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Please read my journal entries. Is there anyone here in Arizona who cuts hair. I have long
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Please read my journal entries.

Is there anyone here in Arizona who cuts hair. I have long hair and would love a female hairstyle.


I am a fun loving thrill seeker who loves to mountain bike, kayak, river raft, and snowboard.  I have enjoyed having control with girls sexually but at times feel I am missing something.  I would love to meet a woman who loves the idea of having anything and everything done to me that I have done to girls.

I would love to meet a girl here where we can both know each other personally so I can trust her with info to blackmail me into becoming a full rape Slut. We would never have to meet. To hear the sweet voice of a girl would have me giving the info needed to force myself to go places I am told knowing I will be raped each time. To have no choice or say in the matter.

Journal Entries:
3/31/2018 4:44:53 PM
I would love to find myself forced to get another tattoo and have no say in what it is. Maybe Chinese stating what I am

3/2/2018 7:35:40 PM
I am looking for that one girl willing to give me the real attention of talking to me on the phone so that I can then feel comfortable giving my real information. I dream of a girl or even a guy with a girl slave willing to blackmail me into going places knowing I am going to be raped. Hopefully devious enough to see it happens to me more than once. I am prepared to compensate for help

2/2/2018 4:02:59 AM
I receive instructions from a friend from here. I get dressed up in high heels and stockings, a very short skirt and panties and blouse. I put make up on and do up my long hair in pigtails. I drive to the parking lot as directed and start my couple mile walk to a large park. I walk to the dark area with trees and bushes as directed and wait. As I sit there I see a man walking towards me and being nervous I get up and walk the other direction unknowingly right into the man's partner. The second guy pulls out a knife and says do as they say and I won't get hurt. The first guy walks up to me binds my hands behind my back. I feel the skirt being pulled up and they both start tearing my panties off. They both slap and push me down to the ground. The first guy holds my face into the grass while the other pushes his hard cock roughly into my ass. I try to screen out bot am slapped for resisting. I lay there crying until both are done raping me then leaving me laying on the ground. After a while I get the nerve to get up and start my long walk back to my car. I am looking for someone to help bring this to reality.

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