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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

I have 15 years experience right now in the  lifestyle..I'm looking for something  R
Male Dominant, 35,  Dallas tx/NYC , Texas












Last Online:


 Dominant Male

 Dallas tx/NYC  


 Willing to Relocate

 6' 2"

 170 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

I have 15 years experience right now in the  lifestyle..I'm looking for something  Real...if it starts up online that's fine or local and I'm not afraid to travel if its it's worth it not looking to play games or just get nude pictures  not interested in that  any questions ask me I will tell them to you 

i used to be an MMA fighter 


I'm Irish and German  




Looking for  

 I prefer An older submissive woman  

my needs... 

i need a woman that will wear PANTYHOSE no exceptions and I would like to see at least you own two pairs 

My wants

I want a woman  that enjoys being in bondage without anything sexual happening  that's into role-plays that go further than just a bedroom 

 So I am very simple not complicated  and if you're interested in contacting me just be honest and real 


also on the site wont me upload pictures but ask and I’ll send them to you 



Journal Entries:
12/23/2017 6:47:37 PM
 Tired of every woman on here wanting to be a little girl where's all the real woman at?

12/23/2017 3:45:33 PM
feel like giving up on this site everyone has very bad attitudes on here 😕

12/4/2017 8:44:01 PM
Ghost again 👻👻

12/4/2017 11:13:34 AM
How to prove I'm not fake?🤔 Try talking to me instead of judging me because of anybody else 👍

12/2/2017 8:00:14 AM
so it's okay for woman to want to daddy but if I want a mom it's wrong Where is the equality ? 

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