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Journal Entries:
2/4/2016 8:21:38 AM

Last Masterlouis Task:  Real Whore Task


Part 1:  About Task, Starting-point for to become a Real Whore

Part 2:  Seek Customers

Part 3:  The First Customer (an fat, ugly man, that I was able to fuck this ugly man, during fuck I imagined I fuck 17y old son of my best friend)

Part 4:  The 2nd & 3rd Customers
                  (tried to fuck without imagination of friend’s son)

              ….but at 3rd customer I got yet more dirty, very perverse thoughts

Part 5:  Wednesday: Very Hard Working day, 5 customers

Part 6:  Balance for these 3 days

Part 7:  Thursday: Free day for the whore, pampering myself with hot massage.

Part 8:  Friday. I am the 1st class professional whore, I select clients

Part 9:  Saturday – become Escort

Part 10:  Sunday – Old man hire me as Escort yet for the next day.
                                BDSM spanking; almost rape. Bareback anal

Part 11:  Special Task: While I write report with one hand, I must all time with other hand Masturbate and Cuming for Master Louis;  
dedicate strong orgasm to Master while masturbate, rub, squeeze, pull,                twist, pinch nipples very hard to pain


Part 1:  About Task, Starting-point for to become a Real Whore

Master Louis, very experienced and understanding Master, Master with great imagination, I not doubt that he is one of the best Master who exist at all, gave me a great number wonderful tasks, we working also very successfully on one great, very exciting Project, but unfortunately came also the time, that he gave me also the last task:  Last Masterlouis Task: Real Whore Task

For this Task Masterlouis gave me this starting-points:
Take a weekend in a Thermal area, choose a good hotel, as big as possible, with its own inside Spa. Take a nice room (probably you must perform there) and show yourself around. Is not my job to teach you how to stimulate the attention on you. Only pay attention to the staff of the hotel, quite often they provide the whores to customers, so they could consider you as a competitor. Be friendly with all the males, and as soon as someone start to ask you something, as appetiser or dinner together, go dancing, etc. clearly tell them that you can accept everything with great pleasure, is just a question of the "little present" they are ready to spend for you. So they could be immediately aware that you are a whore (or much better, a nice, clever, willing, high class escort). Task will be overcome if you are able, during the weekend, to find at least 2 clients that pay you to have sex. Later he gave me yet a great number very useful advices.

The first step it was to find the right place, then after having decided the area for the best hotel. We chose together the right place and the most suitable hotel. Of course I was attentive that hotel room has a big bed, my working place.

Well, I can to say this task excited me very much, already longer time I wished to know the feelings which has a whore at her job. So this task was a great challenge for me. Ok, I can to tell the truth, I wished to know all possible manners of whoring, not only this I was doing in this hotel, to be the number one in a very high level. So i wished furthermore to try also to be for a few nights also an usually street whore, an ordinary hooker. But unfortunately MasterLouis was not want this, he said: ” Is so shabby, absolutely I do not want this, I want and expect a lot more from you!” and he also warned me about risks of street whores.

So I obeyed him, I not tried this, not to get yet this additional interesting experience, although it excited me very much and also now excite me extreme strong to get also this experience. I wished to get this feeling when every man can to address you, choose you, set a price, and you accept sex, no matter how customer look like, does not matter you like him/her, no matter he is old, young, nice, ugly, tender, rude, man, woman… only it is  important, that he/she pay for sex. Yes I wished and yet wish to get also this very interesting experience, but because Master Louis not liked this, I  not tried this, so unfortunately I not got this experience. But in the first part of my experiences of my stay in this Luxory Hotel I tried a little approach this experience, I not select clients.

Before realization I was need yet to book hotel room. Because this year I was not yet being on my holiday, I was busy too much and I had one trouble, I decided that I not stay in this hotel only over weekend but I stay there all week. From my past experiences at my past travels I remembered also well, that in the case I like town and I wish to prolong my stay in the hotel, often it is impossible, because the hotel is full. So it is better to book already at beginning few days longer stay in hotel than originally I intend to stay. Hotel reservation yet can still cancel later if I change my mind. Because all these reasons I was not book hotel room only over weekend, but for all week.

