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I am interested in a FLR,  female led relationship.  I'm new to cuckolding  but
Male Slave, 46,  Rapid City, South Dakota












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 Male Slave

 Rapid City 

 South Dakota

 Willing to Relocate

 6' 0"

 190 lbs





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Dominant Female

I am interested in a < style="color: #00;">FLR,  < style="color: #00; background-color: #888888;">< style="background-color: #ff0000;">female led relationship.  I'm new to< style="color: #00;"> cuckolding  but I am extremely eager to please my < style="color: #00;">cuckoldress in any way she desires. I'm looking for a wife that will train me to be the < style="color: #00;">cuckold of her dreams. Unfortunately have always been a dominant and strong willed man, but I have an uncontrollable compulsion to be obedient and submissive to my mate. My male ego can be harness and < style="color: #000000;">redirected to provide nurturing and servitude to my wife through consistent and constant < style="color: #00;">cuckolding, which will aggrandize my uxorious nature and diminish and eliminate my egotistical behavior.
I am a < style="color: #00;">monogamous, devoted, kind, caring, and loving man who would love to see my wife get as much sexual pleasure as possible from younger, virile, and well endowed men. A man's sexual prime is at a very young age in his life and continually decrease as he ages, but a woman's increases as she ages and sometimes will go even past her childbearing years. One of my primary goals as a husband is to give as much sexual pleasure to the most important person in my life, my lovely wife and by her constantly < style="color: #00;">cuckolding me, she will always be sexually satisfied and I will always be her monogamous loving husband. She will always choose the males that get the wonderful opportunity of copulating with my wife by any manner she may desire and I will support and encourage with much conviction her sexual freedom that will to be maximized to its greatest potential. I love to be locked in chastity while being teased and tormented sexually by my wife. The effect of the great amount of lust and sexual desire generated by being sexually frustrated for such a long term will makes me very obedient and extraordinary submissive to all my wife's demands. Sky pe: pindeho4ever.

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