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I am an elitist. Those who know me and those who just meet me know that I am a cut above the r
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Submissive Female

I am an elitist. Those who know me and those who just meet me know that I am a cut above the rest. I am a natural leader and I simply will not follow. I have been searching the inner most depth of my being looking for any reason to believe that most people are simply pathetic and need to be controlled. This is not about hating people. This is about recognizing and stating the obvious. People in general lack common sense, responsibility, control of their emotions and quite frankly I have noticed over the last three generations that there are more mentally unstable people in the world then there ever was.

We have been consistently creating totally self centered, unreliable, and addicted wastes to our society. People who simply lack everything that would make them desirable and yet they demand to be treated as an equal or even worse, as a superior. Each day I lose more faith in humanity. I see new places and new faces and the more I venture out the worse it becomes. The newest generation appears to be oblivious to life and is only interested in drugs, alcohol, and casual sexual experimentation. What happened to actual relationship? As a fetish site I understand the kink and fetish element but why do people insist that fetish and kink are sustainable and there is nothing else to life?

People on CM are no different. This is without a doubt the most depressing experience one could ever have in search of someone genuine. More mental illness exists here than any other site, and they are all bad. Women are not the exception here. The caliber of people in general here leaves much to be desired. No wonder losers fixate on celebrities and lash out at those who are prosperous. Your life is pitiful. I have no sympathy for anyone in their current situation.

We project from the inside. You can not fool anyone by claiming your life and your health and wellbeing are in order while you reek of contradiction. We face challenges everyday and I do not expect you to always be on top. I do expect that you strive to overcome and then maintain until the next challenge.

It appears as well that women remain confused as to what being dominant means and they think because they have a "boy" wrapped around their finger or because they are spoiled that they are dominant. Women are incapable of the ability to sustain the natural drive to own, possess, control, and overpower. Women still confuse dominance with chivalry. One has nothing to do with the other. Chivalry was invented during a time of absolute carnage and disregard for human life as was all forms of romanticism. The absolute power derived from the dominant essence can not be contained within the female vessel. The key lies within man's genetic makeup. Testosterone is what drives us. Estrogen does not produce the same or similar results. Get over it already. Deal with it and move on.

Women are simply not equal in any regard. Women are more mentally unstable, unreliable, emotional and bizarre in their thought process. This makes some women intriguing if they have the physical beauty to offset the undesirable traits. Most women are simply unappealing because they lack both inward and outward "beauty". I would take a cute "dumb" girl with a pleasant attitude over a super model any day. Dominant men do not want assertive women who think they are intelligent. Women and egos do not go well together. Combine this with a feminist attitude and you have the ultimate combination to ward off any dominant male because you are simply not worth dealing with. I hear dating gurus talk about men who go after intelligent women but I don't agree. Conversation can be made on multiple levels and people don't need to be on an even intellectual keel. Intelligence is a self perception that brings with it unfounded ego and grandized self awareness. I don't care how smart you think you are because I'm not threatened by it. It would not make you prized in my eyes.


Being a whore and demanding cock certainly would be a turn off because you lack basic understanding that a dominant male takes and he does not serve or service. I believe all women should be kept on a tight leash because you simply don't deserve so called "freedom" or "equality". You have done nothing as a sex to earn it.

The funniest thing to me are those who say that getting to know someone online is different then dating in real life. They say they must be careful and can't be public about such things and yet a woman will give you her number, be seen in public with you and be engaged in conversation. Online, a woman must hide her ugliness, remain hidden behind a computer screen and never expose herself for security reasons or because she is a professional. In person he would know where you live, have your phone number, talk to you and text you and you would have no issue. For some reason women tend to have bass ackwards thinking when it comes to this venue. There are simply no excuses. Real people do not condone this type of behavior. Just because you think you are real doesn't make it so.

If your profile states you are willing to relocate, it means just that. It does not mean that in one to four years when you finish school or in a few years when your kids graduate, you can move. Willing to relocate means within the near future and you do not have 100 things keeping you tied to your current location. Stop telling others you can relocate and expect to have an online relationship for a year or more.

Being an elitist, you can not complete me. This is where I struggled for some time. Listening to people instead of simply being who and what I am has led me down the wrong path. I have never cared what you think and when I pretended to care it simply added anxiety and stress to my life. I was born to be served. It's that simple. The only two types of people in this world are those born to be served and those to be in service. There are no exceptions.

The truly submissive woman who understands the dynamic of a man does not attempt to cancel out, control or otherwise filter his dominant essence. She simply basks in its glory knowing that she is simply a natural extension to his being. She is the manifestation of what he is and not the other way around. She is drawn, locked in, locked down, owned, controlled, possessed and fully exposed and she loves it. There are no excuses to be made about who or what one is. This is simply a way of being. It is natural. It is right. It is unwavering. It is unyielding. Any blockage of this natural flow creates stagnation and all stagnation must be cleared to establish natural flow.