So I decided to spend a part of my holiday there, to stay there whole week, not only over weekend. Well, If I yet succeed to find a man who pay me hotel bill, my holiday there, yet better, then in essence I yet overcome the Task. So this was yet extra great challenge for me, to see if I am able to do this.

Because I was not want to be an escort (whore) only for one man al time, I decided that the first few days I try to find a few men who pay me for sex, not to be only escort for one man. I found that probably it would be the best, that in this first part of time I seek medium aged men, who are there with their same age wives. These men could be very good clients for a quick, one hour fucking, while their wives are busy on something else.

For to get better experience, I intended to get more of these man for short quickie the first few days, not only one or two men. From middle of week I stopped to seek medium aged men with wives. Then i tried to find one gallant man, who use me for longer time, not only for quickie, maybe he also pay my hotel this time, second part of my stay there, I tried to be a high level escort or the minimum really the First Class, High Class Whore.

2/4/2016 8:18:32 AM


Part 2:   To Seek Customers

For the first day, Monday, when I came in this Luxury Hotel in the town which is very popular tourist destination, it was my main goal, that as many men as possible notice me, to put myself on show but without overdoing, let them admiring me, they wishing me.

The second goal it was also very important goal for the first day, important almost as the first one: it was necessary to built suitable contact with staff, because i need to be very careful to the staff, and do not give them confidence. Concierge, night porters, waiters, are those which procure the female company to clients. Because i am young single women, for all these persons i could represent a competitor, and they may try to harm me. So i needed because of prevention of this to make suitable contact with staff, give them the feeling that I am there only for relaxing because over year I hard working, that I am a kind person, not a whore…For yet better impression I talked with them also how bosses are hard sometimes …yes these simple things can reduce mistrust…Almost everyone not like bosses (although I am a boss at my working place) lol… Concierge, night porters, waiters in this hotel fortunately are mainly men. With men it is easier than with women. At men feminine charms can to make miracles… of course there is extreme important very right dose, not too much…

The third goal: To catch one or two customers… Finally, because this I am there…

So after my drive, when I came in this Luxury Hotel, and to tidy up a room, at first I was take bath, for to relax, for to look yet better. After relaxing bath I dressed very elegant, sexy, but I was pay attention, that I was not look vulgar. Of course I did not forgot to pay attention for excellent make-up. This time my make-up was a little more expressive than usually. And yes, because I was want that men for sure notice me, I not forgot for excellent, expensive perfume. Also the perfume was this time a little more expressive than usually, but I was pay attention, that I not take overdose.

Yes, the first impression is the most important. So I was must look perfect…


When i entered in dinning room for dinner, i got confirmation that my efforts were rewarded: a great number of men (and probably women too) noticed me. I felt more eager looks on my slim body. I was keep simple rule: If a man looks at me, i need return the gaze. Of course, because men were with their wives, their looks were hidden. And of course, because men were with their wives, I was must return the gaze very carefully, only when i was sure that their wives not look at me, that they not see i non verbal contacting with their property, with their husbands. This is hot game...And dangerous too... but i like this very much, this excite me...i like adrenaline sports yet from my high mountain climbing…and this job is a little similar…

2/4/2016 8:17:41 AM


Part 3:  The First Customer (an fat, ugly man, that I was able to fuck this ugly man,
                       during fuck I imagined I fuck 17y old son of my best friend)

Yet special persevering was one mature man, i estimated he is about 55 to 60y. He was more times look at me and i returned him the gaze when his woman was not look at me. I can confess, this game excited me, i became wet, although i not like this man. He is fat, with a big belly. But...this is not important, i am there because of the task, to be a real whore. I do not necessarily need to like him. I am a professional whore and he is a possible client, The only important thing for me is the money he could give me.

Well, yet before I started with main meal he and his woman were gone. After dinner I was yet to remain sitting for a while, I moved on terrace with a nice view on lake. No longer I noticed this man from dinner approached to me. He was sole, without his woman. He was look at me and i returned him the gaze. He came near me and he asked me if he can to sit down near me. Of course i accepted this. We started to talk. Soon he told me that he is a small businessman from Hungary, he is here for one week. His woman bore here, so today she drove with her women friends to the capital on the shopping. She will not be back yet a few hours. He told her that he not want to go with them, at this time he want hiking on nearer hills.

