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Hi and welcome to my profile! I am a Little, Submissive, Primal and brat.&#
Female Submissive, 29,  Dover, Delaware










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 Submissive Female



 5' 1"

 280 lbs





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Dominant Male

Hi and welcome to my profile!

I am a Little, Submissive, Primal and brat.

In general I have a I will try anything once attitude about things unless it is one of my hard limits. I love sensation play, Knife play, Rope, and some impact play.

I am Single and looking for a Daddy Dominantprimal male to begin a long term relationship with.

*About the various aspects of myself*

**My Submissive Side**

I am a Submissive with a bit slave training in protocols and service. I gained my bit of training in a polyamorous household in Virginia back in 2011. After moving back to Delaware, I explored more about myself emotionally and mentally after joining the local community that same year. I have been a part of the local community in Salisbury Maryland and in Delaware since 2011. Through my exploration I discovered many new aspects of myself and will admit that I am still learning and growing even to this day.

My submissive side as well as my little side craves order, protocol, rules, attention and punishments.

**My Little Side**

I discovered my little side not long after I moved back to Delaware but it was never fully expressed because I had no outlet. Recently I have been able to release my little side out more and have learned a lot about it. It is what I am naturally and the bigger part of my personality.

When I go into full little mode I can regress down to around five years old. Typically I have a little bit of my little sides personality out almost all of the time. This means I simply tend to react to some things like a child would. I like to call it my oh shiny! moments. I love cartoons, coloring, arts and crafts, movies, cuddling and sucking on a pacifier when upset or needing comfort of some kind. I also have a decent sized stuffed animal stuffie collection.

**Brat Side**

I also tend to be a bit bratty(sassy and sarcastic) at times. It is more playful and sassy in nature and I love to be sarcastic but I always behave when I need to. Of course, I do still act a little brat like in order to get in trouble sometimes too. It is all in good fun though.

**My Primal Side**

I have an animalistic side that sometimes shows when around other primals.

Since I have these three sides I found that people either get to see my littlebrat(sassy) side or my submissive side. This fact sometimes leads people to believe that I am mostly one or the other.

***NOTE I am NOT a puppy. I am a LITTLE, SUBMISSIVE, BRAT and PRIMAL Primal is completely different from Pet play. Some primals like pet play but I am not into puppy play.

I do have a few people i (non-sexually) scene with from time to time at events.

I mostly have been in polyopen relationships but am open to explore various relationship types.

I have a few minor health issues fibromyalgia, asthma, allergies, mild depression and anxiety. I also deal with bad knees and a bad back. All of them are managed well but I still get flare ups every so often that require me to put something off or to ask for help. Other than that I am a healthy 29 year old BBW.

Ideally, I would love find a Dominant that has similar interests to me, enjoys going to kink events, and is looking for something more longterm.

NOTE I dont know if you noticed but yes I am overweight(BBW). Oh no the scandal(sarcasm)! (All sizes are beautiful)

Oh and yes I do have a job that I have been employed at for two years and counting.

Rude comments are not welcome, do not message me if it is just to judge me negatively by my looks. You arent offending me by stating the fact that I am overweight... Yes I know this fact already and despite your in ability to realize all sizes are beautiful it is something I am in fact working on. I felt the need to add this hear simply to be the voice for all others I am sure you and those like you have hurt deeply by saying rude Comments that are best just left unsaid.

BDSM test retake

100 Submissive

100 Brat

100 Rope bunny

100 Boygirl

97 Age player

94 Primal (Prey)

88 Pet

75 Slave

60 non-monogamist

43 Experimentalist

42 Voyeur

39 Exhibitionist

33 Masochist

2 Primal(hunter)

1 Vanilla

1 rigger

0 degradee

0 degrader

My fetishlimits list is in a journal. Growing and evolving.

Journal Entries:
11/2/2017 12:11:18 PM

Generic limits list for everyone else:


1. 24/7
2. A smack to the butt and the word behave
3. After Care
4. Age play
5. Attention
6. Bare handed spanking
7. Behavior Modification
8. Being played with till I can't make words
9. Being controlled by a fist full of hair
10. Biting
11. Blindfolds
12. Body Paint
13. Bondage
14. Breast Bondage
15. Breast Spanking
16. Caressing
17. Chocolate
18.Collar Lead/Leash
19. Collars
20. Consensual Non-consent
21. Corsets
22. Cuddles
23. D/s
24. Discipline
25. Doggie Style
26. Doing kinky things in cars
27. Domination (receiving)
28. Edge Play
29. E-Stim
30. Edible body paint
31. Fire cupping
32. Fire play
33. Flogging
34 Flogging
35. Foot Massage (receiving)
35. Gags
36 Hair Bondage
37. Hair pulling
38. Hemp Rope
39. High heels
40. Hot oil Massages (receiving)
41. Knives
42. Lingerie
43. Male Authority (receiving)
44. Massages (receiving)
45. Masturbation
46. Mind Fucks
47. Multiple orgasms
48. Marks (From play)
49. Neck biting/kissing/nuzzling (My Sir ONLY)
50. Oral sex
51. Out Door bondage
52. Power Exchange
53. Protocol
54. Restraints
55. Remote-Control Devices
56. Rope
57. Rope Bondage/Suspension
58. Rough sex
59. Scratching
60. Sensation Play
61. Sensual Domination (Receiving)
62. Secretly doing kinky things in public
63. Sensual touch
64. Spanking
65. Spreader Bars
66. Submission
67. Subspace
68. Suspension Bondage
69. Teasing
70. Total Power Exchange
71. Toys
72. Violet wand
73. Vampire gloves
74. Wartenberg Pinwheels
75. Wax play

