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The Largest BDSM Community on the Planet

-UPDATE- 2/14/18While I am looking for a sissy or faggot boy to use, train and own am also loo
Male Dominant, 46,  San Francisco, California












 Dominant Male

 San Francisco 


 6' 3"

 235 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Switch Women

Submissive Transgender

Sub/Sub Couples

-UPDATE- 2/14/18
While I am looking for a sissy or faggot boy to use, train and own am also looking for a  female to partner up with and use, train and play with some sissies and faggot boys. Looking to find the right woman to be one half of a dominant couple and to own some subbies for our enjoyment, amusement and generally to make our lives easier. I encourage any woman to message me to see if we are compatible to start this!


Now back to our previously scheduled profile...


A **smooth** submissive sissy/faggot boy that knows its place. A sissy/faggot boy that knows its strength is in its need to submit to a real man...its superior. A sissy/faggot boy that will never stop trying to learn to become the perfect slutty bimbo/faggot tramp whore that is trapped inside it...I will help bring it out in them.


Some...your limits are the ones I decide they are.


6'3" and 235lbs, and fit. I am looking for a sissy/faggot boy to use, train and own. I am a real man unlike all you sissy and faggot boys out there, pm me if you think I would enjoy using you and your holes.

I show my affection for you sissys and faggots through my training and use of those holes and body. I will show you what your true purpose in life is...serving alpha men in whatever they demand. I am strict but fair, you will get everything you need to become what you are.




I enjoy abusive training and strict discipline.

24/7 chastity will be in your future.

your limits are the limits I set.


No photo = No reply.


The End......Cunts






All you faggots and sissies are pathetic, contact me on fet if serious.

Journal Entries:
11/4/2016 6:36:25 PM
So it looks like America might be fucked...who wants to be be fucked as well.

8/5/2016 6:04:22 AM
To all the faggots and sissies that cannot seem to read...if there is no pic on your profile or you do not send me one I will never respond. I know you are all stupid fucking cunts but I can't believe you are all so fucking dumb as to not being able to read. On a side note I was accused of being a fake profile...that was fucking hilarious. With all the fakes here this cunt thought it could call me out with this accusation. This cunt had no photo and nothing in its profile but tries to call me a fake... what an internet pussy.

9/28/2015 2:56:45 PM
Currently looking for a small, thin sissy or faggot. If you are then contact me and introduce yourself.

5/10/2014 11:58:27 AM

Searching again, where is my little bitch hiding?

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