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Hello from Santa Fe, NM!      Here to meet friends, talk, and look at all yo
Male Switch, 40,  Santa Fe, NM, New Mexico











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 Male Switch

 Santa Fe, NM 

 New Mexico

 5' 9"

 180 lbs





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Hello from Santa Fe, NM!



 Here to meet friends, talk, and look at all your pics.


I enjoy getting messages from you so feel free to write me.

I'm a graduate of the NMSU Business School , very open minded, and tend to like nerdy types of things. From time to time I'll take classes for "fun" at the SFCC. Computer programming, Calculus I, stuff like that. But I feel I best educate myself through books.

I work in State Government dealing with computers and finance. Because of the amount of time I spend studying the stock market I think of that as my second job.

I'm big into movies (total movie geek), music and musical instruments (guitar, bass, banjo, piano, saxophone, harmonica, drums, flute, violin), reading books and comics, and computers.

Guitar is my main instrument but lately I've practicing the piano a few hours a day. Also I'm going through a Berklee text book learning the Finale music notation software. Since I am doing all the exercises it's a slow process. Four more chapters to go.

4/14/17 Update: Finished that Finale book a few months back. Now I've been rotating my daily instrument practices between the piano, bass guitar, and Roland aerophone (electronic saxophone).

Been thinking about how I'd like to pose for some nude or fetish photography. Outdoor pics would be fun too.  Really need some better pics taken of me for a Model Meyham profile.  Any photgraphers out there?

I am also on fetlife as stripforyou11


Journal Entries:
3/25/2016 3:13:25 AM

Looking for Photographer

Hello! I'm very interested in having some better pics of me taken. I have posed for pics for fun, but am interested in doing some better quality outdoor, erotic, fetish, BDSM, CFNM and nude photography.

Any ideas? Feel free to message me.

8/13/2014 7:04:13 AM

The ideas and scenario's that have been turning me on lately:

The thought of being forcefully stripped.

I've been excited by the idea of having my hands and arms restrained above me head as I stand on my feet. Or being tied to a bed spread eagle naked with my legs tied open wide.

I would love to pose for some outdoor naked pics or pics involving CFNM scenes.

One of my favorite things is to have a woman lightly run her finger nails on my balls. That feels so good!

I also love hot erotic dirty talk.

8/5/2011 4:45:58 AM

What turns me on?

You mean other than doing the CFNM stuff infront of you and your friends and feeling your hands all over my body?  ;)



How about I give you a nice long full body massage.  I rub oil on your back getting you body nice wet and shiny.  I move down to the back of you legs and thighs,  and slowly inch my way towards your ass.  You begin to breather harder.  I have you turn over and I let the oil drip on to your nice breasts.  I rub the oil into your tits and gentle pull on your hard nipples. As I do this a gently touch you between your legs first inserting one finger than two. I can feel your wetness and know you are now ready for my tongue.



Or how about you strip me completely. Tying me to the bed you pull the straps hard so that my legs open wide for you. You gently run your finger nails on my balls as you know how much I love that.  I am unable to get up so you place you breasts near my lips so I can lick and suck on them.  My cock is now very hard. You stradle me slipping me in to your nice warm pussy.  Rotating your hips you begin to ride me faster as I feel your juices begin to drip between the cheeks of my ass.




3/26/2008 11:40:39 PM
Apparetnly CollarMe doesn't like ANY of the pics I want to post of me.  If you want to see them I guess you will have to ask for them.  :(

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