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Any pics of me without a watermark were stolen before I marked them and if any marked or unmar
Female Slave, 34,  Virginia












 Female Slave


 5' 0"

 110 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

Friends Only

Any pics of me without a watermark were stolen before I marked them and if any marked or unmarked are on profiles other than this one have been stolen by fakes!! 

Something that amazes me about this site so many complain that they dont get an answer to messages they send but when I politely turn someone down 50% of the time I get abusive messages back. I'm all the fake whores or I'm a man wanking behind a screen even a scammer which I find strange surely if I was any of the above I'd be trying to lure victims in!! What is the matter with that 50%? Maybe momma took them off the tit to early and now have issues with rejection! All I know is they need to grow up and act like real men and not pathetic little boys. Yes I am picky yes I know what I seek why should I settle for less than that or have to put up with abuse from pathetic idiots!!

Born in England to American parents I moved back here to the US 6 months ago. I'm now ready to return to the life of a slave.

I'm well educated and level headed I know with the right person my life will be completed. I'm not looking for online ownership or a poly household I'm looking for an intelligent Master (USA only) who will nurture me and mould me into the slave he desires. I have experience and know how to behave. I'm honest and will be polite as long as you are polite with me.

I Have just bought a property in VA and wish to stay there. I am financially secure and don't need a man to keep me I have a career that I love and won't give up. That said I won't support you financially either lazy men are a real turn off! 

Please note I am not looking for a mistress  couples or poly I am looking for one man only  I don't want to be shared or whored out and yes I am looking for long term 24/7 (not interested in online) although it is the inside of someone that really matters but there has to be some kind of physical attraction. I don't mind if you are carrying a little extra padding but if you are morbidly obese lose the weight before you contact me I don't want to be stuck under you when you have a heart attack! You also need to know how to balance life and lifestyle. 

Journal Entries:
10/14/2017 7:52:17 AM
Well I am an intelligent person, I'm educated (2 degrees)  I'm level headed, cautious, I've never taken crap from the idiots on here I take what they say with a pinch of salt, I laugh at their ignorance then out of the blue one appears and life is turned upside down. You talk on here you move to another medium then hours on the phone. Bang your life is not your own, without meeting. You know its crazy but you can't stop it you know it's right, you know you're owned. you know every breath, every thought every heartbeat is for him. Your life belongs to him. OWNED no other word for it. You become property.

Possible? yes it is!!!

8/4/2017 11:56:24 PM
A true Dom is the one who leaves memorable footprints in your heart.. A leader who is decisive enough and have the guts to make bold and frank decisions knowing that in the end, the fruits of such decision will be sweet enough to put joy on the face of the one that matters and she will remember such noble footprints and will work to ensure they don't disappear. When you find one capable of leaving those footprints don't let him slip away. 

8/4/2017 11:54:37 PM

7/19/2017 11:01:22 PM
Thank you all for all the messaged supporting me in my stand against child abuse and those advocating underage sex on this site, out of well over 300 messages I have only had 2 negative responses 1 from someone advocating underage sex and the 1 who's message appears in my previous journal who also sent me this.....

Of course people agree with you as for Me I agree to disagree best of luck on your crusade its noble for sure its just the bigger picture of citizens policing each other I don't agree with it reminds me of nazi fascism

Of course he blocked me before I could reply maybe he's just a coward hiding behind a screen in momma's basement its safe to send messages but then block as the nasty subby may dare to shoot him down. I wonder if he really knows the meaning of Nazi fascism.

It really is great getting the messages of support so keep them coming and i'll keep on fighting. Thank you to the one special guy on here who supports me 100% its awesome that you have my back hon!!

7/16/2017 10:07:14 PM
I get a lot of messages commenting on my journal entries. Most are congratulating me on my stand against people wanting to use kids in this life style and encouraging me to carry on fighting such people but occasionally i get a negative reaction like yesterday i received this...

I agree with your views of the children of course but we don't need people policing this site your concerns are valid but to put someone one blast isn't cool in my opinion

When I responded to the negative pointing out i have more messages in support than negative ones i was called a Nazi and blocked..

Then 10 mins later i received this from a different member...

I read through your profile and reviewed the two individual's profiles. The first, TDD, in indeed advocating illegal activity. I have reported his case to the website.

The second profile has already been pulled.
And a while later this...

You know, I used to volunteer for an organisation that assists sexually abused children.  You cannot fathom the harm that sexual abuse causes in a child.  Good for you for taking a stand.  Keep up the good work.

Id love to hear the opinion of others Do i continue or do i stop doing something that may help stop something that has no place on this site or sites like this... Please let me know..

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