Soft Limits (Stuff I either have tried and I am okay with, or curious about)
1. canes (low tolerance)
2. Chains
3. Chastity
4. Chastity devices
5. Clamps and Clips (curious)
6. Clit spanking (low tolerance)
7. Clothespins (curious) 8. Clover clamps (curious)
9. Handcuffs
10. Hand around the throat (ONLY by my Sir unless otherwise specified)
11. Paddles (Low Tolerance)
12. Sensory Deprivation (curious)
13. Water Bondage (curious)


1. A lot of pain (Very low pain tolerance)
2. Anonymous encounters
3. Ass to mouth
4. Bathroom use control
5. Breath play
6. Boot worship
7. Catheters
8. Cigars
9. Diapers
10. Encasement fetish
11. Enemas
12. Eye contact restriction (receiving)
13. Face Farting
14. Face Slapping (can be a trigger)
15. Face spitting
16. Flesh hooks
17. Golden showers
18. Gun play
19. Humiliation(some)
20. having my ears messed with 
21. Ice Cubes
22. Mummification
23. Scatt play
24. speech restriction
25. Sever temperature change play
26. Tazers
27.Tickled by people outside of the house and close friends
28. Verbal humiliation and degradation(some)
29. Water boarding
Growing and evolving Updated 7/29/2017

11/2/2017 11:59:20 AM

This is a limits list for my future Sir/Daddy, those I am dating and my regular play partners only. the other limits list in my writing is for everyone else. I am posting this because I realize that I tend to say I don't like something in order to get out of being teased with said thing. So this list is meant for my Sir and those I am dating/ regular play partners with to read over and know for sure no mater what I say that I do like those listed in my like/loves list. They also can check out my soft limits and my hard limits as a refresher.

1. A smack to the butt and the word behave
2. After Care
3. Age play
4. Attention
5. Bare handed spanking
6. Being played with till I can't make words
7. Being controlled by a fist full of hair
8. Biting
9. Blindfolds
10. Body Paint
11. Bondage
12. Breast Bondage
13. Breast/Nipple torture
14. Breast Spanking
15. canes (low tolerance)
16. Caressing
17. Chocolate
18. Clothespins
19. Clit spanking (low tolerance)
20. Clover clamps
21. Clamps and Clips
22. Collar Lead/Leash
23. Collars
24. Consensual Non-consent
25. Corsets
26. Cuddles
27. D/s
28. Discipline
29. Doggie Style
30. Doing kinky things in cars
31. Domination (receiving)
32. Edge Play
33. E-Stim
34. Edible body paint
35. exhibition
36. Fire cupping
37. Fire play
38. Flogging
39. Foot Massage (receiving)
40. Gags
41. Hand around the throat (ONLY by my Sir unless otherwise specified)
42. Hair Bondage
43. Hair pulling
44. Hemp Rope
45. High heels
46. Hot oil Massages (receiving)
47. Knives
48. Lingerie
49. Male Authority (receiving)
50. Massages (receiving)
51. Masturbation
52. Mind Fucks
53. Multiple orgasms
54. Marks (From play)
55. Neck biting/kissing/nuzzling (My Sir ONLY)
56. Non-consent/Reluctance
57. Oral sex
58. Out Door bondage
59. Paddles (Low Tolerance)
60. Pain (Low Tolerance)
61. Power Exchange
62. Protocol
63. Restraints
64. Remote-Control Devices
65. Rope
66. Rope Bondage/Suspension
67. Rough sex
68. Scratching
69. Sensation Play
70. Sensory Deprivation (curious)
71. Sensual Domination (Receiving)
72. Secretly doing kinky things in public
73. Spanking
74. Spreader Bars
75. Submission
76. Subspace
77. Suspension Bondage
78. Teasing
79. Total Power Exchange
80. Toys
81. Violet wand
82. Vampire gloves
83. Wartenberg Pinwheels
84. Wax play

Soft Limits
1. Chains
2. Chastity
3. Chastity devices
4. Water Bondage (curious)
Curious About
1. MFM
2. public sex
3. Water bondage

1. A lot of pain (Very low pain tolerance)
2. Ass to mouth
3. Bathroom use control
4. Breath play
5. Boot worship
6. Catheters
7. Cigars
8. Encasement fetish
9. Enemas
10. Face Farting
11. Face spitting
12. Flesh hooks
13. Golden showers
14. Gun play
15. Scatt play
16. speech restriction
17. Sever temperature change play
18. Water boarding
Growing and evolving 7/29/2017

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