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Errant submissive NEEDS to be seduced, bewitched, & possessed! Sexually confident, boardi
Female Submissive, 50,  Palm Springs , California


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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 46, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 175 lbs.
Location: nwa, Texas
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 Submissive Female

 Palm Springs  


 5' 4"

 112 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

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Errant submissive NEEDS to be seduced, bewitched, & possessed!

Sexually confident, boarding-school bred female in my 40's - ok now 50 ! - but still wearing the same size jeans whence 24. I can rock a pair of TR's! 5'4" brunette(long hair) with killer legs, and obscenely low body fat. I weigh 112 lbs. and a size 2 with muscles and curves in all the right places. I will segue right here to explain that I am not vain - (as been accused of such here)nor a super model. Being confident and braggadocious are very different and this is how I choose to describe myself physically. No silicone, body piercings, nor tattoos. Yikes! - just not my preference on MY body. 

My celebrity doppelganger would have to be Sarah Palin (in looks not intellect) some claim Tina Fey. 

No children. A collector of frequent flyer miles, speeding tickets, and Italian shoes. Sailor, avid reader, yogini, photographer, and scrabble player.

I am a self-employed type A who has somewhat tamed her chaotic worldwide travel schedule(about 200 days a year on the road now) but I still enjoy a fair amount of wanderlust (no pun intended) in my social life. My ideal partner would be world traveled and/or travel for work - perhaps a kinky “Up in the Air” type relationship to start. I am on my third passport(119 countries so far) and prefer to retire outside the US.

*UPDATE* few bother to read my profile so only the serious will be privy. I found my "forever city" - aka where I will retire and I will now be commuting from San Miguel De Allende, MX (BJX if you prefer the airport code- I do) for the remainder of the year to the US for work. I am in the process of leasing out my PSP pad as a long term rental. Purchasing property at non gringo prices requires feet on the ground as much as possible and my Spanish upgraded hence the move. Obviously, this further decreases my target demographic to a pittance but WTF, I am still out there and single. SMA is an amazing city, if you have been there, you know. If you haven't go! Maybe you will run into me in a small bar - I will be the gringa brunette in jeans and funky old gringo cowboy boots sipping whiskey or running all over town on my way to tennis in my skort and chucks. This city makes my soul scream with happiness. Its clean air, walkability, dazzeling colors, smells, people, and gorgeous colonial architecture are the raison d'être as they say in French. As much as I luv Palm Springs, it never resonated deeply. I am a believer in serendipity and I try not to overthink the why. If it feels right then go with it. To awaken to the sound of church bells, sunlight everyday warming the sublime orange, red, blue, stucco as you traverse the cobblestone streets to be greeted by every passer by with buenos dias and a smile. Turning the corner you inhale the aroma of fresh tortillas and you look up admiring the magnificent beauty surrounding and you just know. 

I became a self-proclaimed minimalist about 4 years ago when I began to seriously contemplate my crazy career on the hamster wheel, and the obsession with money, stuff and what it all means. I have given most of it up. I still have many lovely things, just less of them and I see no reason to live in huge spaces and spend hours cleaning such. 

I prefer experiences over stuff now.

What Have I gained? More time to travel and enjoy life having down sized my existence from my 6000 sq. foot old world. The cliche; money doesn’t buy happiness is oh so true, BUT it does get you a way nicer seat going from A to B - hail to Etihad, Emirates, and Qatar - the best in the clouds. 

Searching for a mature, worldly man in his 40's to 60's. Love the Hugh Laurie or the most interesting man in the world look but sense of humor and intellect are paramount. I don't think I really have a "type." I have been attracted to many different looks and body types and I tent to keep an open mind with regards to "looks."

Cerebrally, I am attracted to creative and edgy types or it just isn't interesting for me. Let's face it, we are on this site for the same reason. Looking for the certain "je ne sais quoi" that, quite frankly we can't find on a vanilla-dating site. It just doesn't feed our type of hunger.

I have been told that "I consider sex to be both sport & adventure and my idea of foreplay is a killer game of scrabble". Vanilla Sex bores me- if you are not that outside the box, sexually confident type of person don't kid yourself- you know who you are as dominance is intrinsic. I am here because I am attracted to this transgressive side of relationships. It is what I need.