During talk i sent him yet a few very seductive smiles although I was not like him.  Finally, I am a professional whore…. Soon he told me that i look wonderful, he want to know me better. I answered him that he can to know me better. At this time we became more confidential. On his words that he want to know me much better, i answered him: "Love, you can know me also much better, we can to do all you want, i am very naughty girl, no limits girl, I can give you greatest pleasure, but the small gift for me will depends on how long you want me and what do you want, how good you know me... i can to be totally yours... One hour, you want...”

Soon we agreed that we go in my room. He said he wish to be at me longer time, but he is not sure that after 3 hours his wife is back. So we agreed for two hours. And we agreed that he can fuck me also anal, but obligatory condoms... we agreed he pay for 2 hours 300.

Because i had a funk, finally i haven’t yet very much experiences to be a professional whore,  almost i forgot the basis rule of a professional whore, that customer must give me the money as soon as we are in the room and we both are still dressed.  Last moment i remembered on this rule… There it was no trouble, soon he gave me 300. Yes later he told me that because of his job he travel very much and he fucks whores sometime....

Uffff, after he was undress, i saw that before I was right, He is really very fat, with a very big belly. I not like such men. I like slim men, like my daddy... I was almost disgusted by him...And his cock…it’s a real shame…so little…not very much over 10 cm…

For a moment i was already almost wanted give him money back, saying i not feel good... But then i was deliberate: irene, you are a strong girl, you are not weakling. You cant disappoint love Master Louis. You want he is proud of you. Although maybe he not want you, you still loves him...You MUST realize this task, you MUST fuck this ugly man.

Finally…you are there because of the task, you must behave as a real whore. A real whores fuck everyone who pay. Irene, you must remember the rule of whores: You do not necessarily need to like him. But you are a professional whore and he is a client, The only important thing for you is the money he gave you. You cant refuse him, YOU MUST fuck him. You cant disappoint Master Louis who maybe still loves you.


When I was again look at huge belly of this ugly fat man, watched his fat, collected around his fat belly in several rings, almost as at Michelin figure, and I am thinking that I must fuck this ugly man for money, I was almost vomited. I was again almost resign, I was again almost wanted give money back this fat ugly man, saying i not feel good...

But because I love my beloved Master Louis so much and I not want disappoint him, I decided that I will fuck this ugly man, no matter how he looks.

But fortunately, in the crisis, at this moment i was find a solution: yes, irene, while you suck this fat ugly man, you maybe close your eyes, and thinking about something what excite need very live imagine that you suck a handsome, young 17 or 18 year old boy. This way you will be yet a good sucker and make your customer contented with your sucking…

So I closed my eyes and intense I imagined I suck 17y old handsome boy and I started to suck this ugly man. I licked the basis of his cock, I licked his cock all length, I licked his balls, sucked his balls very well.

Soon I started to lick the head of 17y old boy, my best friends son’s cock in my imagination. I started to lick the place where the head of his cock is connect with the shaft as this is the most sensible part of the cock. Young boy, son of my best friend enjoyed very much, he was moaning from pleasure. This excited me, already longer time I wished to fuck this handsome boy. Hidden wishes…

Then I pulled the skin on the top of his cock down, i released the head of his cock from skin and i started to circled with my tongue around the groove around his cock head. In this moment I heard that man started to moaning from pleasure. I know well that men like this very much...

All time i imagined very intense that i lick and suck young, 17y old handsome boy, the son of my best friend. Yes her son is very nice boy, he look so sweet, the imagination that I lick and suck this boy, her son, excited me very much, this imagination made me wet. Yet special excited me when I remembered how the son of my best friend was look at me the last time I saw him. He was not look at me only as I am the friend of his mom, I noticed very eager gaze on my provocatively clothed slim body. He was glare on my legs, on my breasts with wide opened eyes. Yes I can confess, this his glare made me wet this time, I wished I fuck son of my best friend…

So this imagination helped me very much, I started to suck the cock head of this ugly man, for start i sucked his cock head soft, then harder. I sucked his cock harder and harder so good, live imagined i suck young son of my best friend, that man started to moan louder.

