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Hi my name is Caitie. I am listed as a switch because I am very indecisive. I have no clue as
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Hi my name is Caitie. I am listed as a switch because I am very indecisive. I have no clue as to which side of the spectrum I fall on honestly. Im not a TopDomme, and Im not a submissiveslave. I have yet to figure that out. So if your a slave or subby boy, Im not the one for you. And if your a TopDom Im also not the one for you.

Journal Entries:
11/6/2017 5:23:41 PM

Far Away 4/17/17
She was so far away. She couldn't see any light. She didn't know which way was out. She was so very lost. She needed to find her way out in this blackness hole she called her life. She was so very tired of this darkness keeping her from the light. She was falling further and further away from the light. She didn't know what else to do. She couldn't get out of her own head. She was a prisoner inside her own head. She wanted so much to break free. But she couldn't. She tried every thing. Then one day something remarkable happened. Some one came into her mind and grabbed her hand and told her to put her trust in him, and he will lead her out of her prison. So she did, and for the first time in years, she finally got to see the light she has been begging to see. She put her trust in him and he led her out of her prison. Now she is out and enjoying the light by his side. She is one with him. He saved her life from the darkness. She will never have to go back to the blackness as long as he is there by her side.

4/16/2017 5:22:30 PM

She wants to be claimed

She wants so badly to be claimed. Just take her, make her yours. She can't keep going on like this. She needs and craves to be claimed. She lives to be claimed. To be broken. To be put in her place. She needs a strong hand to make that happen. Shes so tired of not feeling complete. She needs to feel his dominance. She needs to feel the pain he loves to give her, The pain she needs and craves. She wants nothing more then to feel owned. Because if she feels that she will be whole. She will feel loved and wanted. Please some one , shes crying on the inside so loud for this. You look into her eyes and you'll see it. Just with one look you will know. She's begging for it. She needs and wants this so badly. Don't make her wait any longer. Come and claim her.

4/16/2017 5:13:17 PM
His Dominance

His dominance is so over powering. She can't seem to stay away from him. She just can't bring herself to move and let him be. She needs his dominance. She craves his soft touch. Just thinking about his soft strong hands running over her skin makes her heart ache. She craves his dominance. All of it. The soft, the rough the pain, the guidance, the submission, and the control. She wants nothing more then to be completely his. Body, mind, and soul. She wants to give it all to him. She wants him to have it all. She wants him to take it from her. She wants him to own her, and make her his. Every thing in her her craves that. To be his property. Every last part of her. He has dominated her heart and soul. And she wants him to know that. But she doesn't know how to tell him that.

4/16/2017 5:12:26 PM
Her Cravings

Her craving runs so deep. So very deep in her. Sometimes shes to scared to voice her cravings. But her cravings brought her to some one who can meet her cravings. She can finally let her dark cravings out. And let them out and shine bright. She doesn't have to hide them anymore. She is finally accpted for all of her. Every little desire of her is finally welcomed. Now the only craving she isn't scared to show is the craving for him. She craves every thing about him. His touch, his warmth, his pain, his love, and his protection. She craves all that is him. She would surely die if she was to lose all that. They mean way too much to her for her to even imagine life with out them. She would surely go back to that cold place she never wants to be again. She wants to stay free. Shes never going back to that cold, desolate cage called her mind again.

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