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I'm searching for whites who believe in the new world order of Black Supremacy and wish to ser
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I'm searching for whites who believe in the new world order of Black Supremacy and wish to serve their Black Superiors.



Research Bulletin 1307


Is the Black Race superior to all others and if so why? A newly mapped Neanderthal genome provides strong evidence that humans and Neanderthals interbred. We know that Neanderthal (Homo neanderthalensis) and Humans (Homo sapiens) endured—at least until the Neanderthals became extinct, and the human race survived as the dominant Species. But what has not been commonly known is that Africans are the only pure Homo sapiens all other races or more appropriately sub species contain Neanderthal (Homo neanderthalensis) DNA!


- Between 1-4 percent of the DNA of non African humans living today came from Neanderthals. People of European (whites) and Asian heritage are most likely to carry the Neanderthal genes.


It's official: Whites are part Neanderthal. The first draft sequence of the Neanderthal genome has provided the strongest evidence yet that modern humans and Neanderthals interbred and that all non-Africans today have Neanderthal gene fragments in their genetic codes.


Although the Neanderthal contribution to the DNA of these individuals is estimated at being just one to four percent of the total, the finding, published in the latest issue of the journal Science, helps to resolve the long-standing controversy over whether or not humans mated with Neanderthals when the two groups encountered each other outside of Africa.


"Neanderthals live on in non-Africans," co-author David Reich told Discovery News. "At least some Neanderthals were absorbed into the modern human population."


Reich is an associate professor of genetics at Harvard University who also serves as a population geneticist at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.


He and his colleagues analyzed over one billion DNA fragments taken from Neanderthal bones -

- dating to approximately 38,000 years ago -- found in Croatia, Germany, Russia and Spain.


Although 95 percent of the fragments consisted of bacteria and microorganisms that colonized the Neanderthal remains, special DNA isolation and anti-contamination measures enabled the scientists to piece together over 60 percent of the entire Neanderthal genome.


The researchers next compared the Neanderthal DNA to samples taken from present-day humans in southern Africa, western Africa, China, France and Papua New Guinea.

One of the first determinations concerned the point at which humans diverged from their common ancestor with Neanderthals, who lived in much of Europe and western Asia before they went extinct.


"According to our results, the ancestors of Neanderthals and modern humans went their separate ways about 400,000 years ago," said co-author Jim Mullikin, a computational geneticist at the National Human Genome Research Institute.


The new data, however, also supports that Neanderthals and humans encountered each other again around 45,000 to 80,000 years ago in the Middle East, when humans migrating out of Africa likely met Neanderthals who were already living there.


The meeting must not have been too unpleasant; since the researchers believe the  happened at this place and estimated time. This then produced a subspecies and left Africans as the only true humans. This is believed to be why Africans are superior to all other races.


Supporting that conclusion is the fact that the Neanderthal DNA more closely matched that of the China, France and Papua New Guinea individuals in their study. All had the one to four percent Neanderthal contribution to their DNA, so the mating must have first occurred before the humans migrating out of Africa colonized other, more distant regions in Europe, Asia and elsewhere.


Reich said humans and Neanderthals might have continued to mate with each other later, "because their populations overlapped in Europe and remains have been found for human individuals with Neanderthal-type features," but the genetic data cannot pinpoint when and where these later couplings might have taken place.


In addition to the mating revelations, the study illuminates what makes modern humans unique.


The researchers found Neanderthal DNA is 99.7 percent identical to present-day human DNA, but Homo sapiens evolved distinct genes related to cognitive functions, metabolism and the development of cranial features, the collarbone and the rib cage.


Reich said three of the human-specific genes suggest that "skin and hair must have been particularly relevant to the evolution of modern humans," but additional analysis is needed.


In a second related Science study, Gregory Hannon of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and his colleagues explain a new process, called "array capture re-sequencing," that allows scientists to

better study Neanderthal and other ancient DNA. Hannon said that the new process "enables us to extract from genomes important information, on a very selective basis, rapidly, very accurately, and at low cost."




Hannon described the sequencing of the Neanderthal genome as "a watershed event, a major historical achievement."




It’s clear now that Europeans and Asians carry with them a portion of DNA inherited from Neanderthals—while Africans do not. The best explanation for our mixed genomes is that after humans expanded out of Africa, they encountered Neanderthals and interbred. This changed forever the quality of the genetics of all humans except Africans. Homo sapiens had superior intellect and that is why Neanderthals became extinct. There can be no question that natural selection and normal abilities were far superior in Africans (Homo sapiens than in Neanderthals. Comparing the different Neanderthal-derived genes in different people, Pääbo and his colleagues estimate that this encounter occurred around 40,000 years ago. The tiny amount of Neanderthal DNA has been interpreted by some scientists as evidence that Neanderthals rarely mated with humans—perhaps just once, in fact. But as scientists sequence more genomes from more human populations, they're exploring the possibility that our ancestors mated with Neanderthals several different times.




