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I am the Master of a BDSM household, and I have two decades of experience breaking and train
Male Dominant, 42,  North Highlands, California











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 Dominant Male

 North Highlands 


 5' 10"

 173 lbs





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Submissive Female


I am the Master of a BDSM household, and I have two decades of experience breaking and training slaves, thus I am looking for a dedicated sex slave to serve My (prodigious) sexual needs.  Fair warning though: I have some pretty twisted darkly deviant lusts, and no real sexual limitations... Ideally My slave would be as depraved as I am, with no limits,limits and devoted to My will. And if she's bot this way to begin with, she will be after I break her in!

I would also be open to a short-term fuck pet, i.e. no real commitments, to help take the edge off ;)

My vanilla life? I enjoy sci-fi, horror, books, exercise, and gaming. Plys, taking heavy science courses...

And, I will NOT send you any FUCKING money!  Asking that will result in you being blocked...because you ARE a FUCKING scammer!  I am soooo sick and tired of people doing this, and it is always with the same damned lines.  Is there a "Scam 101" class out there that people are taking, or something?

Speaking of scammers, since they ALWAYS ask for "travel money" (but never actually show up), I flat-out REFUSE to give it.  If (IF) you are a real person and just need some extra cash to make it to Sacramento...I'm sorry, blame the hoards of leaches on this website.

Journal Entries:
9/29/2017 1:40:02 PM
Is there ANYBODY REAL on this site?  So far it has just been a cavalcade of tourists and!

5/11/2017 4:13:23 AM
Emphasis on "I thought" it seems. Once again, they would rather live in a life where they only FANTASIZE about things, than risk their fantasies becoming realities. Well, to ANY body out there who will waste My time and energy like this again: DON'T. I am not here looking for a thrill, to entertain dreams that will never be realized, or to play piggy-bank! I am here looking for a girl to take in and make mutual dreams into a shared REALITY with!

5/9/2017 9:22:37 PM
I think I have found the right girl for Me...but only time (and travel) will tell.  Then again, I thought I had found the right one BEFORE :/  But THIS one?  She seems to be the perfect thing I have been wanting...

4/24/2017 4:35:30 AM
Holy fucking SHIT!  My profile VERY pointedly says I will NOT send you even one cent, a fact I ALWAYS point out whenever I start talking to somebody.  And STILL people ask me for $$!  What the FUCK, you scammer pieces of shit!  I hope every single con artist on this website gets cancer and dies in a fire >:(

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