There i was already thinking that maybe better i stop sucking man so intense, that man not cum too fast.  So next few minutes i reduced a little intensity of my sucking.

Then I decided i take his cock deep into my mouth, give him deepthroat. Well, at so short cock it is not easy to make a good deepthroat. It was in reality a “shallowthroat”, not deepthroat lol.

At this moment i was asking at myself: how big is the cock of 17y son of my best friend??. At this deepthroat man was moan yet louder. I decided  he is on the point where it is better i stop that he not cum so fast. Finally i am a honest, a fair whore, i not want that customer pay for only a few minutes of sex full price for 2-hours sex.

Yes, yet about condoms: I remembered one of the most important rule: blowjob uncovered, but fucking, always, and without any alternative, with condom, that i have to put on his cock using my mouth. I not forgot to buy them before going there. But there it was almost the trouble, my smallest condom was almost little too big for him, so I afraid that during fuck condom take down from his thin cock…But…I am a naughty girl, sometimes I fuck bareback. I love the feeling man squirt his cum deep in my pussy or ass, I love to feel jet deep in my pussy or ass…

After deepthroat man was want that i put my legs on his shoulder, he was ram his cock in my pussy. He started to fuck me. I can to say he surprised me, he is much more endurable and persistent than I expected. He was fucked me hard, fast longer time. Yes, helping good technics he substituted the lack of dimension. In reality he is a good fucker. But all time he was fucked me i imagined very intense that fucks me son of my best friend. This imagination excited me so much that soon I started to moaning loud from exciting, so I was extreme strong cuming.

Man liked this very much, that I was extreme strong cuming, he was sure that I was cuming only because he is so good fucker. After a few minutes also he started to moaning, cuming.

After this cum man was need a short rest. Because i am high class whore and I want my clients feel excellent, I was already at home purchased for my client more smaller bottles 0,375 liters of sparkling champagne. So during rest we were drink champagne, talk, I gave him hot sensual massage.

When he recovered, we continued with fuck. I was kneeling on my all 4, in doggie positions, ass up. He placed his cock on entrance of my ass and then he pushed his cock in my ass. Cock fast slipped in my asshole. Also this time I imagined very intense that fucks me17-years young son of my best friend. This helped me that I enjoyed very much while man fucked me.

Yes we both enjoyed. While he started to fuck me, I was move my ass back and forth, I was twist my ass, swing my ass. This excited man very much. The imagination that I have in my asshole young cock of friend’s son, excited me so much that soon I became wild, I was drive man with faster moving my ass back and forth to higher speed. Soon I noticed that man is close to cum, so i reduced the speed of my movements.

This way we enjoyed yet longer time. I need to say that man also this time surprised me, he is much more endurable than I expected. After longer time he was cum again. Maybe we would after shorter rest and the next yet continue, hut past 2 hours and he was afraid that his wife return and she discover on what hill he was climbed…

He was satisfied with me so very much, that at the end we agreed that we meet tomorrow after lunch again, as soon his woman go again on shopping.

2/4/2016 8:15:00 AM


Part 4:  The 2nd & 3rd Customers (without imagination I fuck young son of friend)
                          ….but at 3rd customer I got yet more dirty, very perverse thoughts

After man was gone, I was deliberate what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong as a professional whore, what I need to improve. One of the most important conclusions in my mind was this, I said at myself: “Irene, probably this is not good. I not believe that every professional whore imagine she fuck 17y old son of her best friend while she fucks an ugly men. You must accept the fact that you fuck THIS man, no matter how he looks. No matter if you not like him. The next time you will fuck HIM, NOT IMAGINE that you fuck 17y old son of your best friend.

Irene, at this first part of task you decided that you fuck everyone, not select customers.  So YOU MUST ACCEPT EVERYONE, no matter how customer look like, does not matter you like him/her, no matter he is old, young, nice, ugly, tender, rude, man, woman… only it is  important, that he/she pay for sex.

