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Anonymous wife and mother, constantly horny, wishing to remain unseen and unheard for security
Female Dominant, 36,  It, South Carolina












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 Dominant Female


 South Carolina

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Anonymous wife and mother, constantly horny, wishing to remain unseen and unheard for security reasons, seeks individuals (any sex, race, etc.) who are willing to masturbate on cam for me (and perhaps perform other erotic acts).  No real time contact possible.  I simply have a voyeuristic fascination with watching others pleasure themselves (while I'm pleasuring myself).  I realize some will jump to the conclusion that I could be a male or a scammer or something, but all I have to offer for my legitimacy is my word and a pic that does not show my face.  Take it or leave it. 


If you want to go on cam for my viewing and wish to conceal your identity, some sort of mask would be okay. And if we seem to 'click' and you want to follow up with subsequent sessions doing other things, we can discuss that.  Once I feel confident that you are trustworthy, I may decide to appear also. I will do this on CS only (no Skype, Yahoo, etc.) as I have to be extremely discreet and careful so as not to jeopardize my marriage.  This would be a very private, one-on-one arrangement.  No recording, no saving, no other persons involved in any way.


Would also enjoy having a sub couple perform for me!


Although the sex is not very fulfilling, I do love my husband and I have a four year old daughter -- so I am definitely not interested in leaving him.  I simply seek another source of excitement that does not involve actual cheating.


Don't be afraid to make contact with me -- I'm easy to talk to.


Have a great day, everyone!

Journal Entries:
4/3/2017 5:28:49 AM
I'm always being asked if I want to talk or chat.  Not really.  I just want you to perform for me while I watch (we can exchange typed messages while you are stroking -- or I can provide words of encouragement)!

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