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Hetero Female Dominant, 41,  Tampa, Florida
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 Dominant Female



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Submissive Male

Submissive Transgender

Female Dominant looking for a sub or slave for committed long term female led relationship.

Lets deal with all the unpleasantries and disclaimers first...

I am not a switch because I do not sub or bottom. I am a dominant by nature and a top because its fun.

I do not do online or long distance. Be local to the Tampa Bay area or you will be ignored. And if you want to hide behind a keyboard then you might as well be on the opposite side of the planet.

To protect my career, I do not post pictures of my face. I dont send pictures of myself to someone I have never met in person. So dont ask.

I am not in a hurry. I have a very good life. I have fun kinky friends. I already have established play partners. I am just looking for someone who enhances my life. I dont need to settle.

Hard limits shit, piss, blood.

Now on to more pleasant things...

About me
Dominant Female.
Obviously I like to be in charge.
Single, white, college educated, home owner, employed, no kids, tall, height weight proportional (though I hate that phrase), intelligent, fun loving, and very kinky.

No. I dont wear tight black leather all day or constantly have a whip attached to my hip. So get that image out of your head. I wear professional office attire during the week and jeans and t-shirts on weekends. I often wear pink or a pretty blue.

What do I want? Glad you asked.

I want someone who can pass as a perfectly normal to the outside world but behind closed doors serves only me.

I want someone who can eventually move in with me and cater to my every need.

What I dont want a doormat. I am more macro-manager than micro-manager. I want someone with a brain and his own opinions.

Qualities I prefer in a subbie
-Ability to cook (or willingness to learn)
-Clean shaven (from the face down)
-Fast learner
-High pain tolerance (I am a sadist)
-Height 6ft (the taller the better)
-Handyman abilities
-Organization skills (I have a lot of kinky toys that need to be kept clean and organized and a lot of shoes that also need to be kept clean and organized)
These are not necessarily requirements but the more you have the better. (Well...ok... The intelligence one is kind of a requirement. The others are more negotiable). And you get bonus points if you play Pokemon Go and are level 30 or higher.

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