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Hetero Male Dominant, 60,  Saskatchewan, Canada
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The fundamental - and really only - question I have for any of you that choose (hopefully) to read through my full, personal profile is this How can I help you? It is really no more complicated than that.

With the utmost in humility I consider myself to be an intelligent man with a good sense of humor, and a relatively uninhibited mind. I am nothing if not patient, compassionate and respectful. I do take great pride in being an honest and trustworthy man. Now, lots of men say that - but I guarantee it. As well, please understand that I am a gentleman first and a DOM second. I take both of those roles very seriously. And yes, it is possible to be both at the same time.

I am primarily - but not exclusively - interested in communicating with female (i.e. born with an XX sex chromosome) submissives or DOMsub couples alike. And no, I am not looking to be anybodys 24 x 7 Master. So, IF you would seriously consider relocating to my location - well then - please do not contact me. Now, I will of course communicate with you regardless of your age (assuming you have truly reached the age of consent that is) - but, that does not mean that I will truly engage with you. We would have to be somewhat compatible with one another in terms of our life experiences, general attitudes and level of maturity for that to happen.

And yes, I fully understand and support a submissive womans need to do her full, due diligence when it comes to engaging men on sites such as this. If a DOM does not understand that your trust and respect in him must truly be earned (and not assumed) over time - well then - he is probably not worthy of your consideration. As well, your personal safety and well-being should be near the top of his own list of goals and responsibilities towards you. At the end of the day, and in a way somewhat unique to this particular lifestyle, as your DOM I really work for you not vice versa. That is, for as long as we both choose to retain our respective roles. I wish more people understood just what I am saying here.

All that I can say is Choose wisely. And, remember that sometimes the answer to a problem can be serendipitously staring you right in the face.

If you happen to have a serious Ds, BDSM or Domestic Discipline (DD) related question, are seeking an honest opinion, are simply looking for ideas, or if you just want to bounce an idea off of somebody well then - please feel free to contact me. I cannot promise you that I have all of the answers (who does?). Nor can I promise you perfection. No, I can only offer you experience, competence, sanity, honesty, respect, privacy and discretion. Please dont discount the fact that you might even be able to learn something from the thoughts, insights and experiences of others such as myself.

Now, IF you, yourself, are looking for a more al, training regimen - well - we can chat about that also. However, one thing that I will not participate in is simple, online role playing (i.e. weaving purely fantasy filled stories together).

As for you, I can only hope that you possess, and can exhibit to me, the following traits Intelligence, honesty, genuineness, openness, good written communication skills, respect for both yourself and me, common courtesy, trustworthiness, discretion, confidence, and of course a good sense of humor. Open, honest communication is important to me and it should be to you also. So, if you are an honest, well-balanced, discerning person who is both serious and genuine about finding what it is that you are looking for within this forum - well then - I may be interested in hearing from you.

As I have somewhat alluded to earlier, the bottom line is that I have always garnered genuine, no strings attached, personal satisfaction from helping others. Of course, I cannot offer any guarantees in this regard but I do try. I just wish more folks on this forum would grasp the true nature of what I am stating here. Yes, admittedly, I am an older gentleman which, for some of you, is a show stopper. As for myself, I prefer to think of it as being experienced. That is, I sincerely hope that you judge me based upon my own merits and what I may be able to bring to the table for you. I say that because I think there are times - not always - when men on this site are too quickly and unfairly judged by the truly inappropriate actions of other men. Please dont paint us all with the same broad brush. Should we ever decide to interact with one another, please promise me this. IF I ever say, or do, anything to disrespect you - please let me know. Thanks.

For those of who consider it important - and hopefully you do - I want it known that I do not drink, smoke or use recreational drugs.

The photos that you see on my profile are ones that I, myself, took. They were not pulled off of some random, internet site. Their intent is simply to convey the caring and one-ness that I feel should exist between a DOM and the one to whom he is ultimately responsible for.

Finally, regardless of the activities that you may choose to engage yourself in, or whatever path you may choose to take, do not ever stray from your own set of core principles, values or needs. Do not settle for anything less than you so rightfully deserve. Respect should be near the top of your list.

Thanks, and good luck in your journey into this lifestyle.

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