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Hetero Male Dominant, 55,  Washington
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Last Online:


 Dominant Male


 5' 7"

 155 lbs





 39 minutes

Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Friends Only


 Fine Dining



 Intellectual Discourse







 Conservative Politics



I seek intelligent, happy, females who wish to explore their  sensual mind. I've been here quite a while.  Met some interesting people along the way.  I seek people,  minds, …..   the rest comes naturally.


I have a sweet, 25 year old slave whom I met here five years ago.  We'd love to find a female to play with us and switch with her.


I'm an "older Man".  I enjoy the company of younger females…Mentoring  guiding,  helping.  Here is my take on life….


There is a big difference between your Daddy, and your boyfriend…. Many on this site hope to be both….   Some girls seem to need both. It's not surprising really when you consider all aspects of a girl's life and how she grew up. Daddy was always there,  dependable,  predictable…..  keeping you safe.

Your boyfriend is that hot guy who is around your age, likes your music, ...speaks your language, ... He's hip, or cool, or whatever you wanna call it now. There's a mystery about him, and you are drawn to him, admire him, see positive things in him... But he's also the guy you have wrapped around your finger. He says and does lame shit sometimes, and you don't always get him, but he's cute, and he's okay in bed. I'm not interested in being your boyfriend…..

Your Daddy on the other hand is very different. He doesn't have expectations, he doesn't commit to something then change his mind... Life around him is a LOT calmer, quieter.... He gives you good advice, because he cares about your well being, he doesn't judge you ... But he does sometimes roll his eyes and shake his head. Yes, it seems likely that in many ways you have Daddy wrapped around your finger….. but perhaps it's the other way around.

He's a great guy to have dinner with to talk to….., His house, his couch, is a great place to chill watch a movie and have a sleep-over. You can talk openly with him about ANYthing, including the lame-shit your BF or husband just did, and he listens quietly. He gives great hugs, and is warm and cozy to take naps with. He's way more confident, and Dominant.. He ties you up.  He punishes you  when you screw up. … .And that part is kind of a turn-on, cause you never really know what he's going to do... He uses you sometimes, but that's hot, and he usually takes care of you in the end. But it's not about sex.... It's about support, and love.

It's kinda like back in high school, when you were dating the cute guy, but loved spending time with Daddy too. Only now..... Everyone's all grown up. Aren't they?

There is something special about a Daddy/daughter relationship. It may not replace your need for a  toy-friend or husband... And having a family. But it's not supposed to replace them, or be replaced BY them. It's the perfect addition the necessary third side to your life. Anyone will tell you a triangle is a MUCH stronger structure than a straight line.

You're still reading. Do you care to share your thoughts on this?  I have received some interesting replies this. I'd love to hear what YOU think. 

It's just a conversation...

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