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I am the Queen of Small Penis Humiliation! I believe all men with tiny worms should be locked
Female Dominant, 32,  Arizona


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BisexualMale Submissive
Age: 50, Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm), Weight: 154 lbs.
Location: North, United Kingdom
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I am the Queen of Small Penis Humiliation! I believe all men with tiny worms should be locked up in chastity! My live-in slave was once my former boyfriend, but after months of stroking his male ego I could no longer pretend I was satisfied in bed, I began the process of turning him into my full time sissy slut. She now goes by Erica and wears panties 24/7. This is my life, not a persona. I absolutely love humiliating tiny cocks and putting them in their place.

Look douchebags, I am a Dominant Alpha Female. I am here to find and train serious submissive slaves to serve long term. Due to the never-ending number of pathetic males begging for a chance to serve Me and willing to pay for the privilege, I have the luxury of doing things My way and I am very selective.

If you want to serve Me, you are going to pay a $25 application tribute up front, period.

The initial tribute is not because I believe financial service is of the highest importance My slaves, but because 99% of the losers that contact Me are interested in a quick fix fantasy. I am a real Female Dominant and I accept only the best submissives to serve My needs. I put a significant amount of time into reading slave applications and getting to know potential slaves so I can train them properly. I’m not going to waste that kind of time on wanna be time wasting idiots that just want to cum and go.

If you can’t put down $25 and fill out an application to demonstrate the sincerity of your interest in serving, I DON'T WANT YOU. FUCK OFF. I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS OR HOW YOU THINK I SHOULD DO THINGS DIFFERENT OR THAT YOU ARE GOING TO "REPORT" ME. FUCK OFF.

Further, I don’t go out of My way to do proof clips for subs either. If you want verification, go to My studio and tribute there, or order a custom clip.

I offer  a Public Tiny Dick Registry (, chastity key holding services for your tiny little dick jerking problem and sell used panties, stockings, and shoes. Message me for details.


I also have an extensive library of fetish clips and I do make custom clips on request for those who can afford them.

Yes, I'm a Femdom, if you are offended by that or believe I shouldn't be on here then just move along. I don't give a shit about you or your feelings. Let's just not even waste our time with each other. Move along little one. I have bigger fish to fry.

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5/27/2017 7:53:16 AM
Tiny Dick Losers that haven't enlisted in me online registry must pay your $25 enrollment fee and submit ur pathetic dick pics to me so I can make you an id.

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