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I am a bossy and bitchy Dominant Goddess who, if treated right, can be sweet, sensual and rewa
Female Dominant, 31,  Port Richey, Florida












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 Dominant Female

 Port Richey 


 5' 2"

 115 lbs





 53 minutes

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I am a bossy and bitchy Dominant Goddess who, if treated right, can be sweet, sensual and rewarding. I am pretty and have sexy feet that need worshipped and pampered. I am into pain, tease and denial, being worshipped, spoiled, and chastity play, to name a few. I do NOT do blood, shit, vomit or blackmail/exposure play. I have been a Goddess for ten years and have dominated the occasional slave boy. I love being in control.


I specialize in:

  • Whips, Canes, Floggers and Chains

  • Piss play

  • Chastity play

  • Financial Domination

  • Crawling

  • CBT

  • Pain

  • Body, Shoe, Foot, Breast, Ass, Boot Worship

  • Restraints

  • Blindfolds

  • Rope play

  • Tease and Denial

  • Humiliation/Degradation

  • Verbal Abuse

I like the idea of financial domination because it relinquishes power from men and the power rush I get from it is exhilarating. I love seeing men become weak for Me and on there knees. It turns me on. I decided to become a Financial Dominatrix because I love the power, the money and the experiences I get from each new slave and session. If you piss Me off and disobey Me more than three times and go behind My back or shame Me et al, you WILL regret it!


To serve Me you must be over 18 years old, be submissive, loyal, obedient, and have time to serve Me whenever i want. More requirements to come!

I am 31 years old, white, 5'2 and weigh 115-120 lbs. I am petite. and for you naughty boys who MUST know, YES I shave regularly, south of the border ;)


I expect to be treated as your superior and shown the devotion and respect all Dominant women should be shown by slaves. You must tribute Me and spoil Me regularly. Never speak to or serve other Dommes without My permission. Honesty and loyalty are key to a good Domme/Slave relationship. As is open communication regarding problems or issues.


When approaching Me do NOT disrespect Me, insult Me, call Me out, argue with Me, fight Me, haggle about price, name your own terms, lie to Me, play games with Me, or disobey Me.


I am a Goddess and should be treated as such. You are beneath Me, so act like it or I will find someone else who does and truly wants to be Mine. There are more like you out there. So do not think that I cannot find another slave just as easily.


My Rules:

  • slave will always be on there knees in my presence

  • slave will always refer to me as Goddess Kris

  • slave must always ask permission to touch yourself, cum, use the bathroom, be dismissed, serve or speak to another Domme, sleep, buy anything or to eat or drink

  • slave must always be respectful and never lie, cheat, steal from me, disobey, argue/fight, haggle over tribute amount, use vulgar or foul language in my presence, act in a violent or threatening manner towards me, or be rude and involve family or friends in our relationship

  • i will NEVER get naked or send you nude photos/videos of me

  • if a session starts to become too much for you, slave will speak the safe word and the play will cease immediately

If you want to be friends, say so in your subject line. If you have questions about how much to tribute then you obviously are new to this! Follow Me on My twitter and on here! spread the word that Goddess Kris is here to worship and be spoiled by ALL pay piggies and good slave boys who know how to treat a woman right.


If you have read this far then congratulations you are a true slave who really wants to be owned by Me. In your first message to Me say the word, Prissy Bitch. SO that I know you actually read My profile and know how to follow directions. If you do not I will delete your message and move n to the next slave!


That is all for now subbies, now why don't you get down on your knees and beg to message Me!!!! So that I can start taking over your mind and thoughts and invade your dreams with my sexy body and dig My claws into you.....


-Goddess Kris-

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