Women do not choose. Women are chosen. Women are drawn by things they can not explain and then try to analyze. Women do not analyze. This is a man's trait. Stop trying to be a man. Just stop being what you are because you are ridiculous playing these bdsm games.

For those of you who are truly defensive, guilty or simply unintelligent; this is not a rant. This is merely expression of self which you interpret to mean directed at you because you relate to what I said and your instinct is to get upset or deny. I simply don't care. You will go on leading your crappy life and I will continue to experience a better life. If you are a woman and you believe that a dominant male exists to conform to your expectations, desires, fantasies, and interests, then you are not only clueless, you are also prohibited from contacting me.


If you do decide to contact me then do so with clear photos attached and a clearly written email outlining your experience, what it means to be owned, and what you offer of yourself to contribute to a happy, healthy and meaningful relationship dynamic.
When a woman submits, I expect her to accept every sensation. When someone truly surrenders, there is no need for restraints.


UPDATE - I have expanded my search so read carefully. I am a heterosexual male with zero bi tendencies. Keep this in mind while reading. I have the need to be served which does not mean in a sexual manner. I will not deny myself while getting to know anyone.

Submissive males and switch males- It appears that many gay kinksters are perusing my profile. I now understand why so many people are complaining about you. Your personality and perceptions of D/s are worst than the fake submissives here.

If you are to serve me then understand that I will in no way use you in a sexual manner nor will I engage in any form of sexual BDSM play. Disciplining you on the other hand is a different matter. Be prepared to follow the same rules as a female and possess the same ability to surrender.


To those who switch I can tell you with absolute certainty that you are not dominant so do not pretend or feel the need to put up a strong front. The same rules apply to you as well.


Sub/sub couples - The male half of a couple will obey the same rules as any other male. Should I take ownership, you will follow the same rules as required of any slave.

Dominant women - Outside the fetish of BDSM, I do not believe in female domination, as biology, hormones, history and evolution preclude dominance in the female species. One can be strong, exhibit an uncanny masculine persona, however, in the end you are no match for a dominant male in any regard. The strongest of women who act dominant are merely acting out that which is missing in their own life. Do not pretend or act like you have put dominant men in their place because you haven't. Anyone can manipulate a weak submissive male so do not feel the need to express your ego.

I can agree that a woman can be dominant to another woman or to a weak male, however, what I have already stated still applies and dominance is limited within these realms. I make reference to the real world only. What exists behind closed doors in a controlled environment is not within the scope of my statements.


Allow me to introduce you to the concept of being owned. It appears that the simplest of concepts eludes most kinksters here on this site. Being owned means that someone else calls all of the shots all of the time if they so desire. Being owned means that you obey when someone else calls the shots 100 percent of the time. What follows, should you decide to be disobedient is not a pleasant topic for you will find no pleasure on the receiving end.


There is no such thing as you sitting at home with a few quick tasks to perform while you dream of your Master/Owner to return. There is no such thing as the fantasy of all that sex or bdsm play youre having when your Master/Owner returns and he has to plan everything for the next day or longer while making sure you performed as required. Anyone who thinks differently is either delusional, retired, or in the case of the owner, pussy whipped and is not in control of the relationship.

Anyone who is owned is an extension and representation of her owner. Responsibility, tactfulness, respect, obedience,femininityand a sense of purpose are minimal requirements. Intelligence, humor, charm,education, career, etc. are all icing on the cake and do not make you more worthy than someone who possesses and expresses the minimal requirements.

I honestly have to wonder how many of you have actually been in a real relationship where you gave of yourself and not simply demanded everything for nothing. Those of you who do work, I applaud you, however, this does not give you any right to demand or require a certain level of performance from anyone else. You are just as lonely and desperate as anyone else working a menial job so you are no better than anyone else. You simply have more baggage and a sour attitude toward men.