I am the type of woman who requires & wants to be completely controlled and made to capitulate in the BEDROOM,(that being said I have limits & preferences) this takes a certain kind of licentious personality. I am not talking whips and chains (ok, well perhaps neck ties and a hairbrush - LOL) just confidence. :) I have no aversion to the former but merely pointing out that one needn't have a "tool bag" of toys to be dominant just a bit of creativity. 

Although, my bedroom activities are of the extreme submissive variety, I am looking for equanimity and equality in everyday life. I would not define it as 100% vanilla with regards to daily life but certainly I am not interested in any type of 24/7 slave type arrangement. I am also not interested in anything cyber.I have been told I am a "top from the bottom" type in my everyday life and that is difficult for some men to handle. I work in a male dominated profession and balls are required for both respect and success. I love my job and my crew and in turn, they love me back but as Bonnie Raitt so eloquently states, “never get your honey where you make your money” and I live by that rule - always. And yet, I struggle internally with the paradox of wanting to be both a modern day, feminist, woman and simultaneously a slutty, whore in the bedroom. 


Oh yes, and when you go to open that little foil pkg and it happens to be GOLD, - ding ding you make it to the final round. If you don't instantly know what I am talking about, you should most likely not reply.

Nail biting pillow throwing chemistry with the right person. Intellectual as well as physical stimulation. If the mind is not integrated how can the body respond? You must be an extremely confident, formidable, & dominant male both in the bedroom and boardroom. You understand the dichotomy of pleasure & pain and how to wield both. You would not hesitate with a salacious comment or a lascivious & sexually outrageous act in the right situation. You enjoy being in the dominant role and relish that high far more than sugar or caffeine.

You require an extremely obsequious woman in the bedroom. DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE UNDER 40! (Note, that I would love to masturbate all day to buff young boys but I am not looking for that.) Please be height/weight proportional. If you modestly describe yourself as Pooh does - "physically superfluous" you are most likely 30 lbs. overweight and you wouldn't want me to be -right? I am not looking for Mr. Olympia but luving and respecting your own body is very important to me. Nutrition, Ayurvedic medicine, and yoga are a huge part of my life. I do not smoke, do drugs, nor take pharmaceuticals. I have never been hospitalized.


You are of course, a non-smoker who seemingly possesses a hearty mix of intellect, humor, and character. You would describe yourself as successful (that doesn't necessarily mean fiscally) happy, and perhaps a bit enigmatic. You desire a relationship of substance. Not necessarily defined by religion, a legal agreement, or an architectural gem of flying buttresses. 

I have never been married so perhaps I lack the "marrying gene". Not sure. Perhaps marriage is simply a social construct created to protect property?

I do however know, I have no desire to play Mom to children or grown ones who still reside with parents long after they need be. 

I have certainly come to grips that Price Charming sailing in on a Hinckley SW70 and sweeping me away will most likely never occur. Well, never say never. 

You, derive pleasure in pursuing and delight in being over the top naughty. You enjoy world travel, travel frequently and would adore a devoted companion by your side when possible. And finally, you relish the idea of being selfishly pampered by an intriguing woman who luvs to adore and pamper in return (between spankings that is ;) And, if you are a Sagittarius- yippee, as I have never had anything less than mind-blowing sex with other Sags. If you feel you might present a challenge to this particularly discriminating gal, please send your "resume" for consideration. ;) 

I have chosen to take down all my previous photos. They were professionally done and people were stealing them and/or berating me that they were fake. I will no longer send my images via the Internet so if you have a problem with that please do not contact me. I have no issues with meeting in person in a public place and I actually enjoy it. Why is the notion of a blind date so crazy these days? I actually like the idea. The instant gratification of a tinder swipe is quite frankly, not my thing. 

I would suggest however, that if you are unable initiate contact within a reasonable time frame (a week or so from initial contact) that you don't contact me till you are - it just wastes both of our time. Also, I am most likely not going to travel to meet you for the first date. So, if you are not geographically convenient(see journal post regarding such) it will most likely not work. 

