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It's all about the chastity. Orgasm can be so much sweeter when you have to wait for it. And/o
Male Dominant, 53,  Los Angeles, California

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Age: 33, Height: 5ft 10in (178 cm), Weight: 210 lbs.
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It's all about the chastity. Orgasm can be so much sweeter when you have to wait for it. And/or earn it. Bondage, discipline, fantasy fulfillment are great ways to add to the fun, but in the end, It's all about the chastity.


I welcome comments and conversation with Dominants and submissives, male or female. Keyholders and wearers are equally welcome in my world, but please do not assume I am or will be assuming a submissive role. That ship sailed many years ago, and people who assume because they're feeling all Domly that any person they're talking to should be automatically submissive are, in my book, extremely offensive and will be shut down.

If you're curious but have never worn a chastity device, please seek your beginning education and experimentation elsewhere. I am not here to train bois and girls up from scratch, and I prefer my playmates to be already accustomed to longer terms in proven, relatively comfortable restraints. I appreciate the curiosity, but just don't have the time it takes to properly train someone starting with no experience.


I'm not particularly interested in adult babies, diaper lovers or sissies.  I clicked "bisexual" because I tend to lock up far more cocks than pussies, probably because there seem to be many more men interested in chastity than women.  My personal proclivities tend to be much friendlier to females, even though I'm fond of putting either gender in personal protective custody.  In either case, it's mostly about denying you that special touch for a time, and enjoying the effects of your increasing arousal.


"High Protocol" is largely wasted on me. While I have served many years in Protocol based gatherings, I feel that people should, at least initially, approach each other as peers and if the chemistry is right, proceed to a more Dominant/submissive posture.  Scraping and bowing in your initial greeting is wasted effort, and frankly annoying.  Just be yourself.  That said, once the belt (or device) is on, I do appreciate some protocol, such as respect and obedience, but I don't demand that you call me "Sir" with every breath unless we're in a particularly focused scene. 


Dick pics are seriously unwelcome. Unless said boyclit is securely locked away; then I might enjoy seeing your meat in a tight little tube. Honestly, no one cares. No matter how proud you are of your man meat, we've all seen better and trying to impress us is frankly just going to piss us off.  Is that the sort of first impression you really want to give?

Oh, and chat here doesn't work for me. I also don't Skype, Kik, Text, Snapchat, Instagram, or use any of the other IM networks.  Except for occasional proof photos.

Have a nice whatever it is in your current time zone.

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