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With the new year underway, it's probably time I made some adjustments to this profile of mine
Male Submissive, 19,  Skype and Kik, Canada











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 Submissive Male

 Skype and Kik 


 5' 3"

 130 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Switch Women

Femdom Couples

Friends Only

Online Romance

With the new year underway, it's probably time I made some adjustments to this profile of mine.


TL;DR: Submissive male seeks domme for a long term, online, discreet relationship. If contacting please check kinks and limits.


I am here on Collarspace to (hopefully) find myself an amazing domme to serve and please, within the constraints of an online relationship, at least for the time being. With any luck, I'll be able to have a wonderful D/s relationship, I'm hoping for something long term.


I am happy to verify myself in a number of ways, calling, videoes, cam chat, and of course my profile photo. Before you see much more than my face, I'll expect you to verify as well. Which as long as you're real, should be a simple matter.


Please keep in mind that I am a sub, and not a slave. While I am here to serve you and please you, I am still a human being with my own needs and a life that extends beyond bdsm. One such need is the requirement for discretion. No one knows I do this, and that's how it stays, thank you.

Kinks in no particular order: Anal play, sounding, humiliation (discreet), cock crushing, body writing (discreet), ownership marks (discreet), scents, and being watched. I'm also something of a hand fetishist. Delicate female hands and slender fingers just get my gears turning. 

Limits: Heavy pain (cock crushing is the exception), findom/tributes (When my domme sees my money, it's at my discretion), males/forced bi, and breaking of discretion.

Vanilla info: I'm a shy comedy enthusiast and casual gamer. Interested in bees, game design, comedy, bdsm, stealth, sci-fi, marvel, and other movies.

Journal Entries:
4/12/2018 7:41:41 PM
Collarspace drinking game. Every time you read "It's not about the money, it's about the control" you take a shot.

I mean I don't drink but I think it's a good drinking game.

4/12/2017 5:19:58 AM

1/30/2017 4:27:21 AM
Birthday today!

1/21/2017 3:42:59 PM
I see lots of subs on here that make me frown. Dicks for their profile picture, and names like "sitonmyface1308" (fake example). Where's the respect? Where's the class?

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