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I AM NOT, I repeat, NOT looking to or for: engaging in any random play with strangers, leaping
Female Dominant, 41,  Lewiston, Maine


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BisexualTransgender Switch
Age: 28, Height: 5ft 7in (170 cm), Weight: 195 lbs.
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
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I AM NOT, I repeat, NOT looking to or for: engaging in any random play with strangers, leaping into the sack, pursuing a hot ticket, wild thing, booty, piece of ass, or other sexually charged anything at this time.  You'd be grossly disappointed in my sexual appetite, and likely, I in your intellectual stimulation value, should you try to pursue me for any of the listed activities of disinterest.

Why am I here if I'm not looking to date? What am I up to? What is my "Deal"??


My significant other and I have an unconventional model for our relationship. There are things I would like in my life that would augment what is present. That leaves the door open, should the just-right person appear.

Because what I am looking for is more than 'dating' or play.  I don't do hookups, but I do something else.  I get more out of connection, intellectual and emotional, than you can possibly imagine. I've been here since the mid 2000's.  I met my partner, my spouse/slave here, and appreciate the site immensely. I am NOT going to replace him. I Believe in and live in a Polyamorous model, but under a more closed/fidelity focused structure. Ask, if you wish to understand more. Currently that is the only relationship I have, though he has a second partner who is a very important part of our lives.

Now, I've been active in the kink community in various s since the turn of this lovely century, and I like staying in touch, seeing whats happening, and browsing the profiles that are here for those who may be of similar mind. I enjoy making friends within my geographical area who are within the kink world but who also enjoy discussing issues of the day, solving problems, engaging in hobbies or creative pursuits, seeking out cultural events, and other things I'm sure I've forgotten. This website is a low-investment method of staying plugged-in in that way. Yes, there's a remote possibility a spark will be struck. But it is extremely slim, and lets just say one liners won't cut the mustard.</>

Go ahead though, impress me.

 I appreciate intellect and thoughtful conversation more than you might guess.

This still leaves the open question, what would I want if someone were indeed to 'spark' my interest? Ok, here goes:

Service Oriented

Highly Available

A companion (a la Firefly)

someone who desires a Dominant lady's influence on their decision making processes, but does not require that to make good decisions


Nonsexual or primarily non-sexual dynamic

Ok with secondary status.

Duties to include:part minion, part errand boy, part housekeeper, part cook, part play toy, part traveling assistant at vending events, and part social companion, with "other duties as assigned



Journal Entries:
4/15/2018 4:10:58 AM
Losing people makes you think, as well as hurt. I think about how he wasn't even old enough to have to take social security. He had barely retired from working. I think about how funny he was, how his laugh made me smile, how he cared so much for everyone arrive him. But I also think how paper thin his hand felt in mind the last time I saw him, and how the fullness of life had already started withdrawing from his limbs as he lay in the hospital. I will miss him.

4/3/2018 6:48:24 PM
It appears my profile has now suffered the strange corruption bug so many here do, where HTML tags start showing up in the body text. I've done my best to clean it up, but colorful coding is no longer available to me. Bold seems to work, but the rest show as code in clear text when update my profile. So frustrating!

3/18/2018 1:20:22 PM
The vast majority of those in power in this world did not get there through mutual support and nurturing relationships. The power structures of society are not designed by nature to be kind to the less fortunate, the disabled, or the disadvantaged. It is up to those people of conscience and means to make a deliberate choice, to give because they can, to create systems, by design, which serve a greater good. And yes, there will be those who take advantage of those kindnesses, those helping hands. That is part of the price for helping those who truly need it.

It is easy and self-satisfying to claim that all people should raise themselves out of the muck. It is gratifying to the greedy to proclaim a 'gospel of wealth'. But if there is an afterlife, and if we are ever judged by the kindness in our hearts or the generosity of our spirits, then I am confident the 'conventional' path will not take us through any pearly gates.

3/11/2018 4:46:57 PM
Other fetish things.

I thoroughly enjoy some things that are 'fetishes' when I engage in play.

Bondage - including leather restraints, metal restraints locking restraints. Rope is ok, but not a high priority for me.

I enjoy getting reactions, so in that sense I like sensation play. You can investigate a product I make at

However, some things just aren't practical.  And I see a lot of profiles and people contacting me chasing after these ideas.
  • Extended chastity without option for release
    • This gets to be a health hazard and practical difficulty for most men in most occupations before too long. It is theoretically possible, but something I haven't been able to implement for more than a week or so at a time.
  • Seclusion bondage (pulled from society)
    • Not practical!  I have a slave husband who is in service to me at all times, but he still works a job!  To be useful I want him out there in the world doing work, I can't imagine what kind of disaster it would be to have someone caged in a home, unattended, and have an emergency.  The liability would be entirely on the dominant. And then if we set that aside, there's the fact that while that person is thus restrained, they cannot be productive on my behalf. No thanks.
  • Extreme masochism/sadism/damage/castration etc.
    • Refer to above comments on legal liability.  Also, I just am not interested in harming my partner(s).  Ultimately, in theory at least, we are here to be with people we like at the least, and hopefully, develop a long term bond with. So no, I do not engage in play of this kind.

3/10/2018 5:38:09 PM
I want to clarify my position on "Forced Feminization" and "Sissification".
I have no ion to those who wish to play on this side of the fence, but I have a very narrow band within this world which I can enjoy.

In general, I have great distaste for any feminization of a male which is based on the mockery of the female form or which is designed to humiliate the male through application of feminine traits.

So, sissy play is typically right out, as it is almost entirely a humiliation based play style.  Anything mocking dick size, weight, looks in feminine clothing, all out. These are negative statements based on mixing gender stereotypes.

That said, occasionally in fetish space, I will find cross-dressers to be an attractive, desirable, and fun group. I have had at least one in my life who I thoroughly enjoyed taking to the local gay bar and dancing with and teasing all night. It was never, however, about disparagement. It was about how good she looked, while being "her".  And not about a 'guy in a dress', which again sounds like mockery to my ears. I found my friend very sexy and appealing while dressed, and very attractive and handsome as a man.  If you can nail both sides of that coin, without the need to be humiliated or otherwise mocked, then there's a chance it's something I am ok with.

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