The research provides a scientific sound reason why Blacks are superior to whites and why white females commonly seek Black males while Black females don’t seek white males. The instinct of any species concerning mating is to improve itself. Only the strongest, smartest most capable males are sought for mating. This begins to eliminate white males as desired mating partners.




The conclusion of this research and scientific evidence is that the Black Species is: Homo sapiens and the white sub species is Homo sapiens neanderthalensis. Very closely related but with the Black Species containing only pure human genes of the highest level and whites carrying a percentage of the inferior Neanderthals genetic code. As it was some 28,000 years ago the Neanderthal species submitted to and succumbed to the power of the pure Homo sapiens we again see today a recurrence of this subjugation of whites by Blacks and now we have a scientific reason why!

Journal Entries:
1/4/2018 6:58:48 AM
The following was written by a white slave and is presented with minor editing.

I had been briefly married to a white trophy wife, but the demands of the rat-race of white society had brought that to an end. Like most white males I was a guilt-ridden closet white racist and I believed in white superiority. But in my more secret fantasies I grew more and more into supporting white submission to Blacks. I did not admit these fantasies to anyone in the white community, and I did not fully admit these fantasies to myself. I only cautiously allowed in secret desires of being a slave of Blacks and being kept naked by Blacks like an servant so as to be available for Black sexual gratifications, sexual perversions, sexual sport, and sexual amusement.

From watching interracial porn and from dealing with Blacks in real life I began to realize the reality of Black Superiority. And my guilt-ridden white mind slowly began to submit to Black Power, Black Supremacy, Black Superiority, Black Female Ownership of whites, and the coming New World Order of Black Rule. At that point I cautiously concluded that like other whites that I knew of, I might be destined to become a Black Owned white whore.

As time went on I figuratively relinquished my natural born right to control my own body and mind and psychologically granted that right to Superior Blacks. and anatomy. In the back of my mind I acquiesced to be completely conquered and controlled by Superior Blacks and forced to submit to out-and-out domination and humiliation by any and all Black Persons. I daydreamed of having no rights and no options of my own and totally obeying all Superior Black People.

white Destiny

I now knew deep down that like many whites that I knew of, I had an inferior white destiny to be an owned property of a Superior Black or of Superior Blacks in general. But I had been brainwashed about white superiority by white society and was too arrogant and too tightly manipulated by white social pressures to make that destiny happen. But when I became horny from watching Black-dominating-white interracial porn, I wanted to hurry my white destiny to become a Black Owned white servant property and a naked white servant to serve and sexually service Superior Blacks. 

Under those influences I joined three dozen Yahoo and FetLife groups that flagrantly promoted Black Owned white slavery and created my own Tumblr blog advocating the same. I uploaded my desires and fantasies to serve and sexually service Superior Blacks to those and other Internet sites and groups. Driven by male hormones from interracial porn, I felt excited to raise the stakes and write stories with autobiographical information about my identity. I fantasized that a Superior Black would manage to find it and email that I was now ready to submit to Black Rule, Black Power, Black Superiority, Black Supremacy, and the natural evolutionary rights of Superior Blacks to own inferior whites as servant properties. But when I was approached by several Blacks asking whether I wanted to be their Black Owned white slave and whore and how to contact them, I suddenly got cold feet and became honest and realistic. I did not feel like suffering and submitting as a Black Owned white slave. I broke off offering my white flesh and anatomy, contributing autobiographical Black Supremacy stories, letting out information about itself, and messaging and responding to messages from sites advocating Superior Black Female Ownership of inferior whites. Moreover, I tried to delete computer entries and vanish from that online scene until I felt like tempting my white destiny again. the Superior Black Race in general. And this was not for a limited period of time, but forever and I would have no control as to what happened to it.

The white slave preferred to become Black Owned and dominated by a Black of the. But It is never up to a white slave to decide who will become my Superior Black sexual users and abusers. A Black Owned white servant has no say at all. It has no right to choose and must submit to any Black Person and of course also to several Black Persons at the same time and any Black, that a Superior Black Female Owner, or Black friend or relative of a Black Female Owner, chooses for I to be sexually used by.

