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I'm very submissive to women, especially in private, but despite the things that turn me on I'
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Age: 21, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 120 lbs.
Location: Centerville, Tennessee
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I'm very submissive to women, especially in private, but despite the things that turn me on I'm mostly a normal guy. I like cars, contact sports, girls, etc; but put me in front of a pretty girl and I'm like putty in her hands. Since most girls tend not to like submissive men, even without knowing how far I'd really let them take it, actually doing some of the things I'd secretly like to do has been proving rather difficult (especially since I'm also rather shy).


My personal interests are mostly on the more sensual side of BDSM. I'm very interested in bondage. It doesn't have to be very intricate, just so long as I feel truly helpless against you.


I would love to find a girl who enjoys feminizing me. This would mean dressing me up from head to toe and treating me like her submissive lesbian girlfriend on occasion, but also having me wear panties underneath my regular clothes at all times as a sign of ownership. This seems to be more of a male fantasy, so even though I prefer it it's not really a must-have.


It would be a dream come true, however. My biggest fantasy has always been to find a girl who would use my status as a willing victim of feminization to quickly find out where my limits actually are just so that she could ignore them entirely and push me far beyond where I even want to go.


As part of that, I also desire to explore strap-on play. I can't think of anything that says "she's the boss" more thoroughly and effectively than letting her penetrate me. If she could somehow impregnate me in the act it would truly be my biggest fantasy come to life, but unfortunately reality hasn't quite caught up with my fantasies just yet. Don't let that stop you from trying, though!


Humiliation / embarrassment, particularly with regards to crossdressing even though I don't always link the two. This is something I'm pretty torn about. On the one hand, it's really terrifying and when I'm thinking straight I know I probably wouldn't want to experience anything beyond some discreet teasing with threats to push me further. But on the other hand, the thought of public exposure or being put at risk of exposure is just so exciting! I would never go through with it on my own, so I'm going to try to paint myself into a corner by mentioning it here in the hopes that somebody will take the decision out of my hands. Hopefully I'll manage to get myself into some real trouble. If you're out there and the opportunity presents itself, just make me do it! Even better if you can either trick or surprise me. Sign me up for a bra fitting at a department store, invite a friend (or friends) to come over to your house unannounced while I'm dressed up, trick me into going outside and lock the door behind me, or just have me wear lingerie underneath male clothes in a public area and snap my bra! Just find embarrassing situations to put me in, and go nuts :)


I also like things that seem vanilla but double as acts of submission, like giving body worship for extended periods, with or without reciprocation.



Well, anyway, here I am, ready to be your bitch :)



More in-depth fetish list from my profile (username: r0nmexico) on a, um, other site:


Fetishes (browse | bulk edit)

Into: anal sex (everything to do with it)ass play (everything to do with it)bondage (receiving)corsets (everything to do with it)costumes/dressing-up(everything to do with it)cross dressing (wearing)crossdressing bondage(receiving)cunnilingus (giving)discipline (receiving)domination (receiving)femdom (receiving)feminization (receiving)finding ways to get my sissy in trouble (receiving)gender play (everything to do with it)handcuffs (wearing)high heels (everything to do with it)humiliation (receiving)lingerie (everything to do with it)locking clothing (wearing)loli dresses (everything to do with it)mistresses with strap-ons (everything to do with it)oral sex (everything to do with it)pantyhose/stockings (everything to do with it)pegging (receiving)pussy worship (giving)quinceanera dresses (wearing)restraints (receiving)sensual domination (receiving)shackles (wearing)stockings (everything to do with it)strap-ons (receiving).

Curious about: anal (everything to do with it)behavior modification (receiving)blindfolds (receiving)chastity devices (wearing)corset training (receiving)cosplay (everything to do with it)crossplay (wearing)dollification (receiving)erotic hypnosis (everything to do with it)human doll (wearing)neosteel chastity belt (wearing)obedience training (receiving)orgasm control(receiving)rimming (everything to do with it)role play (everything to do with it)saline breast inflation (receiving)taking a crossdressed male sub out in public. (receiving).

Journal Entries:
2/23/2018 11:40:02 PM
Want to learn to do this:

12/14/2015 6:24:09 PM
Finally gave in to my curiosity and bought my first corset (24). It's every bit as much fun as I'd imagined. :) 

2/5/2013 11:12:35 AM

I'm not willing to post photos on this site, but if you're profile is convincing and attractive enough I'll cam verify using CollarMe's Classic Videochat feature. I'm not looking to put on a show, I just think video presents a more accurate representation of a person's looks than a photo can.

2/15/2012 5:13:04 PM


What do you think? Creepy or fun? I used to think the whole mask thing was a bit creepy, but after seeing this picture, I have to say it looks like a lot of fun. Dollification is quickly becoming my new favorite fetish.

10/31/2011 6:02:14 AM

I've dying to try this!

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