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I am seeking (either short term or possibly long term) - a formal, strict household, run by se
Male Submissive, 55,  St. Louis, Colorado












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I am seeking (either short term or possibly long term) - a formal, strict household, run by severely strict disciplinarian.





I'm a fairly intelligent, attractive/fit, successful man. I'm multi-talented and higher-cultured.


In some people's minds, I might naturally be someone that would rest higher in the chain of command; Dominant, directorial, sage-like energy, etc etc.


YET - - My innermost core is just the opposite; to be subservient, to be directed, to serve and worship by creed of a higher order. To learn and grow within a strict channel of rules, protocol, obedience, respect, reverence. 




Ideally a couple or family, but it could also be a very strong, strict female, (I would even consider a male, however I do not identify as gay, but I also realize I may not have the choice).  Most important: My Master/Mistress/Owner/Dominant needs be infinitely strong and intimidating with zero tolerance. Like a HeadMaster who believes Discipline is the blessed seed of growth and who doesn't "spare the rod."


It seems, we live in a strange world where many of us have evolved to be reckless and irresponsible. I feel this is because there's no longer discipline and consequences for our actions. 


I seek a situation where I learn and grow under an Old Guard type of situation, perhaps militant or at least a kind of high protocol where respect and honor is expected within every moment of service, and if I slip out of line, or make a mistake, or disappoint, there are VERY REAL CONSEQUENCES and i need to know this with every step i take.


I'm less interested in dungeon "play", and MORE interested in formal hierarchy, service  and obedience training.  


I would likely be ideal for a couple/family that is affluent, entertains, travels and enjoys the finer pleasures of life. I'm quite good at helping to facilitate these passions, personal assistant, etc.  I'm also a gourmet chef and am good with computers, graphic design, audio and video production, and something of a travel expert. 



I'm sorry to say this, but I'm not going to be interested in someone who is grossly overweight. If you can't get a handle on your own health, how can you possibly control a slave? If I can't respect my Owner(s) then it will be just a short lived pretentious game.



In that light, i'm not very optimistic for any success on this site - but I put this out there as a searchlight for the needles in the haystack.


Thanks for reading.




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