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I'm a dominant fetishist looking for a submissive or slave to play with. Ok - that's the shor
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I'm a dominant fetishist looking for a submissive or slave to play with.

Ok - that's the short form...  Now for more about me...


First, let's start with the word dominant.  I've found in the number of years that I've been active in BDSM, that people have different definitions of what dominant means and how it reflects their personality.  In my case, I'm a dominant - as in always dominant.  Please don't confuse that my being polite.  I like to get what I want and do often get it.  I will still open doors for you and ask you to do things versus demanding it - but make no mistake, when "push comes to shove", you will do what I want you to do.  I can be less than pleasant when necessary, but prefer not to.

Having clarified that...  Let's talk about my fetishes.  I have a "thing" for leather and latex and expect my playmates to dress as I desire.  Clearly, in public, I expect my playmates to be socially acceptably dressed.  So...  That usually precludes latex wear in public, but leather is ok.  I'm not expecting her to be dressed in a leather mini so short that if she's in a grocery store, she'll be escorted out or the police called - but something that is legal (pencil skirt, longer mini skirt, or doesn't bend over) will be expected.  Also, I expect her to dress for the environment.  If I take her to a community function - say a dress dinner - a pencil skirt or leather dress versus the mini or a skating skirt would be expected.  Basically, I don't expect her to dress as a slut or tramp in public, unless I desire her to experience that humiliation - I expect her to incorporate my fetish as can be appropriately done.

In private - that leather micro mini or various latex outfits will adorn her body as appropriate to my tastes and what I plan to do with her.  Clearly, a pencil skirt renders certain parts of her body inaccessible without removal of the skirt - so my expectations are that she will dress according to what I want to do together.


Have you noticed that I keep talking about what I want to do and the submissive or slave fitting into my "vision"?  That is a reflection of my dominance.  That is not to say that I won't take her own interests (and limits) into account.  It is never fun to "play" with a partner that isn't into what you are doing.  So, before I strip you down, put you in a rubber catsuit and bind you bent over a desk for teasing and torment - I would want to know if that's really your thing.  If it isn't I'm willing to "negotiate" a bit, but my two "hard" limits are she must be submissive and must want to wear leather and latex for us.

My "hit" list of things I'm into can be found of course to the left.  It doesn't mean that I want to engage in all of these things and again, it depends on my playmate's interests - but it gives a good idea of what I like.

Write me if you are interested.

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