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Hetero Male Dominant, 38,  Alabama
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Submissive Female

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Prefer a woman who has a sub or slave nature and does not look on it as a game or stereotype. It should not be something that turns on and off just during sexual times, but more something that she feels is part of who she is and thus it effects most all aspects of her life. It should be about a bond and devotion of life and to wish another to guide her life and not just limited to one or two life situations. I feel structure, rules, and even rituals can be good to have to embrace a devotion deeper, but I am flexible in the structure of living a sub/slave life as long as the depth of true focus and devotion is honestly there, but I do feel each sub/slave is a little different and what would be right for one sub and fit her personality, would not fit another. While I do feel that often a sub or slave nature is just a core part of who someone naturally is, I do not feel that someone that is sub or even slave should just act that way towards any dom. True she can be respectful and polite and such qualities, but who she obeys and truly submits herself to should be a more selective and honored thing and not treated casually.



Advice to subs: Someone can not control you and guide your life if he is not in control of himself first. Seek confidence and a controlled nature, not brash and impulsive, and yes there is a huge difference in confidence and not just arrogance. Many subs fear or have had abusive situations and part of that is not being careful to be sure a dom/master has the right qualities. They are drawn to someone that sure can be controlling at times but basically is just egocentric, brash, impulsive, and aggressive. That works for 10% of the time and can feel good during that time, but the other 90% of the time they feel fearful or ignored or lost due to the dom being erratic and moody and having no structure or having bad impulse control and being all over the map with things as well as usually having a narrow focus on only one or two issues of life, mainly sex, but in all other life aspects the sub feels ignored or lost without guidance. Some of this is done from feeling most doms are like this and they just have to accept this in order to have that 10% they know they need in life, and other times it is just that they did not have the patience or was selective enough to seek out the dom that they knew would fit them better all around. Don't look for such brash, impulsive natures and take a look more at confidence and a controlled nature.

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