Now I will tell you some things about myself:

I am lord and Master
My word is law
I have been on my own all of my adult life
I have lived and traveled around the world
I have zero tolerance for liars and manipulators
I am naturally dominant, protective in nature, and possessive.
My possessiveness does not come from insecurity; it comes from being naturally dominant and this is what dominant males do
I am domineering when I choose to be because you can not separate dominant from domineering for those women pretending to be submissive
I appreciate and will use your intelligence and capabilities to my full advantage which includes "us" in the equation
I will benefit from anything you do in all aspects of your life as you are an extension of me
I will control everything you do in all aspects of your life. I have no need of micromanaging. I do however reserve this right and you will not forget this
A relationship is 24/7 no matter what the present dynamic. You do not walk out the door and say Im not owned or in a relationship until I return home.
I have no problem throwing you to the curb if you prove to be not what or who you claim
I believe if you want something then you work for it
I have been on this site for several years, relocated around the country, and have both relocated to others and have relocated them to me.
All my relationships fail because the other person lies very well and it takes time to reveal the truth
I have more than my fair share of horror stories and yours do not trump mine so stop using them as an excuse
I believe that a woman goes where the man goes; period. Yes, I can relocate but only if it is in everyone's best interest. I do know the meaning of expanding my experiences and sacrifice for the greater good.
I do not live to serve you.
I respect what I own.
I care about what I own.
I do not neglect what I own.
I resent anyone who is all about themselves.


Contact me only if you are real, emotionally available, will relocate or live a life I would be interested in joining, will contribute, will surrender, and will worship the ground I walk upon.


You must send clear, recent photos from which I can make a proper evaluation. No over exposed, under exposed photos or unclear camera phone pics.

Do not initiate conversation with things like hi, or how are you this evening. Tell me what drew you to my profile, what you can offer me in respect to your submission, and tell me how you would like to contribute to my happiness and well being. As a woman, all labels aside, you should have no problem relating your innermost desires so as a submissive woman you should not develop writer's block.

Journal Entries:
9/20/2015 8:11:01 AM
December makes 10 years I have been on this site. Fakes, flakes, and women who are new to the site don't agree with what I write about women. Men have been saying the same thing for thousands of years. I'll make a deal with you. If you have been on this site longer than me, are actually what you claim, have had a successful relationship based on how you think it's supposed to be when with a dominant male; not only will I apologize but I will also kiss your ass. Until that time, shut the fuck up because you are clueless, alone, have little going for you, or you are with someone you really don't want to be with because you don't know what you're talking about. Tom Cruise is not going to break down your door with a crane while you sit on your couch eating bon bons and carry you away. Deal with the reality and stop projecting your fantasy on those who are living in reality. Stop presuming that I hate women. If I had the time for such nonsense then I would simply hate you. I only don't like you when you open your mouth and your feminist programming kicks in. Yes, you deserve to be beaten. Yes, you deserve to be restricted. Yes, you are emotionally unbalanced. Yes, men are not searching for you. It's not the end of the world. It's not even the end of the day yet.

9/18/2015 4:57:13 AM
As much as you would attempt to have me believe otherwise, my experiences and observations are correct. Don't believe me? Ask yourself why men don't want to marry western women. Ask yourself why the number one thing a woman cares about is a man's money. Now, ask yourself the most important question; why would a heterosexual dominant male want a masculine female? Let this sink through your thick skull. Do not confuse dominant by necessity with dominant by design. Anyone can play at or pretend to be dominant. Women lack testosterone and the masculine essence to be truly dominant. Making other men or women take it in the ads or listen to you bark orders or make sure you get your way does not make you dominant. A dominant male will tear your assistance up, or otherwise destroy you as part of his natural thought process. To dominate is to be domineering. There is no such thing as chivalry. Chivalry was invented for stories and did not exist as you think it did. Study actual history people. The majority of people are pathetic and lost. This is a fact. Most people are followers. Natural leadership requires a swift kick in the assignment to motivate and yet modern society wants you to talk about "feelings". The ancients had it right. Fuck all of you and your pathetic cries about not finding a real dominant male. You wouldn't know one if he actually jumped from the page of your romance novel and did everything to you that you could imagine. People are a waste of space and the people here are a waste of my time

11/30/2012 6:38:16 AM

No, really, it's not me;  it's definitely you

11/20/2012 9:38:13 AM

I am a risk taker.  Without taking risk, there is no glory.  No one ever went through life praising themselves on their accomplishments while sitting in front of the television or computer.  Taking risk means I take responsibility for the outcome.  Your lack of taking a chance on us proves to me that you were never real and never had the intention you so stated to the world via your profile.  People who feel the need to talk endlessly and never make the effort to meet are pathetic.  People who claim to be genuine, interested and serious and disappear within a day or two of talking are even more pathetic.


I will never understand how someone could meet a person in real life and sleep with them within the first three dates but act as though they are a saint when it comes to getting to know someone from the internet.  You are no angel and to deny someone serious in their search by making them wait for you to never appear should leave you with a permanent brand on your forehead marking you for anyone who wishes to weed out the fakes, flakes and liars.  I write not with anger but with apathy.  I simply don't care about you and I will not generate false feelings of concern or sympathy for this type of person.


What has this world come to when an attractive, feminine, submissive woman can not or will not show herself so that she can be found?

9/6/2012 8:52:08 AM

There is no "I" in slave

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