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I am seeking genuine enslavement, actually probably more like captivity than just slavery, i w
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I am seeking genuine enslavement, actually probably more like captivity than just slavery, i wish to be owned, possessed. The more dominant, controlling, possessive and strict you are the more addicted to you, dependent on you and consumed with pleasing you I become. I have actually lived in a padlocked kennel before, I've been chained up and confined to a padlocked cell for months and the people who fantasize about real captivity under the ownership of Dommes/Doms probably for the most part have no idea how agonizing it is to be helpless and kept in confinement 24/7 but just hearing your Owner makes you feel secure, hopeful it makes it all worth it and the more strict your Owners are, the tighter the chains/ropes etc just makes every moment of receiving your Owner's attention so much more special. Whether it's a kiss on the cheek, an hour of petting or even tying your head harness gag to the eyelet in your anal hook, there's no feeling in the world like being owned and possessed by the person/people you spend 24/7/365 thinking and fantasizing about. I just learned i can send a "quick message" but not a full email so please forgive me if i initiate contact with you using a short message with no pictures, i can'tdo that unless you write back. I am looking for permanent 24/7 Owner/s so there are probably very few people and couples that i match up with, i do seek a home, whether it be a cage, kennel, hard points to fasten a leash or chains to or dare i say, a bed or room (but certainly not necessary) and i would like to serve but i don't have any intention of trying to negotiate with you so of course all decisions are yours For some reason I can't email anybody here, I always get "profile not found" but I can respond if you email me first. And when i view your profile it's my way of saying please say hi in a message so i can introduce myself to you, if you don't write to me first i can't contact you, i don't know why but i can't, i suppose that is how it should be anyway since slaves should only speak when expressly given permission I am looking for a permanent Owner. Mistress, Master, Couple, im not picky. Seeking a live in position and unconditional slavery, i have been owned twice before and i lived in a padlocked dog kennel for about 16 months and i once spent 2 months in inescapable captivity Trained as a domestic slave, my biggest wish is to be taken in and broken, trained and owned as a full time house pet. If there is anybody who has experience with human pet training and would like to own a formerly human pet then i am able to relocate and i don't have any baggage If you're looking for a 24/7 slave i would love to talk with you and i don't need to spend weeks getting to know you, i actually met my first 2 Owners in person the day i showed up at their doorsteps as their property. Actually my 2nd Owner picked me up from the bus depot in new Hampshire and brought me home, took my bags and had me strip and put my collar and cuffs on me and led me to my padlocked cage where i spent the first 2 weeks beforeever being taken out of it lol I will sign a contract and i don't plan to try to negotiate any rights or any freedom ever again, the tighter the leash the more secure i feel and that's why im here, i need an Owner/s to serve and worship You probably don't care lol but because i can't write to You first (which is madenning) if i view your profile it means that i am extremely interested in serving you and being yours. Like, put the padlocks on me and melt the keys interested. :-)

Journal Entries:
7/28/2017 5:19:39 PM
Dominant Women: if you live within 30 miles of Philadelphia and think you could use a rent paying live in slave who will serve you unconditionally and doesn't require any rights or privileges whatsoever please consider me. I don't even need a room, a padlocked cage/kennel or simply bound and tethered is actually more desirable for me, i want to worship and Owner/s and be one their favorite possessions or their pet. Chastity devices are fine, im not looking to negotiate for myself in any way. Serving and pleasing you is my reward. Dominant Couples: Basically the same as above, i think the ideal couple would both be dominant, i do feel a bit more secure being owned by a couple. Dominant Men: if you're a single man and interested in owning me you must be attractive and in shape, the men who contact me are looking for a sex slave and i am definitely interested in being a sex slave but i have to be attracted to you. I will not be your boyfriend but if you really want a 24/7 total slave i am willing but it must be 24/7 total slavery, i will work outside the home and serve inside/anywhere for a Female owner or a couple that includes at least 1 woman but if you're a single man this might sound odd but i would only accept full time captive slavery and imprisonment chain me bind me confine me permanently and make me your captive slave. I don't want to work outside the home if im owned by a man but im willing to surrender every bit of freedom permanently. I know a lot of people are gonna say i don't have a right to say any of the things above but the truth is that right now i am a free person. Once that changes obviously I will no longer have the right to say, expect or ask for anything from my Owners but until then this is my request of any potential Owners, i want to be sure im crawling into the right cage before the door closes and locks for good. If you're farther away im still willing to relocate for the right situation, preferrably something more like captive slavery

7/17/2017 3:52:43 PM
gimp style bondage on a 24/7 basis Sound crazy eh? We can all but dream but let me explain some of my thinking first to alter that initial response you had when you first read that. For myself at least, I have always considered bondage to really be a facade, when I am in it, when I am 'restrained' I am not really being restrained in its true meaning. I have chosen to wear the bonds. For me that is not real bondage. What I am drawn to is the hopelessness, helplessness and despair of a longer term situation. A situation where I am powerless to prevent what happens to me because I am bound in real captivity. Sessions are not able to truly replicate that mindset because I always will know that it is a session. There are a lot of elements involved that each are equally important to the mindset of permanence and creating the image of a secured gimp. Sensory deprivation is both a huge turn on for me but also demonstrates to me that my captor thinks of me as sub-human, does not want to see my face, wants me objectified, wants me unable to plead with my eyes. Gags are a huge part of that too (and my fave part of bondage my captor neither wants to hear me beg or speak nor requires me to. I would have no voice - adding to the helplessness. I must also stress that I am not aroused by torture but I find it necessary for the simple reason that it highlights how helpless I am. Theoretically this is a sadist's dream come true, the standard protocol is a sadist punishes a masochist, which gives the masochist pleasure, counter productive to the aims of the sadist. Kinda like the old "Masochist says beat me, a true sadist says no" approach", except the opposite, I would not want to be beaten but would be for the pleasure of the sadist, real pain rather than something that leads to my own pleasure.

9/28/2016 12:35:27 PM
I have experience in the lifestyle, i was owned twice as a 24/7 live in slave and both times my Owners were F/M couples so i am comfortable serving and being owned by couples as well as either a Mistress or a Master. My first experience lasted about 16 months in 24/7 captivity, i lived in a padlocked dog kennel and they kept me in wrist and ankle cuffs full time which is actually very nice because i felt secure and was able to forget about the outside world and let myself descend completely into their possession. I was also in a padlocked chastity device and was given prostate milkings, i also was plugged full time from day one and for my birthday i was given a new plug with a tail. I wished I would be there forever and i hope to find new Owner/s who will make me their captive/pet/slave permanently

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