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Bisexual Male Slave, 55,  Cage New York, New York
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 Male Slave

 Cage New York 

 New York

 6' 2"

 245 lbs





 2 minutes

What was a lock invented for? A lock was invented to keep and lock your valubles safe and secure. Almost like Trumps stupid wall. A lock shows your possessions. Like a curio cabinet or a tool box, a jewelry , box, People like to show others thier possessions and spoils of war. What the point in having money, fame , glory or jewels if not to show them off , impress your friends and make your enemies jealous. I am seeking to be lock up, train with others, made someones property, Is thier any Mistresses or Masters out there who want to add me to thier collection? Show me off, used me as thier boy toy, then clean and put away thier toys , lock them up to prevent others from obtaining me.!! Keep your jewels lock up in your curio cabinet or jewerly box. Keep the key around your neck and close to your heart. Always remember to lock and put your toys away, after you are thru playing throughout the day!!!
Im seeking to learn from others, to train with others online, I wish to learn, watch and padticipate. All I ask Is if you lock me up up dont put me away and lock and leave me today!!
Seekimg strictly for fun, no paysites, or tributes need to apply , just stay away!!

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