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update: Sirs and Ladies, sister friends too I am so sorry for not taking the time to write tha
Female Slave, 19,  Back in the US NC, Alabama


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Age: 36, Height: 6ft 2in (188 cm), Weight: 253 lbs.
Location: Chichester, United Kingdom
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 Female Slave

 Back in the US NC 


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Dominant Female

update: Sirs and Ladies, sister friends too I am so sorry for not taking the time to write that I am back in the US. My experience that I wrote in my journal should explain why I seriously needed to come back here. I didn't want to stay with my dad for his own personal problems I can not have affecting my life. I have moved to North Carolina to stay with my auntie for a while till the next step in my life can be sorted out.


update: Now in Morpeth UK To stay with my mom. Hey Everyone!!!!!! I've been really waiting for my birthday to come to this website and find someone to spend the rest of my life with. I didn't think a place like match or eharmony would accept my interests in the lifestyle so I thought I should try a personals website like here first. I am realllly excited about being here and want to explore every outlet in the lifestyle. I have seen art, and videos, and read people's blogs and it just seems like this is something that can complete me with the right person. Anyways, message me and let's see if we could get along.


Oh and quick thingy my hair is dyed red. Since I've already been asked, it's usually a dark brown.

Journal Entries:
12/12/2017 10:15:13 AM
I hope To find someplace to stay for 2-3 weeks as my aunt will be gone and does not want me to stay at her home while away. 

5/13/2017 5:02:06 AM
So I was away not for work or family but because I wanted to experience a lifestyle of servitude with a woman. Problem though, when I did our first online meeting it was a woman I spoke to, even talked to on the phone. When I arrived to the address it was a man that answered the door. A bald heavy set man who stunk worse than my own shit. This was a new time low of catfishing in some sense as the woman I had spoke to was a friend of his and had seriously lied to me. If I had not instantly waved down a police officer to "ask for directions" I could have been seriously been hurt or worse killed. I honestly was hoping to find someone genuine but again this site proves that there are no decent lifestyle people that actually care for another submission. Yes I have slave as my profile but trust and communication are the first steps to any relationship, lifestyle or vanilla. Rant done.

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