As I believe in full transparency, the image that accompanies my profile is a stock photo but I adore it, nonetheless. 

Journal Entries:
3/24/2018 5:13:38 AM
Been away from transferring thoughts to electronic paper far too long. 

How odd that the last journal entry, although was just a silly rant regarding syntax and words, was perhaps more. Life, death and the journey betwixt has been on my mind a great deal lately. Watch the flic - The Leisure Seeker - a poignant journey of love and life and the end of such. 

The unexpectedness of it all. Well, because we are only supposed to die at a "certain time?" The past year or two has taken more than a large handful of colleagues in my stressful profession. People who, weren't "supposed" to die as they were too young, or in the prime of their career, or seemingly healthy in appearance. 
But that is not how the journey works. Karma works in mysterious ways. I would never be so grandiose as to think I am better or have the right to judge others so this is not about judging but rather about observation. How did these people chose to live their lives? Were they good people? Were they good husbands, good bosses, good friends? Unfortunately, I can not answer yes to the questions about these people who are not with us anymore. 
It is something to ponder as I navigate my daily life trying my best to live, not in the ego of it all. One hopes there is something more, a reason, a "why am I here" other than to just be.  
"IT" hasn't revealed itself to me yet, but perhaps it is part of the reason I feel the pull to relocate for awhile to San Miguel as I let life lead me on the journey of life. 

12/9/2017 4:19:00 AM
Cringeworthy words: 

“she was a sweet girl” 

“she was a nice woman”

Things that better not appear on my epitaph nor in my eulogy.
I am planning on being cremated so the former will most likely not be an issue. 
I can’t imagine such an insult to my being. 

Please if you can’t suss out how to describe me then consult a thesaurus. 

Carry on! 

12/7/2017 1:20:41 PM

Wow- this one takes the cake - from Korea. He did not specify North or South 

Gotta luv this site!!!!


12/11/17 1:42 PM  
  hello i am asian dom. i seek online slave dog

11/22/2017 5:38:59 AM
For the geography challenged out there, let us begin to live in reality land and consider how a long distance relationship/fling/affair could work. I am not looking to move in with you and frankly I enjoy my personal space and “soloness.” Location needn’t affect my belief in ethical non-monogamy(more on that later). 
Of course I am not a seer and I can not predict what the future will bear. I am however, a Sagittarius - the wanderer and my plans include living in 1/2 the year out of the country when I retire. 


I am in PSP California and will consider cities in the same time zone 1-3 hour flights. I adore the PNW as it is the anthesis of the desert. SEA, PDX, SFO, even DEN(not the PNW) are all options. 

In the Southerly direction, PHX, ABQ, KSAF, SDX all work 

West: SAN, LAX, SNA, BUR - not a fan of LA but I love the beach and the ocean. 

East: really not much there. Not a fan of LAS. 

So a dozen or so cities seem to be logical and reasonable. 
Now let’s factor in twice a month averaging $300 a flight on the low end. Is this something that works for you? 

At this time, my work schedule requires travel 10 months of the year domestically usually a week at a time and obviously not consistently. I have a very flexible schedule between my locations with varying windows of down time. I also enjoy meeting on the road if you have that particular schedule and flexibility all the better. I always thought an airline pilot would be a grand fit for me. LOL 

To recapitulate, if you do not live in one of these cities. Most likely the scenario is not realistically going to happen so let us not waste more time, I beg you.......

11/1/2017 6:14:15 AM
I made the neophyte mistake of getting a massage locally with a groupon. I knew I was up shits creek whence checking in,  the woman could barely communicate in English. So, it turns out to be a Chinese salon apparently they are expanding beyond the nail salon business and doughnuts - from what I have found in my travels but that is another story. 
So, no licenses on the wall and a “therapist” that barely speaks English. 
She keeps asking if “too hard” and I can’t explain that since she weight all of 80 fucking pounds it is never going to be too deep or too hard. 
Lots of props involved. 
Hot rocks
skin brushing
Some sort of odd foot scrub 

And all I can think about the entire time is what toxic chemical soup is being absorbed via the largest organ of my body, from the super sized gallon of lotion and “oil” from Costco. 

No more groupons for me!

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