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We are a real life 24/7 couple, honest, committed, highly intelligent, and no delusions that w
Dom/Slave Couple, 47/28,  Sioux Falls, South Dakota







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 Dom/Slave Couple

 Sioux Falls 

 South Dakota



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 6' 2"



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 5' 8"



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Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

A Poly Household


We are a real life 24/7 couple, honest, committed, highly intelligent, and no delusions that we are not fashion models. Within this couple the male is mid 40's Dominant 6'2" considered above average endowment with +8" (Top only bisexual tendency within a power dynamic of a TPE couple) and female is mid 20's 5'8" 46D bra and considered a bisexual alpha slave. (sub to me but Dom others) We are both on the larger side with extra pounds; but, also something that is being actively worked on with progress.


Looking for bi beta slave females or bi slave couples (F/M or F/F) only. We are open minded, taboo, and kinky with some sadistic tendencies. This is not a fantasy it is real life seeking TPE 24/7 live in true slaves to become a trusted and valued part of our family and household. Slave must be drug and disease free plus they must be in relative good health. I believe maintaining a safe enclosed ecosystem to live and play within is paramount for the well-being of all involved. We hope to find the right match for a lifelong commitment.


Limits are: No blood, no scat, no broken bones,  no Illicit drug use, no young kids, and no prement damage.


All who send detailed letter of application with pics will get first consideration. slaves picked to continue the path to being owned 24/7 will experience bondage, discipline, domestic and sexual servitude to live as a lifestyle.

Trust needs to be established as a cornerstone to build the proper dynamic and establish expectations so looking for slaves that understands what being a slave entails and can open their mind completely to their Master! To be clear not seeking just a submissive; however, this journey could easily start there to transition and develop into a slave mindset as an end objective. Experience is wonderful but less important only when compared to the core desire to become the slave you were meant to be and devoting oneself fully to get contentment from total server as a way of life.

The question you need to ask yourself are you comfortable with this as an ongoing lifestyle?

This choice is not for everyone and it's definitely not the easy path to travel. This is a life changing choice not something to rush or take lightly because once made the slave is property. I wouldn't expect immediate turn over of oneself but there needs to be a starting point to begin a frank and honest discussions and set a trial to see if there is a fit for the long-term. I just want something real, true, and solid. I don't believes in immediate relocation, in this lifestyle that is a road to disaster. There has to be a period of initial getting to know and understand each other, call it training if you like, which most of it could be initiated online for the short-term. First time meetings are always conducted somewhere very public.


This isn't a game. I seek slaves searching to find someone that they can fully serve and ask questions BEFORE they make such an important decision; however, once they willing submit and surrender themselves this action reflects they are owned and eventually the limits set by their MASTER. I recall a statement some time ago that outlined that a slave needs to serve and listen to their Master, hear the words and become the best possible slave they can be. Never fear your dreams of slavery, embrace them, and you will learn fast. Ask questions when in training, in order to better understand what is fully expected of you. If in silent protocol, remember the question and then ask when speech is granted. There are two key things required of a good slave... First the ability to listen intently and second is the ability to obey completely. Its a slave's last choice to surrender and fully serve the one they wish to become their Master.


Lastly, We do have a son, around preschool age, so some lifestyle activities would be limited; but, maintain an undertone of the lifestyle in everything done. Addressing us properly as Sir or my Lady would be expected at all times.   There would be an establish uniform and clear instructions that are to be followed 24/7 this is a lifestyle.  If the fact that we have a child or plans to have more bothers you, then you are not right for this house because there needs to be a proper balance. Slave could appear like a role of a servent, au pair, or caretaker based on your skill set to have an overall projected normal enviroment externally untill an age is reached to be old enough to form their own opinions of this lifestyle. 


I hope this profile gives you a decent initial overview and looking for long-term. If you have any questions I encourage you to send a message. I wish everyone well in there desires, goals, and searches. Look forward to hearing from potential slaves who are genuinely interested in serving and live the life you desire then apply now.


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