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Mistress seeks slave girl will train single or married girl I correspond by email here. I expe
Bisexual Female Dominant, 31,  Midlands, United Kingdom
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Mistress seeks slave girl will train single or married girl I correspond by email here. I expect an attentive and honest girl I will accept a beginner if you can prove your obedience I can prove that I am real with pictures...can you, obedient one? Do not message Me unless you can commit to being trained boys who have a wife or gf may serve Me too if I am more important to them than their partners M xx

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Journal Entries:
6/10/2017 12:04:34 AM
As your feet touch the line, Watching your new heart on My threshold Eyes lowered in My company Seeing you fall to your knees Crawling to Me as I whisper, 'Mine' x

6/9/2017 11:26:13 PM
There is nothing quite so beautiful as a girl whose beauty is shared with only one other. her heart and her body flourish in this environment of mutual trust and appreciation. Now imagine her partner sharing her beauty with Me, satisfying My needs. Are there such boys who desire My attention, pain and touch so much that they would cross such a line for their sexual cravings? Do message Me... x

12/25/2016 7:56:00 AM
It had been a long time since she had felt this turned on. Her partner had fallen asleep some time before, and as she sat before the computer, waiting for the screen to go through its sequences, her body oscillated between the excitement and thrill of the unknown, and fear of being found out. she had decided that if she wasn't sure that the coast was clear then her mind would have to be sufficient. It had been her way for many years - missionary sex with a fifteen minute session of grunts and groans, which seemed to be so distant, even in the intimacy of touch. Finally the website appeared and she began to type in her chosen name. It wasn't anything pretentious or witty, just a plain and simple cry for help - xxNeedyouxx Before she had a chance to write much about herself, she noticed that her mailbox was red. Hesitating, she decided to investigate. she hadn't expected much attention this first night. There were over twenty enquiries from all over the UK! she smiled to herself. So, more men than women, what a surprise! At least that gave her the pick of the crop. Scanning down the list of names, she observed that many of them had chosen fairly violent titles. There were one or two who intimated something which might involve her soul as well as her body, so her search began there. There were even several Dommes interested, which intrigued her. Clicking on one who wasn't too far from her age, she read his message. It was just 'hi'. His profile was sparse too - not what she has dreamt of, so she moved on. Next came Mr Copy and Paste - he'd even left a previous girl's name on there! The cheek! That got the delete button. There was one more to view and she opened it up, half expecting further disappointment... The first thing that struck her was her personal approach. She'd obviously read her brief profile and responded in kind. she needed a person who would listen to her...this was probably the greatest gap in her marriage. Her husband barely knew her. If he only asked her questions it would be his hand spanking her bottom, his cock between her lips, his control. she decided to opt for a woman with a shaking hand. It surprised her to feel so vulnerable. her job was demanding and she knew she was supremely competent at handling anything that came her way, yet as her fingers pressed send, she became a little girl in this big wide world...

12/23/2016 11:56:32 PM
she messaged me many times before finally revealing her secret fantasy. After years of being used by her partner as a sex toy, which she had enjoyed at first, there came a time for her to explore something else. We talked in short paragraphs across the Internet, trying to tease out where she remained untapped. I sensed that she was hesitant, perhaps embarrassed to admit to this piece of sexual puzzle. In my experience, there are very few people who freely express their sexual selves (and with all those inner rapists, we should be thankful, I guess).

I finally hit the nail on the head when I suggested age play. her message took a long time to come, and I wondered if she had been lured away by Eastenders, but no. It was a nervousness about revealing, releasing this inner world. Like Pandora, before her, I imagined her weeping and crying before typing the words in grim acceptance. Like a Catholic confession she finally spat out the words...'I'm a little girl inside and I want my Mummy'.

A Mummy is the safest place in the world. Ask a primary teacher what they often get miscalled the most and it's Mum! For this beautiful girl who had been revealing her needs, I was going to become her Mother. I would brush her hair, dress her, trim her nails, compliment her on her looks and...but no. she wanted to revert right back to being a little girl, suckling at her Mother's breasts. It is a deeply intimate thing to feel the milk flowing from within as you stroke the clit of an adult baby. Nothing else quite compares.

12/23/2016 11:12:34 AM
Some boys message Me expecting that My whole world would come to a halt just so that could get off with a sexually experienced woman for an hour of wanking. That's not Me, boys. I am seeking commitment and long term. Too many promise the world, licked clean with their unworthy tongue and then run away scared when I set them the first task. Seriously boys... Not that girls are much better either, but at least their hair is clean... Here's to a better crop of submissives in 2017...(exits laughing)

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