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Hetero Male Dominant, 44,  Central, Oregon
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Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 11"

 180 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

A brief note before you begin

1. In a world full of fakes and frauds, I hope My honesty can give you a moment of pause and make you take Me seriously.
2. My time, labor, love and leadership are the most sacred gifts I can give.
3. If you are married, poly, in an open relationship or here for just online, move on.
4. I have MUCH to offer that special sub or slave - this is NOT just an exercise in kinky sex or checking off items on some kinky bucket list. I want and deserve a long term relationship with someone who aches for My total ownership - mind, body and soul.
5. I do not care if you are new or inexperienced or what your age or race is.
6. Ill never send you dick pics, nor will I ask for or demand nudes from you.
7. Trust is earned, not given. I am not your playground.


About Me

I am a successful small business owner and travel frequently around the Pacific Northwest. Im skilled at My craft, have great relationships with clients and have a good head on My shoulders.

I DONT have a criminal record, tattoos, piercings, STDs, kids, missing teeth, a wife, a girlfriend, pets or roommates. I am your classic innocent-looking boy next door who just happens to be an unapologetically dominant Alpha Male and Master with a heavy hand who firmly believes in a Male-led Ds relationship. I may seem unassuming - but do not be fooled. I believe in frequent domestic discipline, OTK (over the knee) king and reinforcing that a proper females role is to please, serve, learn from and obey Me.

I desire a healthy, stable, long-term, 247, TPE, Ms relationship - not short, sex or kink-driven romps in the hay. I am very paternal and protective - not a clueless, parasitic Neanderthal. I am an enthusiastic giver of My time, labor and affection. While I am strict, firm, dominant, decisive, assertive and possessive, I am also extremely warm, engaging, loving, energetic, fun to be around, spontaneous, intelligent, witty, goofy, passionate, affectionate, tactile, patient, understanding and empathetic. I enjoy slow, passionate, sensual love-making as much as being extremely rough and firm. I am a Man of contrasts....but do not infer that I am somehow bipolar, schizophrenic or psychotic. I am on no medication and I am well-grounded.

About you

Regardless of age or race, I seek and deserve a reverent, submissive, deeply humble female who possesses a humble, grace-filled demeanor and a service-oriented mindset in all things. Some extra weight is fine (I am flexible on this). I desire a female who craves an intense, enriching and committed relationship. she is easy-going, passionate, affectionate, a pleaser and a giver, she knows her place is under and indeed beneath Me and is ready to work at nurturing a beautiful, long-term and committed relationship with Me, both in and out of the bedroom. she lives a life of service unto Me - and devotes herself to Me as a true disciple would.

I am always up for conversation, so do not hesitate to reach out - you are never a bother, a burden or a distraction. No question or topic is off-limits, taboo, or silly. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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