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Bisexual Female Submissive, 28,  Manhattan, New York
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Message me as you like. I just may not respond right away or at all. Sorry in advance for that. Just dont send a friend request without getting to know me a little, please.

Hello. My name is Saraiah. I know it looks like Sara or Sarah, but its a little different! Friends often call me Sarie (rhymes with cherry). I work in healthcare and live with my diminutive feline partner in crime, Mogli.

Im not from the city originally. I grew up in a wealthy suburb upstate.

Im a strange micro-ginger girl with bad joints, numerous mental illnesses, and prone to bursts of extemely bitchy behavior. Probably why Ill be perpetually single.

Im here to make some new friends. Im experienced in the life, just havent been active in it in quite some time.

Im a nerd who enjoys nerdy things. You can ask me about them if you like. Im also a brat who does bratty things for bratty reasons. I am fluent in snark and sarcasm you may experience that a lot when speaking to me.

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Journal Entries:
4/19/2018 7:46:09 AM

I prefer to be an open person. This lets me be very clear and lets others understand me and where I'm at. So, this is done in the interest of full disclosure.

I'm mentally ill.

I'm Bipolar and I have PTSD. I'm Bipolar because I have abnormal chemistry between neurons in my brain. I take three different psychiatric medications to manage this. I see a therapist as well. And even with this I still have plenty of difficulty with my mood, my sex drive, and all of that. I have PTSD because an exboyfriend pinned me against the wall by my throat, held a gun to my head, and threatened to paint the walls with my brains if I left him (he was extremely paranoid at the time). I have my therapist for this as well. And a support group. And Prazosin to keep me from having nightmares about it. And while that has gotten a lot better, yeah, I still have some problems with it. I'm doing what I need to do, and I'm able to work, maintain my friendships, and be happy.

What I don't need is someone saying they can fix me by being with me. For one, it's a bit insulting: it implies my illnesses aren't real. They are. There's a lot of good science saying they are, and a lot of peer-reviewed, scientifically tested ways to successfully treated. Unless your "magic touch" has a double-blind, peer-reviewed study in a medical journal, I'm going to assume you subscribe to the antiquated notion that mental illness is just some kind of character defect that's fixable through just having "a rock." I'm not saying that never helps, but love and affection don't undo my past and they don't tell my brain chemistry to correct itself without some educationally motivating pharmaceutical incentives.

What I don't need is someone telling me they can get me off my meds. Motherfucker, if you saw me OFF my meds, you would last 12 hours (if even that long) and then beg everything that is divine and holy for me to go back on them. Believe it or not, these things actually DO work. They aren't poisoning me. If you saw how I was at my worst and saw me after a few weeks on my meds, you'd not believe you were talking to the same person.

What I don't need is someone telling me hot yoga and meditating in the woods will cure me. I DO yoga. I DO meditate. And you know what? I'm still motherfucking Bipolar. It turns out the ancient Hindus really DIDN'T have all the motherfucking answers. Do these things help with managing? Sure. But telling me that I simply need to "find myself," "commune with nature," or "seek enlightenment," or some other thing you learned in a drum circle whilst enjoying fine ganja or from reading half of the Bhagavad Gita is 1) insulting and 2) again, implying my illness isn't real.

What I don't need is someone telling me I need to find religion. Have your God or gods: if everything were up to them and I had no input on what happens in my life, I can guarantee you I'd be dead already. I HAVE read your holy book. I may even understand it better than you do. I'm not an atheist by ignorance, I'm an atheist by learning and mileage upon knowledge. If that works for you, great. But it won't work for me. Don't insult me by thinking you can think really hard at an imaginary friend and have it magic my problems away.

My point is this: you cannot "fix" me. You can support me. You can care about me. Hell, if it comes to that, you can maybe even love me. You can listen and cuddle me. You can reassure me and tell me everything will work out and be fine. You certainly can. And that can do a lot of good. But it isn't magic, it isn't medicine, and it isn't a thing that can replace what I get from people with years of schooling who have trouble helping me at times.

My bigger point is don't assume that me being mentally ill doesn't mean I don't know what's good for me or what works for me.

Thank you for your time.

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