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I am a mixed (black) dom/master seeking a live in sub/slave I want a companion, but I also wa
Male Dominant, 33,  Oak Park, Illinois











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 Dominant Male

 Oak Park 


 6' 0"

 230 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female



I am a mixed (black) dom/master seeking a live in sub/slave

I want a companion, but I also want to own you

I often hang out with my group of vanilla friends and would want a co-host for that

:// :// Any interested sub/slave must enjoy or respect video games, tabletop games, anime and poker I am not into (I repeat these are dealbreakers for me): Gimp Sugar baby Little girl/age play Scat Watersports Brats Topping from the bottom Sharing with other doms Rape play as a need Sissy, gay or bi men Horse or other non human pet play (okay maybe a cat sometimes) Disproportionate women (I love a bbw but there are limits) Uneducated low brow or "dumb" women Online play or long distance relationships (with the exception of a short period to be sure we match before relocation) I am into (the following please me): Oral service (I love blowjobs) Consensual non consent Curves (tits and ass) Smart/educated subs/slaves Having a balance of kink and vanilla life Making home videos Cream pies Unprotected sex The ability to verify (no it should not be that hard it's 2017 a phone cam or webcam should be easily accessible) Relocation as a statement of submission I will not even consider anyone who cannot voice cam or otherwise verify themselves I am also on fetlife on the same sn (send a message not an anonymous friend invite) I also am very willing to chat on Facebook as well I guess I am a loving dom/master, but one that demands a pure hedonistic sexual connection and submission in bed

Journal Entries:
9/21/2017 10:28:21 AM
A friend told me my attempts at personal ads were too much about what I wanted without explaining who I am, what I bring to the table, or showing charisma or charm.... sooo here's a different approach: To see a day with me Let me walk you through it You cannot make a lifestyle change Without putting proper thought into it You wake up at my side, memories of the day before Respected partner, my girlfriend not less but more We dress, we eat, we smile and toy We both kiss goodbye off to work as if to go to war Text and message, even sexting, if that is just what you like Keeping each other reminded of what keeps our mood so bright When you get home there's love, loving, and of course, playstation We take turns picking shows to marathon, never complacent How often the mirror on the wall is oh so steamy A mix if mutual satiation and satisfaction creamy Although I may seek a connection quite intense I do not want a yes from someone sitting on the fence Hopefully you are ready to take a giant leap To be this longtime parter, the woman that I seek What I hope to find is my girl, a roommate, and a player two Morticia to my Gomez I'm hoping it could be you I have further details if this is not satisfactory Just hit me up and any of your questions you can ask me

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