But my white slave mentality was aware that I was letting imyselfself drift closer and closer to Black Female Ownership of my mindless white whore flesh and anatomy. I knew that a Superior Black could easily grasp my deep inferior white desires to submit to the Superior Black Race and could.

quickly acquire me as a permanent white servant property and whore. I was a dilemma, a mixture of desire and agony. On one hand I knew that I would feel so screwed as a Black Owned mindless white servant.

On the other I felt my deep down white destiny calling me to be a permanent Black Owned white bitch and whore. The Superior Black person who owned me would have the power to ruin my privileged and entitled white life. The inferior white that I am knew that I would have no choice but to do as I was told by a Superior Black Female Owner and by other Superior Blacks in general. The mix of cravings of my true natural evolutionary white destiny and my apprehension about becoming a mindless naked Black Owned white servant and obedient white whore for Superior Blacks drove me into an addled loss of a grip on my prospects.

I thought about ways out and other ways to buy itself some time before the inevitable stupefied I and took away my ability to think and my capacity to choose for itself. But I was driven by my inner drives and natural cravings and was excited by the bizarreness of a Black Owned white slave life. 

I made items concerned with Black Female Ownership of whites and online conversations about this subject more difficult to conceal. Some things I did online and other things I forgot to do brought me to the edge of panic that Blacks, whites, and everybody else might find out who I was. But I continued to get away with no one online knowing who I was, even though I was not able to delete and cover up everything.

But my deep down inferior white destiny kept surfacing. On one hand I hoped to get away with tempting my destiny and make a comfortable future for itself in white society. But on the other hand, I knew what my natural white destiny was and feared that soon there would come a message sealing my white fate to Black Ownership. I imagined horrible things being done to me such as being bullwhipped by Superior Blacks and being trained to strip naked and bow down on my arms and knees to submit to myvictorious Black  Owners, and being constantly humiliated and defiled by my Superior Black  Owner.

Deep down in my mind I craved to be discovered. I wanted my fantasies to be downloaded by Superior Blacks. I wanted aSuperior Black to discover my identity and use that knowledge to acquire I as a white slave and whore. I wanted other Blacks to get hold of my stories and posts showing what kind of a ninny white servant for Superior Blacks I was and for Superior Blacks to exercise their natural evolutionary prerogatives and control I as a Black Owned white whore. I wanted to be used by Superior Blacks.

Sometimes when a Black Person got through about Black Female Ownership of my mindless white flesh and anatomy, I either did not reply, or I convinced the Black Person to let I go. I told the Black Person that I thought that all of these Yahoo, FetLife, and Tumblr things were only about fantasies. 

When given a chance to fulfill my white destiny and become a permanent Black Owned white servant and servant, this inferior white backed out and effectively cheated the Blacks. And that was how I bought myself time and got away from Black Female Ownership. But at the same time, I knew that such behavior was unacceptable by Superior Blacks and by itself. But I breathed a sigh of relief that I was able to fool those Black People and buy time. But even while tempting fate and then escaping from the consequences, this arrogant privileged white secretly hoped that my behavior would be deemed unacceptable by Superior Blacks and that such white deception and cheating would entail severe bull whippings’ and other severe punishments when Blacks caught whites doing it.

The longer these deceptions and backing out were successful, the safer I felt. I was quite active in Yahoo groups, in online BDSM communities, and even as an author in various sites featuring Black Owned white slavery stories, such as Black Supremacy Stories.I knew that destiny was driving me forward. Oozing with self-righteousness I outlined how Superior Blacks should deal with it. From the moment of becoming Black Owned onwards, I would be nothing more than a piece of naked white whore inferiors to sexually gratify and amuse Superior Blacks. The white slave would have to experience that. No matter how I felt about my white destiny, my Black Owned fantasies would be fulfilled.

Unlike a white sub, a Black Owned white slave is a servant and a mindless servant without any rights. MKy very existence is at the whim and desire of my Superior Black Owner and The Black Owned white slave knows that my Black Superiors using me can be taunting, insulting, humiliating, mean, and relentless. Those Black Superiors who own or are in charge of white slaves may be natural sadists and enjoy nothing more than making a naked white slave endure humiliations, embarrassments, and pain for their entertainment, sport and sexual pleasure. Black  Owners may have very special desires and develop plans for white servant properties that they may not like. There would be neither justice nor fairness for a naked disgraced Black Owned white slave. My Black Superiors should have the freedom to enjoy treating me in disrespectful, mocking, and insulting ways.

