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I wish I could be broken and lonely with somebody.

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12/3/2015 12:35:30 PM

I've never been really sure what people look for in a profile. Sure, some like it detailed, well-composed and specific. Others, the bare minimum. As for pictures, I never know what to post of my own. You never really know what anyone is looking for. Just, I think we hope it's us. Sometimes I do come on just looking for a one time thing. Others, for just chat. Sometimes just to perv. Another for what I believe I value most. Someone I am Good for. Someone who, in turn, is good for me. That rare instance in which it all seems to line up Perfectly.

You come across what you seek in a profile. The first few awkward, feeling one another out messages are easy, or it isn't awkward at all. The words come easy, the air of trust and comfort follow close. You find intricate, yet small beauties in the others' words, and pictures. The heightened feelings, the tiny pangs of arousal. The warm flush in your stomach. It all

I'm not sure what to write now, about me. My name is Nick. I am 26 years old.

"There's an old voice in my head that's holding me back....
Well Tell Her That I Miss Our Little Talks"

'"Underdog...Just look at the mess you've made. It's such a shame we had to find out this way"

"Hope....dangles on a string like slow spinning redemption"

One of my favorite quotes:

       "Out Of Suffering Have Emerged The Most Massive Characters...
                  "The Strongest Souls Are Seared With Scars."

Those are some of the things that speak to me on many levels, definitely on a deeper level. Thought I'd share them. I'm pretty sarcastic, and a brat. I'm very giving and care, and can sometimes be -almost- funny. I work really hard at my job and love every second of it, no matter how much I complain. I'm pretty awkward at first cause I'm socially stupid. I will always, always be here to lend a helping hand, ear, or anything. Yes, I am very kinky. I have my own fetishes and do love to play in any way shape or form. I love pain, humiliation, and have the biggest foot/sole fetish ever.

8/10/2014 6:27:51 AM

   I find myself to be lost. I prefer it that way. Most people prefer to have a direction, knowing where they are. Where they want to go, and be. Knowing who they are, and want to be, with strong awareness. Not me. I love knowing I have nothing to worry for that day. That I'm Blessed to walk around after all that has happened to me. Letting the world, in all its beauty, come to me. Letting myself make small subtle changes each morning when I wake, in turn hopefully making those around me smile that much more.

   I'm not saying knowing a direction is bad, at all. It's quite good actually. Not saying people who are lost are amazing or something, it's just good for me. I used to have a direction and still strongly admire those that do have one.

  I just prefer the freedom it allows me to feel in being lost. It makes it easier for me to be helpful to those around me. Maybe some of You will know what made me lose my direction. 

   And as for Fallen.....That's a whole different story. 

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