Well, in the second part of Task you will try to be really The First class professional whore, high class escort. In this second part you will not accept everyone invitation. YOU will decide, if you accept their invitation, in essence YOU will SELECT customers. But this is the first part of your task, you will accept anyone, not select. And in this first part you will not imagine that you fuck handsome 17y old son of your best friend instead customer. You will be aware of this, you fuck this man.

Second day, in Tuesday, one hour after lunch I was meet again with this ugly fat man.  Also this time he was pay me for 2 hours 300.

This time during fuck I was not imagine that I fuck 17y old son of my best friend instead this customer. At beginning it was hard for me, watch this fat ugly man. But already when I sucked him I was also in my mind sucked this fat ugly man, not 17y old son of my best friend. Also at fucking I was not thinking on this boy.

In essence we were doing all things as in the day before and I added yet a few sexual poses. Yes, man every time surprise me more, he is extreme endurable and also insatiable.

That I not repeat myself what all I was doing with this fat ugly man, I not wrote this again in this part. Action was mainly the same as I described detailed in the Continue 1:  The First Customer. Only the feeling was complete different. This second time I not enjoyed in this sex as on the 1st time. It was mainly only mechanical action, almost without pleasure, without exciting…it was only sex for money. And yes, also man noticed the difference. He said the first time it was much much better…

But… I can confess, in the sex with him I not enjoyed no half so much as last time, when I imagined I fuck 17y old son of my best friend. It was, maybe I can to say this, more mechanical act than hot passionate sex. No, I not like sex this way. It is much more exciting if I imagine I fuck 17y old son of my best friend while I fuck fat ugly man. This fuck without this imagination was look like an obligation… yes, in reality it is the fuck only for money. I not like this. I was a true whore, fuck only for money…

Well, at this time I hoped that much more interested will be the second part of my task, when I will not accept everyone invitation, when I will decide if I accept customer or not. At this part I will try to be a high class escort, the first class whore.
But I was want to get also this experience from the first part of my stay in this luxury hotel. So I was must fuck this fat ugly man without imagination… I was set this request myself…


Soon after this man was gone, I went on swimming. Yes, also swimming pools are excellent place for to catch customers. Because this was yet the first part of Task, I decided that I accept invitation of everybody, first one who want pay me, can fucks me for money.

I decided also, that also this time during fuck I will not imagine that I fuck 17y old son of my best friend. I will fuck THIS man, no matter how he looks, I will switch-off my imagination.  I want to keep this resolve.

Already second or third minute one older man was look at me. Of course, I returned the gaze. He smiled, I returned the smile. So man was swim toward me, he smiled to me, he said that water is wonderful for swimming. So we started to talk…soon I noticed that this man is about 70y old, he little remembered me on my father, he was a little look like my father. Slim body…

Soon old man told me that he is more times in this hotel, he like this hotel very much because excellent Spa. Then he said that today he feel tension on his back, a soft pain. I smiled to him, I said him that I could help him, I am a good in massage. This is true…he said that this sound wonderful, young girl would helping him, he would like I massage him.

I smiled back, I said him: “I can give you a good massage, pain will gone, I can take you in the heaven too…I can give you also more, not only massage, I can give and accept everything with great pleasure, it is just a question of the "little present". Old man smiled back: “This sound excellent. Young girl I am prepare to give you the "little present". But we haven’t a lot of time. My wife will return from a visit at her relatives which I not like after 2 or 3 hours. So we need to hurry before she return. So after short bargain about price we were agreed for one hour “hot sensual massage” I get 350: I get 100 for massage and 250 for a good fuck, 350 all together.

Because he hadn’t very much time, we were hurry in my hotel room. There i started with massage. At beginning i was slowly massage his neck with not very strong circular motion. On the area, where i felt a small knot, a little tension on his muscle, I was massage this part more intense, i relaxed these muscles.

Then I told old man that he undress complete, he lie down on bed in his stomach. I sat next to him and a few time I was gently massaging him. I started at the top of his head and continued down his back and arms to his butt, then I continued to massage him to his feet. Yes old man liked this. After I massaged each his toe, i told him that he roll onto his back. Then again I gently massage him.

