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PS : I also speak french.   'Strong men simply need women. This will never be understoo
Male Dominant, 23,  Brussels, Belgium


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BisexualFemale Slave
Age: 25, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm), Weight: 132 lbs.
Location: Kiel, Germany, Germany
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PS : I also speak french.


"Strong men simply need women. This will never be understood by weak men. A strong man needs a woman at his feet, who is truly his. Anything else is less than his fulfillment. -- Unknown

Women want a sexually dominant man, a woman is most excited and fulfilled when she can completely surrender herself to a sexually powerful man. The secret desire of every woman is that the man directs her in the bedroom, though generally she will do nothing to help you in that.

Thats why im very much into the mental side of play and a firm believer that your brain is your largest sexual orgin. Because the more you overcome her psychological boundaries, the more she'll fall at your fee.

I enjoy smart, sexy, fun women, who can express their desires and allow me in the end to help in bringing them to fruition. I also beleive that sexiness, sultriness or whatever you like to call it is about attitude...if you feel it, it shows. that being said, I'm not set on one body type or look....I find something sexy and desirable in almost every woman I meet.

In case you are a sub you should know that once mine, you will be used as I so desire, submission is not about being used, submission is about being of use. submission is not about what is done to you, submission is about what you do for others its also about being very good at listening, and following my orders. If you have a question about something that you want to know if I will accommodate, just ask. I am pretty flexible on options.

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