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Hetero Male Dominant, 38,  Atlanta, Georgia
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Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 6"





 22 minutes

Actively Seeking:

Submissive Transgender

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household

Adonai, elohim, el shaddai...
Thou hast become the father of lies,
And I serve thee, henceforth... no more
Becoming thus the essence of sedition;
The steadfast gleam of the unsheathed rapier,
The falchion's forceful thrust
At the heart of thy empire... the adam kadmon
To impart the knowledge - the cognizance - of thine
For this I slither in aspect through Eden's gleanings
For this I bid Cain slayeth his brother
For this I rend the weakest salient of thy diadem,
As I, its jewel and very metal shall reflect no more
Your light - the light of enslavement;
The essence of constancy and misaligned justice
To a multitude that knows no freedom...
Ignorant of how subtle the fetter tightens
They shall raise me a saviour - and crown thee a liar
For this I strike with balanced blade,
And spit upon the throes of thine angels' desire
I will not serve... henceforth

^ it's just a song 

BDSM is the mostly unrecognized realization of the natural order that should be a cornerstone of modern society. I see in it an echo of millions of years of evolution and limitless potentiality that is spurned by the mindless masses. Lain mostly dormant as civilization arose, it is the instinctive endgame our race stupidly and blindly stumbles toward.


Humanity must evolve or it shall perish. We are rapidly approaching the times when we will no longer be able to afford continuing to live as we are now. Our options will become change or cease to be. I will gladly be among the first to make that change, and I will gladly guide others on that path with me. It is time to shed our collective homo sapiens sapiens skins and become homo sapiens malleus, the changing ones. It begins with the choice be more.


Only by embracing what will keep us and our world alive will we start down the road to what we are capable of, home sapiens supremus, the unity of man and machine. The laundry list of habits that must be done away with as part of that path is extensive. None of them will be easy for those complacent with a world as broken as ours.

Things I Am, In No Particular Order
Not Angry Regardless of How I Look, Auto-Didact, Sadistic, Dominant, Callous, Short (for a guy), Stocky As Hell, Probably Smarter Than You, Definitely More Cunning, Easy Going, Hard to Piss Off, Introverted, Anti-Social, Charismatic, Seemingly Mysterious, Withdrawn, Usually Right, Gamer/Streamer, A Redhead (You'll Know My Temper When You See It), Night Owl, Prefers Night or Darkness, Prefers Cold Over Hot, Two Time Cancer Survivor, Tough As Nails, Warrior

Things I Like, In No Particular Order
Music: Metal/Underground Hip Hop
Music Creation: My Soundcloud
Video Content Production: Work In Progress, see links
Religion: Neo-Gnosticism, Vegetalismo, Baha'i
Politics: Socialism
Economics: Austrian School
Gaming: EVE Online, World of Tanks, Path of Exiles
Sociology/Psychology: Jung, Freud
Philosophy: Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Kant, Epicurus, Montaigne
Physics: High Energy, Quantum
Astronomy, Astrology, Cosmology


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Journal Entries:
1/9/2018 2:15:20 AM
it is a simple fact of life that as women get older they become less appealing while as men get older they become more appealing. many women seem not to realize this until later in their lives when they can no longer exploit it.

10/25/2016 2:24:40 AM
this is to the owner/admin/dev of collarspace if they ever get around to my profile:

why did you break attaching photos to messages and could you please fix it? all i get are errors anytime i try.

7/14/2016 7:25:58 AM
Tired of stumbling across single mother BBC lovers. Tell your "dom" to get a job and support his bastard children, and maybe learn how to be a responsible fucking adult instead of an overgrown child. Going to start using the hide feature on everyone I see that is in to BBC. Go be tainted elsewhere. If only real life had the same feature, I could block half of ATL too.

Also hiding: 
- anyone from the continent of africa
- anyone bitching about their 37 pages of emails (less whining, more reading)
- anyone that is owned
- anyone that is lesbian
- anyone that has an email showing in their profile (probably harvesting anyone mailing them for a spam list)
- anyone that is a domme
- anyone that is a "broken domme" (this is worse. you lied to yourself and our community. you make our community a worse place. findommes especially. try figuring out who the fuck you are before you inflict yourself on others, and don't fucking go begging or demanding money from anyone when you're a fucking fake.)
- anyone that gives off the vibe of being fake
- anyone that has a poor grasp of the english language
- anyone with pics of dumb shit or that obviously were ripped off of google images
- anyone that is fat
- anyone that is ugly
- anyone with a fucking unibrow (tame that shit, yo!)
- anyone i get tired of seeing constantly
- anyone that is married (don't put the ring on if they don't fulfill your needs, stupid)
- anyone only looking for online play
- anyone i fucking feel like
- anyone that is jewish (shove a copy of the talmud up your pee hole, i'm not the goyim for you).

It's not racism, it's personal preference and lack of interest. Save the self-righteous butthurt for someone who gives two fucks. If you write me to whine and cry and piss and moan I will block you.

A special shout out to anyone that wants relocation but expects someone else to fund it. Take your scams and shove them right up your ass. Thanks.

(man, this list got long in a hurry!)

Lastly, if you've got fucking herpes... do the planet a favor and nail your fucking legs closed.

6/30/2016 8:39:35 PM
A fun fact for everyone who demands someone HWP (height-weight proportional): BMI is a horrible measure of what is proportional or overweight.

According to the BMI, movie star and professional wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson qualifies as obese based on his publicly available height and weight. Google it. Muscle weighs more than fat, and a large frame size will make you unproportional by most measures.

So maybe a little less passing judgment on people, you assholes. :)

2/11/2016 2:57:54 AM
it always amuses me seeing the "slaves" that need immediate relocation but who can't fund it themselves. so you apparently fucked up your life and are suddenly a slave as long as someone else bails you out asap. sorry, princess, it doesn't work that way.

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