This time i sucked his toes, i went with my tongue upward to his cock. Soon i licked his cock, sucked his cock head, that old man was moanig from pleasure. Yes, if we have more time, I could give him much better, longer massage, from toes to ears…

I was surprised, more time i sucked this old man, more intense he remembered me on my father, in reality he was a good deal look like my father. Probably just because of this the sucking of this old man exciting me yet more strong, because I got a very naughty thoughts.

Because I know well, that at so old men after they cuming, longer time are no repetitions, I was not want exciting him too strong, that he cum already at sucking. I am not a cheap whore, who suck men very hard, that they cum already after a few minutes, that they get money so fast…I am a fair whore, make possible that men enjoy longer time for their money.

So i was a little reduced the intensity of sucking, because very dirty imagination that I suck my daddy excited me very much, I was wet so much, that in one moment I was impale on his big, fat hard cock. Yes I was ride old man very well…

Later, after I was oiled my ass well, I was also ride his cock with my ass. Also at riding his cock with my ass I got again very dirty, very perverse thought from before. I was cant helping myself, because man is very alike my daddy, I imagined my daddy, although I was almost to swear at myself that today that I will not have imaginations that I fuck another people…Imagination I to do my love daddy was too strong, I was cant to switch-off it. Old man was too much similar my daddy…

Yes, this very dirty, very perverse thoughts excited me so strong, that soon I was cum very hard. I had very strong, multiple orgasms at this imagination. Soon after me was also old man cuming.

Later, as a good host, during talking I offered him yet champagne,

In the evening, after dinner I intended to go on dance, but I found this evening was dance only a few couples. And the worst, I noticed that wives very strong, very carefully, guarded his property, their husbands. So better I nor not to try to flirt with these men…

2/4/2016 8:13:35 AM


Part 5:  Wednesday: Very Hard working day, 5 customers

This day I was want to fuck more people in one day, not only one or two daily. Just for this purpose this day I was get up earlier than usually, although I hate to get up so early morning. But this way I had longer day.

Because my report is already now very long, this day I will write report for this day only on short, only the most important things.

-My early getting up was worth, already at breakfast was sit by me “my daddy”, old man from day before. He told me that he wish one “quickie”, soon after breakfast, shorter than yesterday, while his wife go on ladies' hairdresser and massage. I gave his quick massage and very good fucking, both for 300. I need to confess, because this day I found that this old man is yet more similar to my love daddy, I was cant helping myself, all time I had very dirty, very perverse thoughts that I doing my daddy. Because of this I had yet much stronger orgasm. We both had extreme strong orgasm.

Because I found, that it is very suitable place for to “catch” customers swimming in the Spa, I decided I catch a few of them again in the Spa. There it is very easy to make a contact with people. If a man there looks at me, I return the gaze, if he smile, I reciprocate. After this always they swim to me, started to talk to me. Always I was found occasion very soon that let them immediately understand my roles. These days in reality it was no time for to lose the time for stupid flirts.

When men understand my role a few of them stopped with flirt, they gone. But 2 of them, one older in the morning, after I was fucked “my daddy” and one younger in the afternoon decided to pay for sex, after I was clearly told them that I  can accept everything with great pleasure, is just a question of the "little present" they are ready to spend for me.

-One mature man got quickie, he had a trouble with erection and he also finished very soon. For this he was pay 200. Easy earned money. All time I respected my promise myself, that during fuck I will not imagine I fuck 17y old young son of my best friend or got again very dirty, perverse thoughts or imagine I fuck another people.