In my fantasies I had hoped that my Black Superiors would make it very clear to me that they will not keep my perverted sexual fantasies just between me and them, but share them with their Black friends and anybody else. This included repeatedly taking porn photographs and making porn videos showing me naked and acting out my perverted and disgusting sexual fantasies for all on the Internet to ogle. The slave wanted to fear that at every moment I might get orders not only from my Black Superiors, but also from other Blacks who I did not know. A slave, of course, has no other choice but to obey.

Subject to ridicule and mockery both indoors and outdoors and in public, I wanted to get humiliated not only by one person, but exposed naked in front of a group or even a crowd of people. I wanted to be degraded naked in on-camera porn shown widely across the Internet. I craved to be naked and lick Superior Black assholes clean to show I knew my proper inferior white place with Superior Blacks and then continue to lick and erotically stimulate their holes until they erupted and moaned in satisfying sexual climaxes while thousands of people watched online. Real humiliation, after all, must be witnessed by many people and must get well documented in video clips and photographs, thus destroying the white slave’s masculinity and macho white image in the minds of woman and men.



From the moment my Black  Owner and other Black Superiors take over absolute control of a Black Owned white servant, existence will become stupefying and trivial for it. Before actual enslavement I may have wanted my Black Superiors to torment me not only during actual sessions, but also by publicly showing embarrassingly dirty degrading porn of me online. 

On display in front of a reputation-destroying camera, I craved having to fear that my Superiors would invite interested observers from the Black community and other communities to join on-camera porn and slave training sessions. Guests would watch how my mindless naked white flesh and anatomy got humiliated, shamed, and bullwhipped without me being allowed to reject anybody watching my dirty disgusting asshole-licking public disgrace, my bull whippings, or guests and others sexually using and abusing my naked white flesh and anatomy themselves.

A white slave’s Black Superiors should set tasks to be publicly performed in front of others and on camera, with photos and videos immediately posted online for public viewing. Once “Blacked” by being naked and sexually used and abused on-camera and online, an inferior white becomes beholden to the Black community for social context. I thus support Black causes of Black Rule, Black Superiority, Black Supremacy, Black  Ownership of whites, and Black Power. Once Blacked on-camera I can’t go back to white.

But back previously to becoming a slave, this white was aware that some personal sessions with the Superiors might prove unfeasible. I hoped even then that I would not escape my white destiny and my Black Superiors would force me to submit physically and sexually to other Superior Black People of the Black  Owner’s choice. I knew that as a Black Owned white whore, Black Superiors have ownership rights to send me naked to local Domes and to SM clubs, either for my further servant training or for additional humiliation tasks and bull whippings punishment. 

During such meetings I should never get any kind of personal satisfaction. As a Black Owned white whore, I should have every reason to fear having to report to such a place, since the only thing he could expect there would be severe whippings, cruel predicament bondage, and other wicked torture. The slave must perceive the tremendous distinction between a sub who selects a Dome of his or her choice instructing her about the role play that he or she likes, and a Black Owned white servant like me that has neither any say in what is going to happen to my white flesh and anatomy, nor can I expect anything nice.

11/6/2017 5:38:55 AM
n terms of thoughts and ideas. The white man has had the opportunity throughout history to think and reform life and it has been a dismal failure. In a sense, it will be a relief for sissies to no longer have to think nor to have choices and to have these things now be decided and mused upon by the superior black man. If we, as white boy sissy bimbos are to be as slutty, superficial and dumb as we naturally are to survive in the New World Order, we white boys must be forbidden to learn or to read in the future and taught nothing of intellectual substance. Just philosophy (of the new world order, and our place in it) and the way of the sissy are the only educational programs.

In school, the black man must be taught science and politics, and the white boy must be taught make-up, nail-painting etc. Eventually, us sissy gurls won’t even know how to speak but only to communicate in a series of giggles, and coos. We will know words and phrases to show appreciation, but ultimately our mouths will be used to provide physical pleasure and to moan as passionately and as high-pitched as possible when our holes are being penetrated.

Through understanding we will not just be sissies…we will be bimbos. Simply Barbies.

A kind of gurl that doesn’t think about politics or philosophy or anything of intellectual substance- rather the superficial…how to look our cutest and most appealing and sexual…how best to please our black masters.
As such we shouldn’t have access to books, newspapers or any mind expanding material of the sort. Not only should our minds be deprived of intellectual stimulation but they should be starved of it. Our interests, hobbies and the likes should be stripped from us and be forced to watch hours of trashy TV and read through shallow magazines. Being properly brainwashed into having no opinions on anything because owhite gurl opinions are irrelevant!

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