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Hi, mysterious profile reader. Or better yet, non-mysterious one...   I have non-masked
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Hi, mysterious profile reader. Or better yet, non-mysterious one...


I have non-masked pictures handy should someone want them - this seems like a good balance between showing I exist and protecting my privacy.


So, I'm rewriting this after what seems far too long. I've been looking for a while now, even branching out into (-gasp-) the real world and meeting a few awesome people in the process. What I'm actually looking for seems to be incredibly rare, though so:


What I'm looking for


Anything I really want starts off vanilla, really. I would like to feel comfortable with someone before going further. That said, I would like something that progresses to a female-led relationship. Not necessarily TPE, but some sort of 'last say' arrangement. Always vanilla in public, though.


Most of all I want someone to be devoted to. I find I naturally express attraction for someone by letting them take the lead, little bits of control over me. It might be a long shot, but the ideal partner would both see and happily receive that since I also see someone's wanting control over me as their attraction to me.


Ramble 1 is now out of the way. Ramble 2 is entitled:



Things I enjoy


I'll start with vanilla-me so as to not appear too crass. In short, I'm a massive geek. I love reading (the Malazan world keeps pulling me in and Patrick Rothfuss is amazing), gaming (mostly RPGs and the like, though nothing terribly new) and quiet time. I also sing, cook, and run far more than is probably good for me. And yes, that makes no sense. I'm working on making sense more often (that was a total lie). I also interrupt my own thoughts with my own other thoughts. Oh, plus nature, hiking and camping, that sort of thing. (It annoys me my hobbies are all terrible ways to meet people.)


What people are probably more interested in, the kinky side - specific interests can be seen to the left (I think), but the why:

I especially love the psychology behind kink. To start with I'm a very mind-over-body person so I'm fascinated by the times when the body overrides the mind in one way or another - prolonged orgasm denial being one good example, or pain being another.


On that note, I'm not terribly masochistic (just a tad), but sane-sadism is always sexy as hell. I appreciate sadism as a "Look how hard he's pushing himself to please me", but less so as a "He's definitely going to deal with (insert painful activity here)."


Another serious bit of kinky-me is feeling vulnerable/open to whatever should go through my dominant's mind. So bondage, obviously, and CFNM is an interesting fantasy, in a sort of objectification sense. I'm pretty comfortable with my body (see the above mention of running) but permanent and unbalanced vulnerability is still scary.


Emotional vulnerability probably falls under this too; this is the most personal part of my life that I'd be sharing. I didn't realise that there was such a thing as a "praising" kink until recently, but I most definitely have it. This is a part of my personality and it feels utterly fantastic when someone values me more for it. I'm not very good at showing that it means so much to me, but it's something I'd like to work on should I find someone amenable to it.


Finally, I also make toys, a picture of which should be on my profile somewhere. Feel free to ask for pictures of me as well. Fair warning, I am likely to be pulling a face. Unless I'm trying to impress you. But please don't notice that I'm trying to impress you; I'll just get embarrassed...

Journal Entries:
4/17/2017 11:47:39 PM
Feeling very pup-ish today... Can't tell if I want a scratch behind the ears or to be hit with a leash...

3/15/2017 12:23:31 PM
Old profile text for prosperity:

To start with, I am looking for something in real time, but since this is the internet that probably means an online portion first, whether that's play or just talking. Kicking about near Chester at the moment, even getting involved in Munches and the like - I'm wondering where that'll take me! Ideally I'd find a long term relationship with a lot of kink (open to a TPE FLR), but I'm always interested in hearing things from new people, whether that's about an interesting part of BDSM, an idea for a new toy (see below) or something vanilla. I'm more interested in talking to people on the other side of the fence to me though; the psychology behind kink is fascinating!

Oh, I've also been vaguely considering the idea of switching for a while - the aggressive side of my personality takes far too much waking up though, so it's unlikely to happen without a lot of encouragement. Depends on the person, I guess!


Kink wise, I am very into tease/denial, punishment/rewards and slave training methods. I find I get interested in the psychological side of things associated with those no matter how excited I might otherwise be. Humiliation (in private, or with other kinksters only - that's a morality thing with me) and body worship especially is also fun. I am masochistic to a point, but after that point I still the sadism of my partner. I tend to enjoy most things as long as the Domme is enjoying doing it! I'd like someone who pushes me with this a bit ideally, since that gives that lovely fulfilling submissive feeling that's most of my reason for being here. I have a bad habit of trying to push someone in control of me a bit too; I'm interested in having that habit broken at some point.


I've got a lot of experience with DIY projects, from computer table setups to heat mats to kinky toys - in fact most of the toys I have are DIY based (with the exception of a chastity belt, failing to do that myself still bugs me). I am very interested in any challenges people might have as to toys or other things I could make in as much or little detail as you like. I love little challenges like this - I'm a fully qualified engineer. I'd also be happy to try and take on commissioned pieces (probably for a refund of material costs, depending on the commissioner) though I seriously doubt anyone'd be interested. In case it's not obvious, the picture on my profile is of my toys.


My normal life's pretty separate from this one, where I consider myself a geek - the standard sci-fi stuff, reading (Steven Erikson is my current obsession), gaming, and also fitness things (if "fit geek" isn't a complete oxymoron) like running and gym-ing (getting to be the gym-only time of year now though...). Hiking, camping and nature are huge interests; I love any chance I get to get away from large numbers of people and out to the middle of nowhere! Oh, and singing, but generally too shy to do that in public...


Pictures are available on request, it's easier to prove I'm real that way - requests for weird faces or contortions welcome! (if not mandatory, since I tend to be pulling a face anyway unless I'm trying to impress someone...)

10/3/2016 10:38:46 PM
Ahh, not much better than that fresh-shaved feeling!

12/16/2015 11:41:29 PM
Well everyone else seems to have done it, soooo...

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1% Primal (Hunter)
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11/30/2015 6:42:43 AM
I got to thinking about trying new mental aspects of BDSM, and how fast to go with it. It seems there's a tradeoff, so on one side you have the thrill (is that the right word?) of jumping in at the deep end and on the other you have more of a buildup. The problem is that if you do the most extreme thing in an area first then the things that would build up to it won't have the same excitement anymore. For example if a guy had some forced bi play, sucking a random cock, it'd then be less outside his comfort zone to, say, suck a strap on, making it less exciting.
I wonder what the most efficient way to do it is, for the maximum total excitement? And how would I find that out, anyway?

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