-The second man from the Spa, my second customer in the afternoon was younger guy, he stayed in hotel only one day. Mmmmm he was really excellent bull, he fucked me so hard that in 2 hours I had a few very strong orgasms. In essence I would need to pay him for excellent fuck LOL. Of course, at resting after the first orgasm I served him champagne. At this younger bull I would nor not needed to imagine another people…. we both were highly satisfied…and I got yet money for this, 300 for almost 2 hours excellent fucking. I like whoring this way LOL

During lunch I was seek another customer. This was not hard job, because a great deal of men noticed me already on the first day. For dinner I was to dress little more provocate, short skirt, blouse. Ok, I am not a cheap whore, so I was wear panties and bra. This day I decided that maybe once, last day, if I not catch longer time fucker, to be high class escort, I try also this, to dress like a very cheap whore, to be without panties and bra, with very short skirt.., but this maybe I would to do only the last day, to see reaction of men (ok, also reaction of women) in the case I not catch longer time fucker as I am High Class whore or escort…

-On lunch more men noticed me. But because all were with their wives, they hided their lustful, their voluptuous looks. They were sending me only secretly their looks. The most brave of them was sending me more open look. He was gaze on me more open. Of course I returned him gaze and also smiles. I returned hide gaze also other men on the way that their wives not noticed this.

After lunch I was sit for a few time in hotel foyer. Yes soon this more brave man was approached to me, we started to talk. Soon he became aware that I am a whore. I was clearly told him that I can accept everything with great pleasure, it is just a question of the "little present" he is ready to spend for me. He told me that his woman will gone for about 2 hours, so he want to enjoy with me one hour.

Because he was look relative rich (yet special his woman gave me this feeling) I was set much higher price than usually, I set 300 for one hour. He little surprised me, he was not at all to bargain about price, he accepted it immediately. Men often bargain about price…

Man was look very average, nothing specially, so I not needed to make any other imagination. He was also at fuck very average…in 20 minutes we finished…of course, I offered him my champagne too lol.

After this man I was take short rest, then I went on swimming in the Spa.  There I was meet this younger guy, about who I wrote earlier.

For dinner I dressed very elegant. I was pay attention that I dressed very elegant, sexy but not vulgar. Of course men noticed me, they sent to me a few looks, but nothing happened.

After dinner I decided to go on dance. I hoped that there is a few men who are sole in hotel, without their wives. Probably only such men are suitable for sex in the evenig, because in the evening exist only very little probability that married men get a hour or two free time for quick sex with me…

Ok, there exist also one additional small possibility, that there i meet a couple who want a group sex with young girl, but in this case i would get the sign also from woman. And there exist yet smaller possibility, that they are ready to pay me for such sex…

I danced with a few men, but all were married, all with wives. So although they flirted with me, they were not useable for me. And the worst, I found there are also 2 true professional whores… so this would be yet additional harder job...and maybe dangerous too because of staff…

I was already intended to go sleep, when I remembered on my experiences from high mountain climbing: newer to despair, always need to try, to fight, also if everything look very hopeless. So I persisted there.

After the time on dance invited me one middle aged guy. During talk he told me that he is there only for one night, next day early in the morning he has in the capital one important business meeting. So I was thinking: nothing with whoring…but he surprised me, he flirted, he gave me a sign that he want sex with me.  

He said that he is often in Slovenia on business trip, he always stay overnight in this hotel, he prefer this town because wonderful nature, he not like to stay overnight in the capital.  Soon I gave him that he understand my roles. He smiled, he asked me: girl are you new there in this hotel at this job? I not see you thee yet before. You look fresh, not as these whores I see there always in this hotel.

I acknowledged him that I am rally fresh, green, I started with this job this week. He smiled, he was surprised that I working sole, that I haven’t a pimp…

Then he surprised me, he said: girl I wish I can take you over all night, but tomorrow morning waiting me an important business meeting in the capital. I hire you for three hours, then I must to go sleep for I am tomorrow fresh for business talks. Because I like you, you look really so fresh, you look yet so innocent in this I hire you. We agreed for 400, but he was set the condition, that I must to do my best, make him a greatest pleasure, relax him for tomorrow business meeting.

Better I not describe what all we were doing, this would be very long report. He is extreme experienced man, he said that marriage is death for sex, he cant to be with sex. Sometimes at travels he pay also whores. We enjoyed more than two hours extreme strong, but then unfortunately he was must to go sleep.

I can to say I was also soon fall asleep. It was very hard day, probably too hard. But I was wanted to get also this experience…

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