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NOTE: I'm seeking full, 24/7 real-time, face-to-face situations (or phone/webcam, at the lea
Male Dominant, 45,  Raytown, Missouri











Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 10"

 200 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Friends Only

Online Romance

NOTE: I'm seeking full, 24/7 real-time, face-to-face situations (or phone/webcam, at the least) and NOT any sort of 'sexting'/online-only/cyber connections. If **living** this reality isn't what you're about, pass me by.

Also, only seeking natural-born females. That means NO MEN - If you have a dick (or had), move on.

Pics of me: Provided to verified prospects and potential, well-matched partners. If you want some idea to go on, I've been told many times that I resemble the actor Russell Crowe.

On 'verification': Be fully prepared to LIVE voice/pic or webcam verify before any (serious) communications with me. "Why?," you may ask. The reason is that I (and many other legitimately real men) have dealt with too much bullshit 'game-playing', scammers, 'catfishers' and flakes, too many times, and waste our time - and who are not who/what they claim to be. I'm sure you'll understand and not be offended that I require verification to move forward. No exceptions.

KC local with a penchant for lascivious behavior, depraved adventures, filthy bucket-lists and pushing limits. Long list of kinks/interests and short list of hard-limits (see below.) Also, my pics indicate an idea of what I will expect from you (any day and/or ALL day.) Not for the timid or meek.

The goal via this 'hunt' being to settle down with a 'forever' level partner-in-"crime(s)." Prefer 21-35 but am flexible on age - attitude, alacrity, loyalty and high quality and amounts of communication are keys (along with a mind that would make deSade himself blush.)

I do have Kik, FetLife, Skype and a dirty fetish Tumblr - all of which will be shared with legit, interested potential partners.



- Spanking/Impact (barehanded/OTK, belt, paddle, crop, canes, etc.)
- Bondage/Restraint (rope, chains, cuffs, spreader bars, duct tape, handcuffs, etc)
- Control of attire, diet, chores/tasks, exercise, etc.
- Sensory Deprivation
- Breast/Nipple play and "torture"

- NOTE: Pain isn't a 'severe' thing with me but expect to be a good portion

*Rough oral/anal/vaginal sex (choking, hairpulling, faceslapping, spitting, etc.)

*Toys/Objects (dildos/vibes, plugs, remote-control devices or whatever 'thing' I deem useful)

*Assplay (includes stretching/gaping, enemas, larger toys/plugs/objects & rimming/ATM)

*Double and Triple Penetration(s)

*Public/Exhibitionism/Risk/Outdoors (shown off to, on display to, blatantly flashing or otherwise 'exposed' to friends (M/F) or sometimes strangers)

*Heavy Cum/Pissplay (includes use of all 3 holes for urinal use)

*Groups/Gangs (primarily FFM and MFM threesomes but sometimes more (or many more))

*Bimbofication and body-modding (NOTE: Piercings/Tattoos or Breast Work only in much longer-term partners)

*Mind-control/Blackmail/Kidnapped/Coercion scenes

If it isn't on the limits list (below) probably belongs here, probably a ton of others stuff I am forgetting...

Known hard-limit list:

*Scat (i.e. no smearing/injesting - rimming and ATM will occur, however)
*Death/Dismemberment/Permanent Damage, etc.

If it's not above, I've either done it, thought of it or have interest in it - and you should consider it possible, probable or at least something that has crossed my mind.


== Results from ==

95% Master/Mistress
94% Dominant
94% Voyeur
90% Owner
86% Non-monogamist
82% Degradation giver
81% Experimentalist
73% Exhibitionist
70% Bondage giver
67% Primal (Hunter)
63% Brat tamer
61% Sadist
59% Daddy/Mommy
48% Ageplayer
22% Vanilla
18% Switch
5% All-Rounder
5% girl/boy
4% Submissive
4% Masochist
4% Primal (Prey)
2% Brat
1% Pet
0% Degradation receiver
0% Bondage receiver
0% Slave


Journal Entries:
12/17/2017 8:07:16 AM
Confirmed: It is all 110% bullshit

11/10/2017 5:54:30 AM
I truly think not a single person here is real -- and nothing has occurred to make believe otherwise.

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