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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

Back for a few to see if there is anyone who interests me. If I am communicating with you, you
Male Dominant, 51,  Clifton, New Jersey











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 Dominant Male


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Back for a few to see if there is anyone who interests me. If I am communicating with you, you seem interesting.

If you think its all about you and your pleasure we would probably also disagree on other important stuff.

Photos? Yes, I have many for you - not the public. Ask nicely.

Journal Entries:
10/27/2017 2:44:38 AM
The Mueller machine is amping up into high gear and Trump's crazy ass will be gone one day soon if there is a God.

7/23/2017 6:31:31 AM
The number of fakes on here is astounding, but I have methods in place for draining the swamp, so before you even think about approaching me in your guise, please know you will be found out in warp speed.

7/11/2017 3:06:39 AM
Just updated profile to include a couple of photos so my chat acquaintances can have some sense of what I look like.  

I have come to realize that there are some really bruised souls out there (in here), and an equal amount of heartless predators ready to devour them, leaving an indelible "scorched earth" impression - not so easily erased.  And while they may swear off this lifestyle or disappear into a long hiatus, their true nature brings them right back here, a lot more cautious, callouses on the soul but not yet "wrecked".  

My 2 cents on Dominance... If your so-called Dom is not well versed in who he is and what dominance is, how can he lead?  Dominance is not about bossing you around, putting heavy restrictions on you and sharing you with others. If you're being sexually leased out to others you're not a submissive, you're a whore - sorry. I'm not judging, just stop calling yourself a sub. Get paid for what you do (as a hooker or porn star) - you're not subbing, you're exploring your whore-ism.  

A true dominant male establishes his own protocols, laws, rules, etc. based on his needs and knowledge of self and what brings him joy and peace of mind.  Anyone who challenges this statement of what dominance is is trying to mind fuck you into drinking the kool aid they drank. Finding the right submissive or mate is about finding one who equally finds joy, peace of mind, etc. in being the female counterpart in that "Life" they share together. 

Although I have read plenty on the D/s dynamic it was never about learning the protocols and lifestyle etiquette established by authors or passed down through the ages; it was about understanding my own nature and knowing what the dynamic should look like and discovering that I could/should have it my way (within reason) - and I do. 

On a final note, I have read tons of so-called sub profiles wherein they refer to themselves as the "gift".  While this may be true, do understand that in this environment where the swamp is filled with more than a fair share of ill-intentioned predators the real "gift" is a confident, self aware, independent thinking Dominant. Consider yourself lucky or blessed to find one.

11/7/2016 5:39:44 AM
Thank you to those smart cookies who voted for Hillary.  Not so much that Hillary was the perfect candidate - she wasn't.  What she did represent in this election, was the opposition to something far more horrendous, damaging, absurd and a major threat to the Democracy this nation has been striving toward embracing.  And though the election was lost to barbarism, I still thank you for restoring me to the realization that the glass remains half-full, and I am not alone in keeping a fertile fortress for the future. Thank you for bringing to the foont the conversation of whether the Electoral College system should be discarded; Hillary won the popular vote. Thank you for having the intestinal fortitude of those freedom fighters who came before us, some of them sacrificing their lives, gring for something much greater than what we got this past election day. 

And to you others, the less educated and forward thinking among us, I thank you too. Thank you for totally F_ _ cking sh_t up!! Thank you for voting against your own interest, giving tax cuts to the rich so Trumps kids and their friends can buy more yachts to water ski behind. Thank you for virtually handing over the rights to a woman's reproductive organs and keeping the minimum wage frozen as the cost of living rises beyond your ability to make ends meet. Thank you for helping make the office of the presidency a global laughing stock and for anointing  a "First Lady" whose english sounds like the kind of spanish that you would not be able to order a taco with. Thank you for my new dilemma - Should I pack up and head to a Socialist country or just move to a red state and get rich selling "Snake Oil"?  I know where all the suckers in America can be found now.

2/24/2015 7:19:53 PM
Who can pleasure me with her mouth and ass without negotiating her pleasure first? Are there any bonafide servers out there? Let's see...

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