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About U/us:W/we are both educated, athletic adults who are serious about the lifestyle
Dom/Switch Couple, 34/33,  New Jersey






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 Dom/Switch Couple

 New Jersey



Primary Partner:









 6' 4"

 195 lbs



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 5' 9"

 122 lbs



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Submissive Female

A Poly Household

About U/us:
W/we are both educated, athletic adults who are serious about the lifestyle. W/we are committed to each other, O/our desire to live a kinky life, and to growing O/our home to include another sub/slave.

W/we will provide a safe environment in which you can grow in your role of complete submission and dutiful service; boundaries will be pushed, pleasurable pain provided, and delightfully strict discipline a way of life.

W/we are real, serious, and able to verify O/ourselves in any reasonable/sensible way; W/we expect you to be able and willing to do the same. W/we also have an profile (since 2005) with the same name - QuietD0m - where O/our IDs have been confirmed via ConfirmID.

About Me:
I am a hard-working, inquisitive, and confidently dominant man. I am honest, loyal to a fault, and sincere; I expect the same from anyone wanting to remain close to Me. I think that commitments are to be honored and, by nature, always seek to give more than I take.

Control is an integral part of My life, and I must have it whenever humanly possible. Taking charge and being in control of those within My care comes naturally to Me, and brings Me pleasure as nothing else can.

I am currently Master to My fiancee - Master's favorite toy - who has worn My collar for nearly 5 years in progressing levels of commitment; training, intent, and soon, permanent ownership. I have been living this lifestyle for about 15 years, and have been a Dom and/or Master to both experienced and new subs/slaves. I believe that I find a good balance between caring and patient, and strict and demanding.

About Master's toy (by Master's toy):

Master's toy is a (mostly) submissive, energetic, fun-loving girl. she yearns to please her Master and lives to ensure His needs are always met. But she has need of help in taking care of her Master, T/their home, and in meeting the occasional desire for control of another sub such as herself. she wishes strongly to be a sister sub to anyone who joins U/us, and wants for someone who can and will be a friendly confidant.


O/our ideal person:

Is someone naturally submissive, eager to please, desiring a life of service, and requiring domination. you may be new to this lifestyle, or have lived in it fully for years - either way, you will be trained in the art of pleasing and serving to O/our exacting standards. In return, you will be cared for and brought into the most intimate parts of O/our life. It is strongly desired that you will become a permanent part of O/our household, and become irreplaceable both through service and emotional connection.

W/w are seeking only a full-time, permanent, live-in situation as the end-goal to what is sought, but understand that such an exchange is not entered into lightly. There can and will be a period of learning, discussion of boundaries and safety protocols, and general acclimation before such a permanent arraignment can be reached. The time frame before this happens is directly related to your comfort level with your role, your lifestyle experience, and O/our rapport.


Misc. Notes:

While W/we seek someone who requires complete submission and a TPE relationship, W/we firmly believe that there are some lines that are not meant to be crossed; this means that W/we will not engage in any activity that involves underage persons, nor with anyone whose consent has not been provided, in advance, in person, in a neutral setting.

Lastly, and if you've read this far W/we assume you're serious and this may therefore be redundant, W/we will not give you money for any reason without knowing you, having verified in some fashion that you are who you say you are, that your intentions and desires align with O/ours, and that W/we all believe that you'd be a good fit for O/our home. W/we are working professionals and have the means to provide for a sub/slave within O/our care. W/we will not be fooled by those looking simply for pictures or money, but W/we are very interested if you're both real and serious.

Journal Entries:
1/5/2018 7:27:02 AM
W/we've added another picture to O/our profile showing W/we are both real and a couple, because W/we've had some people doubt if W/we're either.  And W/we're willing to further verify O/ourselves (voice, chat, etc.) at any point to anyone that has a serious interest in getting to know U/us.

So, if you're serious about this (as W/we are), you've found a couple that is both serious and real (and willing to prove it!).

Be well and stay safe!

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