and philosophies resonates with you ...

- i know a relationship can not be built overnight.

- i know reaching out and introducing myself is simply the first step:

Journal Entries:
4/12/2018 5:51:17 AM
My ultimate goal is to settle down with one Mistress...... ... I want a long term live in relationship built on trust and an intense bond. ... I believe..Having connection you know is very important in any D/S relationship, this means that I will love to get to know you and you know me . .... .. And while we do that, we build trust and an unusual friendship with each other. ... My dream always is to have an Owner who view a BDSM lifestyle as a way of life, not something one does for a pastime .. .. I'm interested in a traditional Female-Led Relationship where we appear as a normal couple in public, while you have the last word in everything as the dominant Woman.  .... I'm educated and well-traveled, cultured,good person , well-to-do, with no bad habits (no drugs, no  drinking, gambling, or other immature bullshit.)  ... ... To my dream Mistress who owns me real time, ... i am willing to open my mind, body, soul, & my wallet to her willingly. ... i would put my needs below hers, her needs and wants would become mine., i would live for her. .. i believe,..,all of Mistress needs should be satisfied..... .... I am financially fine that actually enjoy taking care of my Mistress in every way as man should. .. I believe  a Mistress and slave should build connection a great friendship and a strong bond first...before a strong real time D/s.. relationship happens.. ... I can relocate , if our chemistry clicks... ... I am looking for a Mistress who lives a basically normal life, and practices a female dominance discreetly...

3/16/2018 6:54:57 AM
I have being scammed numerous times on here.

3/8/2018 3:11:52 AM
I always believe... good things come to those who are PATIENT,KIND, LOYAL AND HONEST. .... .... I am looking for a Mistress who is honest and real........ ... ............. I am:   ... 1) Alpha male by day & work hard as my Mistress protecter & provider ... open-minded, and honest. Real and serious ..financially secure . ... 2) i am submissive that actually enjoy taking care of my Mistress in every way as man should...... . ... .... 3) i believe,..all of Mistress needs should be satisfied, and she should always have enough cash on hand to be able to do, or go anywhere she pleases. ... 4) i am a great giver when i have the trust and the bond,..because I so much believes in the Multiplied returns. ... 5) i am submissive, smart and sweet . funny and entertaining .  curious and adventurous, unfulfilled by the vanilla life. always useful .loyal and obedient. ... 6) i am ready to provide my woman a car, a home for us, jewelry, perfume, nice clothes, etc... I am willing to take care of all my Mistress needs.  . .... ... .     7 ) I will give myself to her completely for total use as she sees fit... My Mistress will have all of me, heart, mind , money and body. ... 8) I am ready to spoil my owner , willing and able to commit to an actual lifestyle.... I am seeking a long term for a 24/7 total power exchange relationship.

3/3/2018 3:36:38 PM
I'm flexible* Alph/ Slave- male, established in life with savings & a monthly income..and willing to bring more to the table.i will be happy to contribute always.   ... I am looking for a Domme for D/s life.   I will be her right hand, her alpha & the one with whom I will share D/s life.   ... My job will be to provide her physical & mental&financial security......   ... In the vanilla world, i will serve her ,stand-in as her "man"in a LTR.   ... I am a real slave ....i will be her playtoy, her entertainment, her whipping boy.   .... I am willing to support her. &she will be taken care of 100%.   --------------------------   I am 100% serious, I know what I want & I hope i will get it.   .... My lifestyle: I am a happy person who loves life & wants to live it to the fullest!   .... I am financially stable....i used to work 60+ hrs a week & I'm looking to relax for a change!   .... Now i am financially good.. i want to enjoy life more...   I want to sleep late on stormy days & snuggle, I want to lounge in a pool all day & , I want to cook over an open fire, laugh, dance & sing in the rain!   .... I am submissive, obedient slave who wants to serve his Mistress in every sense of the word.   Some days if my Mistress enjoy ..I am into the outdoors & everything that goes with it!... ... My only limits are scat, blood, kids, animals, permanent damage) .... I am ready to be.. COMMITTED.   THIS IS WILL BE OUR REAL LIFE - WE WORK TOGETHER, PLAY TOGETHER, SLEEP TOGETHER, EAT TOGETHER.....WE PROTECT & LOVE EACH OTHER!. .... I promise...this is will be a real life, full time. ... My Mistress, i hope will mold me & shape me into the best possible slave....while i will take care of her & obey her... stand by her... be her best friend, her slave. .... I will care for you above all else.. i will be your life. .... I am very caring & sweet & fun!. .... I support my Mistress financially .and i would ensure that we always have, whatever it is we needed ... ..... I will do things that are helpful that will improve my chances of being my Mistress loyal slave.   ..... About Money, I do the math..I do have money saved and a monthly income? That is the reality of my situation.   .... I am a flexible person. I'm totally ready for sharing this lifestyle with the right person.   ..... I hope you consider having me as your submissive as soon as i worth to you.   .... Having connection you know is very important in any D/S relationship, this means that I will love to get to know you and you know me .

2/28/2018 6:02:38 AM
Mistress,i want to feel i worth something to someone.... and at the end of my day a feeling of accomplishments and self worth. .... Mistress I am not happy because my life gives me nothing for my time on this earth. ... My dream always is to have an Owner who view a BDSM lifestyle as a way of life, not something one does for a pastime .. ...... what I desire is a...D/s based relationship.. with a strong foundation of honesty, ..integrity and respect ..on which to build,.. where public and private interaction ..are a part of everyday life.. ... I believe...,online... The majority of men here want to get off. ... and the majority of women want money..... and Neither way can you build any type of real relationship... ... I want you to know that i have come across many fakers online... ... I do not know that this site is FULL of fakes.??? .... There are plenty of Email phishing scams and "people" who just want to take your money. .... But that not the end of life so i need to keep my head up. ... In life, i take my role very seriously involving my best effort ,passion , dedication and self improvement striving to better myself . ... My ultimate goal  is a lifetime commitment. .. ... I believe, Those who are serious, knowledgeable and honest ..will take the time to know you and develop you as a person.... ... You will always find honesty from my side .. .. I am a straight forward person. I am direct. ... What I feel I say it. ... I have no reason to hide how I feel. .. I do not like to play with people feelings and emotions. ... Either you accept  me or not ... When I talk or express  myself.. ... I go to the point....not around it. ... I am a happy man at heart, , ... I am a person who loves to enjoy life..and have always a good time.. ... I believe. .. Life is too short.. ... I am stress free person... .... i don't want in my life............ people with drama. .... i am just searching for a woman who would like to explore all her inner most inner desires... ... I am very sweet and nice, kind of twisted actually all wrapped into one.. .... I believe in manners, and I believe in Obedience. Follow the rules. ... I feel my life is worthy of living it with a real Mistress.... ... I seek real time....not online game...I am fed up with online game. .... I always have known, there is a wonderful human being out there that is looking for me.

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