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***Visiting NYC 4/20 & 4/21*** 43 year old professional. I've been on and off here for a lo
Male Dominant, 43,  Philadelphia, New Jersey


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GayMale Slave
Age: 23, Height: 5ft 10in (178 cm), Weight: 150 lbs.
Location: Baltimore , Maryland
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***Visiting NYC 4/20 & 4/21***

43 year old professional. I've been on and off here for a long time. Met some decent people but still haven't found what I am looking for.


If I contact you my first email will be brief because too many people don't even take the time to reply, so I am not wasting my time putting it all out there. If you reply, I am happy to start a dialogue and provide lots of details.


As to what I am seeking --


I am looking for full-time, live-in slave. I would like to meet someone who is ready to serve as a loyal obedient boy/slave and is interested in a 24/7 situation (not looking for someone to move-in over night, but within a reasonable amount of time).


Looking for an in-shape, younger (18 - 35, sorry older guys) sub/slave of any race - should be disease free, negative (I am too) and practice good hygiene. I am not looking for a mindless drone but someone who is engaging and can handle himself in public, but definitely submissive.


I am seeking an adventurous slave who is ready to work hard to make all of my fantasies in and out of the bedroom reality.


Safe, clean, disease free play here....kinky and sane. Ultimately, I will provide the lucky slave a good home - complete with rules, chores, and protocols -- but a good home. My one rule is you must get yourself here - once here I will provide for you, but unfortunately I've been burned before and will not provide you cash or money to get here.

Say hello and let's chat about the details.


I realize this kind of commitment is not for everyone and I still enjoy having fun. I am willing to host for weekend sessions and longer.... Ask me, I am pretty open to arranging visits/temp stays.


Also, open to hosting college students for the holiday/spring/summer break - both local and distant - if you need a free place to live. International students studying in the US who need a free place to stay for breaks/summer. The only cost is your slavery.

The goal though is 24/7.

Tested HIV Negative - February 2018 

Close to Manhattan and visit frequently - for a day, a weekend - so I am always interested in getting to know subs from the city.

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