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Hetero Male Dominant, 59,  Sparks-Reno, Nevada
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 Dominant Male



 5' 11"

 200 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Switch Women


In a perfect coupling I would want to take my slave patiently into the darker aspects of this life...but as in all things, moderation is important.

I work from home so I have a lot of time and needs to be serviced.   You WILL know that you were used well by the end of each evening.

 My slave would not have to work outside the home but be naked, collared and used off an on everyday.  The definition of a slave vs. sub is subjective.  We can discuss our definitions/thoughts once we talk.

I have a lot of real life experience (25+ years) so I know what I'm doing and I know what I want.  I seek one with few or no limits and has the endurance and the mental strength to handle what I desire to give. I enjoy giving pain and degradation...not for punishment but for our mutual pleasure and what we are together.  I have a nice home (a HOUSE, not an apartment or trailer!) to share, a dedicated playroom and am VERY well equipped.

I am college educated, self employed, live alone currently and professional.  AGE, Race and experience is totally open....I want LONG TERM ownership. I am fit, high stamina, self employed (so I have more time for you) and want to end my search soon. Yes I can be extreme somewhat but all things take time, patience and growth to go as deeply dark as I seek.

Will verify anything required and expect the same openness of you.  I DO NOT do online, role play or participate in silly games like "consideration" or adding "Friends".  If you are active in your local "scene" then I probably not interested as  this is not a social exercise for me. I am here for ONE find what I seek and get off this site.


Pic upon request

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Journal Entries:
6/26/2017 7:02:26 AM
The Acid Test!

Test #1: When in doubt, throw it out! Don't waste your time with people that make you feel uncomfortable. Even if the guy was a real Dom, if his personality makes you feel uncomfortable, he's not going to be fun to play with much less commit to TPE.

Test #2: "You'd better call me Sir!" is the mating call of a wannabe or control freak. Real Doms don't have to ask for titles, we earn them. Most real Doms will say things like "Please, call me Mike..." initially and for transparency.  

Test #3: "I want you to take my collar before you play with me." This is another common demand of fakes, most often made by control freaks. They have to isolate you from other people and their advice, and sometimes a little ole "cyber-collar" is just the thing! Cyber-collars are worth less than the leather required to make one.

Test #4: If you get an Instant Message that says something like "On your knees you slave, slut, bitch, whore, etc." This is probably a wannabe, abuser and/or control freak who is a clueless as most vanillas. Use some common sense here. Why waste time with somebody that's not even polite? There's a time and a place for these endearing terms.

Test #5: "I don't have to answer that question!" or "It's not proper etiquette for you to ask a Master that." These are examples of some the dangerous lies that control freaks and snerts use. This is the Acid that is the most important! A Dom had better be ready to at least try and answer every question you have, and honestly at that! It's literally your life on the line here.

Test #6: "It's my way or the highway!" or words to that effect, are the mating cry of the common control freak. Doms can have limits too, but it's your limits that count first. Don't let any would-be "Dom" tell you differently. Don't let any of the wannabe subs tell you differently either.

Test #7: Don't bother with online collars. Don't make decisions about a prospective partner based on his online play style. It's a very simple test if you think about it: Would a real-life Dominant waste much time on cyber sex and cyber domination? The answer is no. Once you've done the real thing, cyber is just too unsustainable and in time, boring.

Test #8: Ask your prospect if he's ever made any mistakes during a scene. If he says "no," or says, "very rarely," at least be suspicious. Everyone makes mistakes, even if they are experienced and skilled. Sometimes submissives have limits they don't even know about, and even the most careful and skilled Dom in the world will trip over these occasionally

Test #9: "I'm a bank president, captain of industry, combat photographer, self-made millionaire... etc.  Wouldn't it be nice to meet a rich Dom too? Sure it would! But use some common sense. How many captains of industry have hours to spend in an AOL chat room? Also, think about this personality profile; If this super successful, always-in-control person is really into BDSM, he's likely a submissive! Worse yet, it could very likely mean he is a control freak

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